Scenario-Based Learning Experiences Podcast Interview

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Jacqueline Hutchinson of The Lounge podcast and I had a lovely conversation on scenario-based learning. The post Scenario-Based Learning Experiences Podcast Interview appeared first on Experiencing eLearning.

Designing Effective Podcasting


A user holding a tablet with an audio podcast with different formats. The podcast that put mainstream podcasting on the map – “ Serial ” – sparked a new wave of using audio-only as entertainment. Podcasting wasn’t a new idea.

Podcast: Dr. Jane Bozarth


PodcastsJane Bozarth holds an M.Ed. in Training & Development/Technology in Training and a doctorate in Adult Education.

Scenario-Based Learning Experiences Podcast Interview

Experiencing eLearning

Jacqueline Hutchinson of The Lounge podcast and I had a lovely conversation on scenario-based learning. e-Learning Higher Ed Instructional Design Storytelling & Scenarios Tools Workplace Learning branching scenario Jacqueline Hutchinson podcast scenario-based learning

8 Top Learning and Development Podcasts


You used to have to go to events or keep on top of reading blogs and books, but with the rise of podcasts you can hear straight from the gurus on your daily commute. Here’s our list of some of the best learning and development podcasts available now. Top L&D Podcasts.

Instructional ReDesign Podcast

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Cara North and Joseph Suarez recently launched their new podcast, which is well worth the visit - you will find it at Most recently, they were kind enough to invite me on the podcast to discuss "working out loud" and instructional design. You can hear that podcast at - Looking for a new instructional design resource?

How to do Educational Podcasting in 2019

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Podcasting and education go together like peanut butter and jelly, and educators have been hot on the heels of this auditory learning style ever since it hit the scene back in 2004.

Podcast: All About Digital Badges

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Hear Jon and Andy Interviewed About Digital Badges for Learning Professionals on the eLearning Coach Podcast! Andy Hicken and I sure had a fun, interesting discussion about digital badges, microcredentialing, and more with Connie Malamed of the eLearning Coach podcast.

Podcast: Brianne Thomas, Northlake Professional Development Summit


Featured iTunes Podcasts LearningToGo Blog PodcastsI’ve written before about our terrible habit as learning professionals to focus on everyone’s professional development – except our own. That’s why I’m so excited to join Brianne Thomas, Founder and President of Northlake Professional Group. She’s put together an exciting two-day online conference for learning professionals. As the closing keynote, I’ll be speaking about […].

Podcast: Michelle Munt – Jumbled Brain Blogger


PodcastsOne day you’re living your life, on your way to work. A freak accident changes everything in a millisecond. When you wake up, the rest of the world is exactly the same, but you are profoundly changed.

CLO Podcast: Judy Whitcomb on Getting Creative

CLO Magazine

In this podcast, she talks about the moment when she realized the powerful connection between marketing and corporate learning, why there’s never a ‘one and done’ solution and how to keep an eye open for opportunities to make a a big impact. CLO podcast Judy Whitcomb Vi

CLO 76

ASTD Podcast

Allison Rossett

Tweet ASTD San Diego’s inaugural podcast from January 2009 – interview with Allison! Media Podcasts ASTD

ASTD 100

Podcast: Brent Schlenker


In this podcast, we talked about his latest adventure as host of the Training, Learning and Development Conference 2016 and his commitment to apply true learning science to the design of the conference. Podcasts

Podcast: Bruce Tulgan, Rainmaker Thinking


PodcastsWe recently caught up and talked about Bruce’s research into this important development in the workplace and how learning professionals may be able to reverse the increasing loss of professional skills at work.

Podcast: Bruce Tulgan, Rainmaker Thinking


When we started our little podcast last year, many folks were very generous with their time and joined me in great conversations about learning, even though at the time our audience was very, very small. Podcasts

Podcast: Sam Rogers – Just Do the Thing


PodcastsSam Rogers is the author of “Just Do the Thing: A Guide” and creates engaging learning for clients including: Google, Capital One, Deloitte, and AAA.

Podcast: TLDChat – Featuring Margie Meacham


Podcasts AI artificial intelligence brain brain science education Future instructional design Learning neuroscience neurosciences scientific method training virtual reality VR Edit

Podcast: Neelesh Harbhajan


In this podcast he explains why he is focused on the “magical mind” and gives you several practical things you can start doing today to unleash that magical brain. Podcasts

Podcast – Chandra Clarke, from Inklyo shares her experience of Raptivity


A step further, we are happy to announce a mini-podcast with one of our customers citing their success story with Raptivity. Hear the podcast to know how Raptivity is benefitting Chandra and enabling thousands like her to explore interactivity, listen now.

Should Your Association Have a Podcast Channel?

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Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past decade and as a millennial I am going to give my insights as to why. citizens and podcasts. The first is a 2018 study conducted by Nielsen and Edison Research which found: 42% of millennials, ages 18-34, listen to at least one podcast a week. 17% of the entire population listens to at least one podcast a week. In descending order, the three most listened to genera of podcasts are comedy, education, and news.

Podcast Audio Production Basics

Learning Solutions Magazine

Podcast Audio Production Basics. jeff-d'anza. Tue, 08/28/2018 - 01:00

Audio 76

Podcast Interview on eLearning in Healthcare

Experiencing eLearning

Lawrence Laganelli of the Inside Medical Assisting Podcast interviewed me about elearning, especially as it applies in healthcare. Listen to the podcast in a new tab. e-Learning Instructional Design podcast

Podcast: Interview with Bryan Jones of eLearningArt


Featured PodcastsBryan Jones, founder of eLearningArt, is a pioneer in eLearning and instructional design. His company, eLearningArt, is the leading provider of eLearning images and templates for the eLearning industry.

Podcast: Marshall Goldsmith – 15 Coaches


This podcast is worth hearing again, because we all need some truly good news after the year we’ve had. PodcastsThe first mentees in Marshall Goldsmith’s “15 coaches” program are gathering to begin an amazing experiment.

5 Ways Podcasts Can Answer Your Online Training Woes

CommLab India

Why use podcasts in online training? Because podcasts are inexpensive, quick to develop, and offer a range of other benefits. Here’s 5 ways to use them. eLearning Design microlearning

Podcasts for Corporate Training: How and When to Use Them

Bottom-Line Performance

The post Podcasts for Corporate Training: How and When to Use Them appeared first on Bottom-Line Performance. Ask yourself: how divided is your attention right now? Are you already composing an email response in your head? Did […].

Podcast: Chad Bellin – Getting Started in Augmented and Virtual Reality


PodcastsChad Bellin is a technology executive with over 18 years experience across several industries. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Chad has had the opportunity to work for some amazing startups as well as with larger companies like Mitel, Rockwell Automation, and IBM.

Best Podcast Gems Of 2013

The eLearning Coach

Tune in to this episode of The eLearning Coach podcast for some of my favorite gems from episodes in 2013. PodcastsThe topics include finding a job in instructional design, social media for learning, storytelling, cognitive architecture, and information graphics.

Monetizing Your Podcast with Online Courses


If writing or video production isn’t your thing then consider using podcasts! When podcasts first came about they were huge, and then the hype died down and they sort of became less popular. Today we see a resurgence in podcasting and it is clear that they are very much here to stay. If blogging isn’t something that interests you then podcasting may be your ticket for building an audience and selling your online course!

Why Podcasting, Why Now?


FREE WEBINAR Podcasts: Jumping Headfirst Without Fear July 6th 1-2pm EDT REGISTER NOW Guest post by Doug Sandler Think about today’s society. Blog association e-learning podcast podcasting social learningWhen people want it, they want it now. Media on-demand is hot and now more than ever it makes sense to capitalize on audio on-demand. A sharp segment of the audio on […].


Moodle Journal

Last week I decided to start using a podcast approach as part of my regular Moodle material. I decided against the usually highly mobile podcast approach, as I know very few of the students actually own one. I have incorporated these as part of my level 4 groups work in Object Oriented Design. The course is delivered as a series of lectures accompanied by detailed course notes and assessed using a portfolio approach of exercises.

Learning Mobile App Review: NearPod [Podcast Interview]

mLearning Revolution

Having said that, I started a new Podcast entitled ‘ Learning Apps with RJ Jacquez ‘ where I will interview pioneers in this space, who are disrupting Learning and Education in a positive way through the use of Technology. Interviews Mobile Learning Podcast featured

Podcast: Interview with Bryan Jones of eLearningArt


Podcasts Presentations & VideosBryan Jones, founder of eLearningArt, is a pioneer in eLearning and instructional design. His company, eLearningArt , is the leading provider of eLearning images and templates for the eLearning industry.

TCC09: Podcasting with Section 508

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Podcast logo. This presentation will be an overview of the different methods in the planning, producing, publishing and promoting of hybrid podcasts with instructions on the building of a 508 compliant podcast. Market research on US podcast audience. Podcast Gear.

Podcast: Marshall Goldsmith – 15 Coaches


PodcastsMarshall Goldsmith has been recognized as one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World and the top-ranked executive coach at the 2013 biennial Thinkers50 ceremony in London.