eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #7

Upside Learning

Gordon, a flash runtime written in javascript, is an interesting project that recreates the Flash Player into svg using javascript from a flash source swf file. Related posts: eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #5 eLearning: Top Posts of 2009 - Upside Learning Blog The Big Question - What I Learned About Learning in 2009. “Microsoft Research released a community game cum programming environment for the Xbox 360 called Kodu.

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

Tony Karrer

Solar power for your small and big mobile devices! Big Question: get your innovative eLearning ideas out no matter what others think! Ignatia Webs , April 2, 2009 Big question of April launched by Tony Karrer via the Learning Circuits Blog is: stuck/unstuck or how to cope with old-school learning when your head buzzes with new eLearning methods and ideas.