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A Social Network Analysis Chatbot

Mobile Coach

Why a Chatbot for Social Network Analysis? Surveying is the most common method to analyze employee social network health, however these are typically challenging to complete, a drain on productivity, and inaccurate. You can’t fix what you can’t see.

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Using Social Network Analysis in Social Business Design

Skilful Minds

Overall, as the post's subject indicates, my interest is in showing how social network analysis, applied to the ecosystems of organizations, can assist us in applying social business design in a manner that avoids the fallacy of open/closed business cultures.


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A Social MRI

The Simple Shift

I’ve always appreciated Social Network Analysis (SNA).

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Performance - Collaboration - Social Network Analysis - eLearning Hot List

Tony Karrer

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Social Network Analysis - Twitter - Social Media - Best Stuff from Last Week

Tony Karrer

4) Social Networks (23) Adoption (8) eLearning Technology. Browse eLearning Content

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Rahaf Harfoush #ATDTK Keynote Mindmap

Clark Quinn

For instance she made the case for context-sensitive performance support, social network analysis, and a learning culture. Rahaf Haroush opened the second day of the 2017 ATD TechKnowledge conference. She made clear some important points about the potential for technology.

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Video: The dinosaur LMS, the new learning experience network and triggering emotional investment

Saffron Interactive

How Learning Experience Networks mean we can design the complete experience. How social network analysis enables us to identify leaders and launch viral behaviour-change campaigns. Why leveraging learner production (user-generated content) is the key to emotional investment. Blog LMS Videos'