TCC09: Podcasting with Section 508

Experiencing eLearning

This presentation will be an overview of the different methods in the planning, producing, publishing and promoting of hybrid podcasts with instructions on the building of a 508 compliant podcast. free special effects can be downloaded. Save to CD, swf, avi, mp3, Quicktime.

Video Editing Basics for eLearning


If you need to simply trim some fat from a video you can easily get away with using ‘free’ tools, like Quicktime or Movie Maker. This method is very popular with YouTube vloggers who want to push the pace, keeping their audience on their toes.

How to Make Educational Videos


Recent statistics show that video is a proven method of teaching, “facilitating thinking and problem-solving” ( Pedagogical Benefits of Video, University of Queenslan d). Use your creativity and test a range of effects on your own to see what works and what doesn’t.

From Illiteracy to Technological Literacy

The Learning Circuits

active beyond the limitations of literacy, such as stretching cognitive boundaries or defining new means and methods of communication and interaction. For more on these dimensions, see the Quicktime movie.