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What happened in 2023 and what’s next for eLearning standards

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We were shocked to see how many people joined Chris Tompkins and Brian Miller on “Our IEEE LTSC voting members recap 2023 and what’s next for the standards” webinar last week. What happened in 2023 xAPI 2.0 becomes a standard In late March, the IEEE approved “ IEEE 9274.1.1-2023 2023 ” – or xAPI 2.0.

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What vendors can do to prepare for xAPI 2.0

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xAPI turned 10 years old in April, the oldest versions of SCORM are over 21, and even the “new kid” cmi5 is now 7. The IEEE board approved “ IEEE 9274.1.1-2023 2023 ” aka – and much easier to remember – xAPI 2.0. So does this mean you have to do anything right now if you’re leveraging xAPI in your platform?

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xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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xAPI and LRS (Learning Record Stores) have been in the news and frankly everywhere within the e-learning industry in the past 1.5 on a side note – I – me, was always told that xAPI and Tin Can are one in the same). ADL, IEEE and many people and businesses talking about this technology call it xAPI.

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