Learning pathways

Learning with 'e's

Rhizomatic learning is also premised on an extension of community as curriculum, where: 'knowledge can only be negotiated, and the contextual, collaborative learning experience shared by constructivist and connectivist pedagogies is a social as well as a personal knowledge-creation process with mutable goals and constantly negotiated premises'. Image by justpeace Learning pathways by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

VLE 58

Learning theories for the digital age

Learning with 'e's

I pointed out recently that many of the older theories of pedagogy were formulated in a pre-digital age. How might we begin to understand the issues surrounding folksonomies, peer learning, or collaborative informal learning that seem to occur spontaneously, outside the classroom, spanning the entire globe - using old theories that were written to describe what happens in a classroom? Unported License.

Parabolic learning

Learning with 'e's

We have previously explored a number of learning theories, new learning technologies, concepts around crowdsourcing, wisdom of crowds, folksonomies and user generated content, Web 2.0, Over the coming week, the two teams (with the curation team in attendance) will therefore explore the history, culture, technology and pedagogy of MOOCs, a topic they are not particularly familiar with. Unported License.