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Are We Approaching Collaborative eLearning Wrong? - The Individual is the New Group

Tony Karrer

But, he also linked to a great post: The Individual is the New Group - where he points out that the classic notion of groupware has been falling out of favor and instead the concept of soloware with extension for collaboration (think blog vs. discussion group) is gaining adoption.

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Computer-Based Training: Definition, Benefits and Cost

Epilogue Systems

E-learning systems may also feature video conferencing, email, blogs, wikis, newsgroups, chat rooms, and groupware to improve communications. To conclude. CBT has proven to be an effective training tool in a variety of settings.


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Breaking eggs

Learning with e's

Here's the abstract for my chapter, which discusses wiki cultures and Darwikianism (the survival of the fittest - or most accurate - wiki pages): The use of group oriented software, or groupware, encourages students to generate their own content and can foster supportive and dynamic communties of learning.

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How to Stay on Top of Training Demand? Know the Alternatives


Collaboration : Collaborative software (also referred to as groupware, workgroup support systems or simply group support systems) is computer software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals. Most enterprise 2.0 Social Learning : Social learning is what it sounds like—learning with and from others.

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General Physics Launches Performance-driven Learning Solution for Marketing Teams by Learning Solutions Staff


Example: Rumor has it that Groupware was started as a series of custom projects Lotus was doing for one of its big installations of Notes. Your competitor introduces new sub-features that are of the “arms race&# nature (more, more, more!)

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Moving from One to Many - LMS Products are Two Generations Behind

Tony Karrer

Focusing on job roles, teams, collaboration sounds like a heavy, groupware type approach that is going to take too much work and be too inflexible if you ever get it done. Further, the fact that he's suggesting that they need to get on-board with collaboration suggests that LMS products are two cycles behind.

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The Power of Peer Production

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Instead of forcing people into predetermined groups like groupware does, social software facilitates the natural formation of groups based on spontaneous, contextual needs for interaction. Affiliation through personal choice: "Peer production is the most efficient method for creating value from a resource allocation point of view.

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