Book instead of blogposts

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

It was great fun to do, but it costs a lot of time, in addition to ordinary consultancies, our courses and private life. It was certainly a difficult book to write: more difficult than our previous book called 'En nu online' which gave tips on how professionals, teams and organizations can use social media. has brought me in terms of new insights: First, I got to love the term social technology. then 'social media'. My last blogpost is almost 4 months ago.


Jay Cross

social software apps. social network analysis. Co nnectivism, recently coined by George Siemens, makes it explicit that the learner is augmented with connections to networks of people and information. “Learner-centric&# has been the rallying cry of eLearning for five years now. Last year, in an informal history of eLearning , I wrote: Learning isn’t content. It’s new thought being wired into the brain’s network.