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Blended Learning 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Infopro Learning

The revival of traditional classroom teaching, alongside the rise of online learning, has brought learning and development (L&D) into the spotlight. In this evolving landscape, blended learning has emerged as an approach that combines online and face-to-face learning experiences skillfully. Blended learning, which combines traditional and online learning methods, is a versatile approach that enhances the learning process through integrated technologies.

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The Ultimate Guide to Gamification for Educators

Fly Plugins

In an era where digital learning platforms are increasingly becoming the norm, educators and course creators are constantly searching for innovative methods to captivate their audiences and enhance learning outcomes. This is where the concept of gamification in education leaps into the spotlight, offering a dynamic blend of motivation and engagement through game-like elements.


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Are Online Programs Typically More Streamlined Than In-Person Options?

eLearning Industry

Online programs offer varying degrees of flexibility and speed, with some allowing you to complete your degree faster than traditional in-person options. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Quality Management in Learning and Development: Book Review

Experiencing eLearning

Hadiya Nuriddin’s newest book, Quality Management in Learning and Development , approaches quality management at a much deeper and more systematic level than the typical method in our field. Instead of doing a little review right before launching a training program, this approach is a way to focus on quality through your entire process. I was fortunate to receive a review copy of this book prior to its release.

Quality 332
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Take Onboarding to New Heights

To respond to rapid changes in demand, Delta Air Lines needed an employee onboarding program designed and implemented in 4 weeks. AllenComm not only delivered on time, but their collaboration with Delta also revolutionized how the org supports learning and demonstrated that experiential learning within a hybrid learning ecosystem can significantly increase speed to proficiency.

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The L&D Reality Check, Busting Myths in Our L&D Myth-ology Series with Clark Quinn

Upside Learning

Separating Learning Myths from Reality Ever wondered if listening to classical music can make you smarter or if doodling during meetings helps you focus? Or maybe you’ve heard that multitasking turns you into a productivity wizard? And let’s not forget the classic myth that your attention span is as short as a goldfish’s memory—what an insult to both you and the goldfish!

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Exploring What is Formative Assessment

Learning Everest

Are you interested in how formative assessments can revolutionize your L&D strategy? Then keep reading! But first, let’s define what is formative assessment.

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Unlocking the Future of Education: Essential Learning Management System Requirements You Can't Ignore!

Training Folks

Unlocking the Future of Education: Essential Learning Management System Requirements You Can't Ignore! The digital frontier of education, greatly intensified by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, has positioned online education at the forefront. Central to this transformation is the Learning Management System (LMS). This software platform is not just about creating and administering courses but meeting the right learning management system requirements to make eLearning a resounding success

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How Game-Based Learning Transforms Employee Training

eLearning Industry

Game-based learning revolutionizes employee training by enhancing engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development through interactive and playful methods. Incorporating gamification strategies like leaderboards, point systems, and storytelling can further motivate learners and improve the training outcome. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Microlearning Modules — 7 Amazing Tips for Effective Design

CommLab India

I n today's fast-paced corporate environment, learning and development professionals are constantly seeking innovative ways to deliver effective training that engages and empowers employees. One such method that has gained immense popularity is microlearning. Microlearning involves delivering bite-sized chunks of information to learners, making learning more manageable, digestible, and impactful.

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The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Customer Learning

Every decision that goes into your learning monetization strategy matters for your organization’s bottom line. Our research has shown a clear correlation between high program maturity (and ROI!) and choosing the right monetization strategy. This eBook contains clear, actionable ways to approach packaging and pricing models that will help your association grow revenue, improve profitability, and drive expansion into new markets.

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Celebrate Your Students with Course Completion Pages


Course completion is a major achievement for your students. But how can you turn this special moment into an opportunity to celebrate their success and guide them toward the next step in their learning journey? The answer lies in crafting a fully customized Course Completion Page. Our Course Completion Page feature gives you the flexibility to set any page as the completion page, where you can encourage students to share a review or invite them to explore the next course while they’re ridi

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An outside perspective

Upside Learning

Someone reached out to me for a case study on addressing a workplace problem. I was willing, but there’s a small problem; I’ve never had to address a workplace learning problem. At least, in the way most people expect. Instead, I provide an outside perspective. What’s that mean? So, first of all, I don’t come from an instructional design (ID) background.

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Have We Unlocked The Full Potential Of Generative AI In Education?

eLearning Industry

Generative AI has revolutionized education by streamlining content creation and lesson plan generation. However, educators should explore innovative applications beyond content generation. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Compliance Training Topics for 2024


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing regulatory environment, staying updated with compliance training is essential for all organizations. Our expert guide on the Best 10 compliance training topics for 2024 ensures that your team remains compliant and prepared for any challenges. This training is not just about adhering to regulations but also about fostering a safe, ethical, and productive workplace culture.

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Modernizing Hiring: The Rise of Contingent Recruitment in 2024

The job market is changing fast, and to stay ahead, your hiring strategy needs to be flexible. With recent economic shifts, more companies are turning to contingent workers for their adaptability and cost savings. In fact, 32% of businesses are already prioritizing contingent over traditional full-time positions. Curious to learn more? In our new guide, you'll discover: The major benefits of incorporating contingent workers into your team.

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Benefits of instructor-led training for training providers in 2024

Arlo Training & Events Software

Whether you know it or not, you’ve likely sat through an instructor-led training experience at some point. Any high school class or in-person/virtual work training session delivered by an instructor falls under the umbrella of instructor-led training. It’s a training format that has stood the test of time and continues to deliver results.

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Engage audiences, drive results: Video-centric advertising strategies

simpleshow video maker

Written by Eliza Medley | 27th June 2024 It is easy to underestimate the importance of video advertising in modern. The post Engage audiences, drive results: Video-centric advertising strategies appeared first on simpleshow.

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eBook Launch: 5 Growth Plays For Training Businesses

eLearning Industry

Download this ultimate guide to uncover proven strategies to boost profitability and attract training business customers. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Webinar: Shaping Culture through Strengths-Based Performance Management

TIER1 Performance

How can organizations support their leaders in embracing a strengths-based performance management approach? Research shows that strengths-based performance management benefits organizations and employees alike. Employees experience more job satisfaction and less stress, positively impacting their overall well-being, while organizations benefit from increased engagement and performance, which drives better business results.

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Quickly Create Personalized Learning Experiences that Work

How can we actively engage learners 24/7, on their level and according to their interests, while respecting their learning styles? It’s not impossible. In this guide: Explore how to transform traditional, one-way videos into two-way interactive learning experiences Understand different types of artificial intelligence (AI), including - Generative vs.

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8 Ways You Can Use AI to Be a Better Leader & Shape an AI-Positive Culture


We often hear from leaders eager to dive into AI but needing help figuring out where to start (and maybe already feeling a little behind or intimidated). They want practical steps to seamlessly integrate AI into their operations and show their commitment to this powerful technology. While it might feel overwhelming, any forward-thinking leader ready to learn and grow alongside their team is already ahead.

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Why Learning Transfer Fails and How to Make Your E-Learning Courses Successful


Why Learning Transfer Fails and How to Make Your E-Learning Courses Successful Learning transfer involves getting learners to apply new skills and knowledge in the workplace. It is about behavioural change, improving performance, and achieving objectives. Learning transfer is difficult, however. How many times have you been frustrated that very little changes in the work environment after colleagues complete a training course?

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15 Fun Onboarding Activities And Games For New Hires In 2024

eLearning Industry

Ready to bring some fresh faces on board? Engage and energize your new employees with interactive and enjoyable onboarding experiences. Check out 15 fun onboarding activities and games and create instant connections between your new hires and seasoned staff. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Exploring the impact of education assistance programs

CLO Magazine

In an effort to embrace a culture where employees are supported in their personal development endeavors, many organizations are using education assistance programs. Research indicates that these programs are growing in popularity, especially as Millennials and Generation Z make up more and more of the workplace; these programs now play a vital role in nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development.

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The Ultimate LMS Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing an LMS

Whether you’re shopping for your very first learning management system (LMS) or looking to upgrade, the process can be overwhelming. With so many vendor options, each with its own multitude of features and pricing structures, even the most seasoned educators, trainers, and business leaders can feel lost in a sea of choices! Finding the LMS that’s best suited for your organization requires a planned, strategic approach.

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The LMS and LXP Draft 2024

eLearning 24-7

Learning Systems. Would you select an LMS? What about an LXP? Oh, maybe a combo of the two? Perhaps a learning platform that calls themselves whatever, has some functionality or more of an LMS, but won’t refer to them as that. Do you go with an Enterprise version? Customer Training/Education (aka legacy term as extended enterprise? Do you choose one that you can provide internal (employees) and external (customer/client/partner/franchise, etc.) in the system itself, saving you financial re

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35 Best Email Marketing Ideas for Your Business


Have you ever thought to yourself, is email marketing really worth the hassle? We’ll tell you for free – trust… The post 35 Best Email Marketing Ideas for Your Business appeared first on Thinkific.

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Winning The eLearning Engagement Game: How AI Supercharges Gamification [eBook Launch]

eLearning Industry

How can AI and gamification revolutionize learning and empower employees to upskill, reskill, and bridge gaps? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Where Should Generative AI Fit in the Workplace? Reflections from Avilar’s CEO


READ TIME: 4 minutes. Last year, I shared my thoughts on generative AI at work as both a friend and foe to the workforce. Here’s how AI has evolved and what surprises it holds. Generative AI is a topic of intense discussion, speculation, and experimentation in the modern workplace. A year ago, I shared my thoughts on generative AI at work, portraying it as both friend and foe to the workforce.

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11 Tips to Drive Learning Content Consumption

Unlock the full potential of your educational initiatives with the 11 Tips to Drive Learning Content Consumption eBook. You’ll uncover: Why measure content consumption rather than (or in addition to) completion rates and member satisfaction? What are some proven tactics to create quality learner content and raise your content consumption rates? Discover the secrets from leading experts in the field, distilled into practical tips that promise to elevate the quality of your educational offerings,

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The Case for Skill Fluency in an AI-Assisted Workplace


If you visit Mexico for a week, a translation app will get you by (for non-Spanish speakers like me). But what if you move to Mexico? You’ll probably want to aim for fluency, and not have to rely on an app all the time. Like a translation app on vacation, AI tools are always ready to help you at work. They can answer questions, give suggestions, and even do some of your work for you.

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Strengthening security and ensuring excellence with SOC 2 and ISO

Rustici Software

As the Director of DevSecOps, I’m proud to share our ongoing commitment to security and excellence at Rustic Software. Our team is dedicated to implementing robust security policies and practices to reduce risks and ensure our products run optimally. Our journey began in 2020 when Rustici received its initial ISO-27001 certification. Since then, we have continuously improved our processes, leading to further achievements.

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Generative AI In Education: Key Tools And Trends For 2024-2025

eLearning Industry

Discover how generative AI in education is revolutionizing learning with top tools and trends for 2024-2025. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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