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5 Lessons for Learning Photoshop

E-learning Uncovered

Back then, we didn’t have the web to turn to for Photoshop advice or YouTube for video tutorials. Instead of jumping directly into another Photoshop tutorial, I think it best that you learn some basic concepts of an editing tool like Photoshop. Don’t confuse this with file formats like jpeg, gif and png. All three of those are just different formats of a raster file. If you need more time, consider subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


Advanced: text formatting. Grid view shows you your slides in grid formation so you can see an overview of your whole deck rather than looking at things one slide at a time. Format: Here you will find tools to help you customise your slide text. To remove all formatting changes to your text, click Clear formatting. Slides has some more advanced tools for formatting text, we talk about these later on. Select a shape and click the Paint format tool.