The Big Question: Time Spent

Upside Learning

The Big Question posed on Learning Circuits this time is thought provoking - Where is your time spent? Tags: LC Big Question Learning Technology eLearning Learning Circuits Social Technology It causes one to pause and reflect on our state of being. Where am I spending my time? I’d say my waking time is spent on three distinct areas: Work – quite obvious since I have to feed the family and myself.

It's The Big Question #LCBQ

eLearning Cyclops

I have been honored to be a involved in the revitalization of the Learning Circuits' Big Question. For several years now I have been responding to the Big Question and have over and over been inspired by the questions posed, not to mention by the many fantastic responses and comments. I hope in the coming months to see the Big Question grow even more in contributors and perspectives. So, keep your eyes out for the next BIG QUESTION !


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April’s Big Question - Stuck?

Bottom-Line Performance

The Learning Circuits blog posted their big question for April – Stuck? One of the most common themes that emerged in the conversation around this month’s Big Question was that blogging was a key way for people to get unstuck. Other respondents to this month’s Big Question had some interesting ideas, like Jeff Goldman’s favorite getting unstuck technique, making a prototype. Getting Unstuck?

5 TED Talks (and Big Questions) for Adult Learning Professional

eLearning Alchemy

Each of these talks makes me think about a big question in adult learning and corporate training. The questions are: How can self-organized learning environments be used in adult learning and corporate training? Sugata Mitra was puzzled by a question: “How come all the rich people are having extraordinarily gifted children?” Questions can be the window to great instruction, but not the other way around.

3 BIG questions to kickstart your L&D transformation


A new year offers up fresh opportunities for transformation, but the big question is always: where do we start? It’s a question that’s highly relevant when it comes to reimagining the role learning and development (L&D) can play in a modern business. The post 3 BIG questions to kickstart your L&D transformation appeared first on Axonify.

The Big Question - What I Learned About Learning in 2009

Upside Learning

The Big Question posed on Learning Circuits this time,as always , is thought provoking –. Social Learning – Social learning has made it big this year. Related posts: The Big Question: Time Spent CIPD Learning and Development Survey 2009 Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources. Tags: LC Big Question Learning Technology eLearning Game Based Learning Learning Circuits Mobile Social Technology

Four Big Questions for the Future of L&D



The Big Question: Stuck? Getting Unstuck.

ID Reflections

There's really quite a bit to this question. This is precisely my feeling too…it is one of my pet grouch that this month’s Big Question allows me to vent. Tags: e-learning corporate training education big question andragogy I’ll begin by quoting something I read in Tony Karrer’s blog, eLearning Technology.

May's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

Learning Circuits' Big Question for May is "So what can, should, or will, we offer the digital generation by 2015?" Five years is not very far into future, but in terms of technology things can change immensely in that amount of time. Just think of how learning technology has changed in the past five years. Off the top of my head here are a few things I think we will be offering in 2015.

August Big Question - Feedback

eLearning Cyclops

The Learning Circuits' Big Question for August is to provide feedback on the "Big Question" itself. I have a high opinion of it and have always enjoyed reflecting on the questions posed and reading the responses posted. One of the goals of the Big Question is to "Get different perspectives on topics that are of interest to workplace learning professionals." I feel the Big Question achieves that goal.

2010 Predictions - Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

January's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog asks for our 2010 predictions. So, here we go; m-Learning continues to grow. I think the growing popularity of social media apps on mobile devices will assist with a growth of social learning (I consider social/informal learning on mobile devices m-learning too). Micro-courses for mobile devices will become more prevalent too.

Big Question is Back

Tony Karrer

I just wanted to alert folks that Learning Circuit's Big Question has been revived. I hope you'll join the party and submit your thoughts on the question: The Big Question for December is: What did you learn about learning in 2007? We've lost Dave Lee's forms, but we are going back to the old manual approach. If you are new to blogging, this is a great way to get your blog noticed

Selling Social Media for Learning: ASTD Big Question

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD Learning Circuit's Blog Big Question is "How do I communicate the value of social media as a learning tool to my organization?" Position Social Media Differently Than It's Intended Use For example, the Twitter question is "What are you doing?" The question then should be "What you are thinking?" ASTD Big Question Web 2.0

April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

In a nutshell, this month's Big Question is, do you ever get stuck getting new solutions or ideas accepted and implemented by your organization or client? In most organizations, especially large ones, one must get a lot of buy-in and this usually involves making a business case, predicting cost savings, efficiencies, potential return on investment, etc., etc., Oh, case studies and benchmarking from other organizations help too.

eLearning Cyclops: One More Thing to Add - Big Question #LCBQ

eLearning Cyclops

One More Thing to Add - Big Question #LCBQ. Before the month of May ends I want to add one more thing to my response to the May Big Question -#LCBQ. In fact, getting announcements in their meetings is big plus. Labels: Big Question , Big_Question , e-Learning , ISD. One More Thing to Add - Big Question #LCBQ. My Big Question Response - Predictions for My 2011. It's The Big Question #LCBQ.

LC Big Question: How Do We Keep Up?

Upside Learning

This month’s Big Question on Learning Circuits Blog seeks to understand how we are keeping up with the increasingly complex tools and technologies landscape. I reflect on this question from an organization perspective as opposed to an individual’s perspective. Here’s what we are doing in our organization: 1. Blogs: Subscribing to a host of blogs helps our team to be aware of what’s new out there and what others are thinking and doing with it.

The Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

February's Big Question on the Learning Circuits blog is "What is the impact of the economy on you and your organization? What are you doing as a result?" Here is my response: I am an e-Learning designer at a bank that is currently being acquired by another larger bank (this is how the economy affected my organization). The acquisition will be complete by June, at which time I will be facing a lay-off.

eLearning Cyclops: My Big Question Response - Predictions for My.

eLearning Cyclops

My Big Question Response - Predictions for My 2011 #LCBQ. So, here is my response to the Learning Circuits Big Question , which asks to be more focused on our challenges, plans and predictions. Be sure to share them at the Learning Circuits Big Question and tweet them too at #LCBQ. Labels: Big Question , Big_Question , Blogging , Classroom Training , e-Learning , LMS , m-Learning , Social Media. It's The Big Question #LCBQ.

Big Question - Working with SMEs

eLearning Cyclops

This month's Big Question at Learning Circuits is on working with subject matter experts (SME). First off, thank you Tony at Learning Circuits for using my suggestion as this month's question. Ask the right questions (Analysis) Never assume the SME knows the training need. Be sure they also look at the flow of the course, accuracy of questions, usability, and identify any technical problems. And always give them appropriate credit and a big thank you.

Learnlets » Big Question: Learning Design for Digital Natives? Bugwash!

Clark Quinn

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use.

Big Question Thought Leaders

The Learning Circuits

I'm happy to announce that several thought leaders have joined together with me to revitalize the Big Question. The goals of the Big Question will remain the same: A way to highlight thought leaders around topics of interest to eLearning Professionals A way to stimulate different perspectives on questions that are of interest to eLearning Professionals.

Big Questions

The Learning Circuits

This is the new home of the master list of Big Questions: May 2008 - Learning Design Differences for Digital Natives? February 2007 : What Questions Should We be Asking? April 2008 - Do Better? March 2008 - Scope of Learning Responsibility? February 2008 - Instructional Design - If? How much? January 2008 - Predictions for Learning in 2008? December 2007 - What Did You Learn about Learning? 2007 September 2007 Where to Work? July 2007 : Choosing Tools?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Big Question

Learning Visions

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 The Big Question This months big question from the Learning Circuits Blog: What did you learn about learning in 2007? Posted by Cammy Bean at 3:36 PM Labels: big question , instructional design 2comments: Michele said. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

ASTD's Big Question for December: New Learning

Kapp Notes

The ASTD Big question this month is What did you learn about learning in 2007? Look forward to next month's question. __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content GuideI learn so much all the time from students, clients and colleagues, it is hard to narrow it down to just one or two things, but I'll try. Here are a few of the lessons I have learned. Mostly about the power of the network and Web 2.0 tools.

Big Question - Should It Continue?

The Learning Circuits

I've been moderating the Big Question for more than four years at this point. In the past few months, activity (posts, comments, comments on posts) on the big questions has seen a big drop. So - here's the big question for January 2011: Should the Big Question continue? For me, it's been a great way to foster conversation in the blogosphere.

Howdy and October's Big Question

The Learning Circuits

it's time for the Big Question! Hi all and welcome to my one month tenure at the editing console for the Learning Circuits Blog. Thanks to Justin and the team for the opportunity and the nice introduction! I've been working in and around E-Learning for the last 10 years or so - enough time to know a lot about nothing and a little about everything.

ASTD's Big Question for December 2008: New Learning

Kapp Notes

The ASTD Big question this month is What did you learn about learning in 2008? The third big learning was that organizations who seemed the least open, most secretive and most regulated jumped into Social Media with both feet while other industries are still floundering. Tags: ASTD Big Question I learn so much all the time from students, clients and colleagues, it is hard to narrow it down to just two or three things, but I'll try.

Learnlets » December’s BIG Question(s)

Clark Quinn

Does the Big Question Make Sense Anymore?

Tony Karrer

I’ve been facilitating the Big Question on ASTD’s Learning Circuit’s blog since sometime in 2006. Last month’s big question was Instruction in a Information Snacking Culture? The question was all about how we consume and work with information: People seem to be spending less time going through information in depth and less willing to spend time on information. We seem to be snacking on information, not consuming it in big chunks.

Learnlets » LCB Big Question of the Month

Clark Quinn

Learning Professionals’ Skills 2.0 – Learning Circuits Big Question July 2009

The E-Learning Curve

This month's Learning Circuits Blog Big Question is. skills development Learning Circuits Blog Big Question Learning Professional In a Learning 2.0 world, where learning and performance solutions take on a wider variety of forms and where churn happens at a much more. The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Find out more.

The Right Place to Find Help: ASTD's Big Question

Kapp Notes

This month's ASTD Big Question on the Learning Circuit's Blog is about Social Networking and finding help and expertise if you have a question or a concern for which you need input and/or advice. The basic question is " If you need input from people, where's the best place to ask?" But, then the question breaks into sub-questions. The assumption seems to be that there is one "best" place for asking a question.

Reflecting on 2009's Posts - Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

December's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog is "What did you learn about learning in 2009," but they also suggest looking at your top 2009 posts for "aha moments." So, here are my top ten 2009 posts according my blog's best of list found through eLearningLearning. I have simply added my thoughts next to each. Flash Accessibility (508 Compliance) I was surprised to see 508 Compliance top the list. It is good to see it is an important topic to many readers, as it should be.

And the big question is?

Moodle Journal

Moodle is certainly being used by staff and students now, I took a quick look at the logs beginning from the first teaching week and we have some 14000+ records, not bad considering we are still only running at 260 users in total. The thing for me now is to begin assessing the impact of content. Its Ok to upload your class documents but that’s not in itself going to exploit the potential of a VLE with respect to addressing the issues of widening participation and extended classrooms.

No August Big Question

The Learning Circuits

Just a quick FYI that due to my vacation, I will not be holding a Big Question in August. See you back in Sept

The Big Question: Breaking down the organisational walls to learning

Clive on Learning

So, the Learning Circuits Big Question for June is: How do we break down organisational walls when it comes to learning? In other cases, there's no motivation to look beyond the organisational walls, because the people in question spend such a large proportion of their time at work that they have forgotten there is another world out there. That's at least partly because America itself is big enough that it would take a lifetime to explore and understand. Big Question