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SlideRocket is HOT!

Mark Oehlert

I find a lot of good stuff following Brent Schlenker's Twitter feed but SlideRocket goes a step further. Update: How SlideRocket Plans to Make Money This is by far, the slickest Web 2.0 lets forget how slick it does the 'import powerpoint' thing.I This is by far, the slickest Web 2.0

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Dueling Slide Presentations: SlideRocket and 280 Slides

Mark Oehlert

I had posted before about SlideRocket and how kewl and shiny it is (I still think its cool and shiny) but now I've also done an initial glance at 280 Slides and while it may be a bit less shiny.I think that users might find it more comfortable to use. I like the "Notes" feature and the ability to suck in video and photos not.


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Collaboration Tools

Tony Karrer

Screen-Sharing GoToMeeting ( link ) eBLVD ( link ) ConnectNow ( link ) Microsoft Shared View Crossloop ( link ) Yuuguu ( link ) WebExNow ( link ) LiveLook ( link ) Vyew ( link ) Glance ( link ) Yugma ( link ) Teamviewer ( link ) BeamYourScreen ( link ) Remote Control GoToAssist ( link ) RealVNC VNC GoToMyPC ( link ) logmein ( link ) Teamviewer ( link (..)

iVocalize 105
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20 tools for legacy learning

Learning with e's

Tools to look out for: Slideshare , Authorstream , Speakerdeck , Sliderocket. There are many tools available for sharing slides, and if you really want to give your slidedecks impact, record an audio commentary to accompany it. Most hosting site provide the facility for you to add audio that synchronises with your slides. 4) Photographs.

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Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

Here are the results and the level of exposure to technology tools this community provides: Twitter (2482) Social Network (1999) Wiki (1610) LMS (1346) Podcaster (1239) Facebook (1176) Flash (980) PowerPoint (922) YouTube (843) RSS (814) LinkedIn (798) Second Life (687) iPhone (602) Director (584) Moodle (550) PDF (521) Captivate (515) Wikipedia (502) (..)

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43 Great eLearning Posts and 5 Hot Topics Including Google Buzz and iPad

eLearning Learning Posts

Adding Twitter to PowerPoint, Keynote and now - Sliderocket , February 19, 2010. Google Buzz: an update , February 15, 2010. Seven (Possible) Ways to Use Google Buzz for Education by Jeremy Vest , February 17, 2010. Guide to 140 Learning: From interactivity to social activity #140learning , February 16, 2010. February 22, 2010.

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Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

Learning Visions

Members only groups on LinkedIn for training – set up a private group (members have to request to join or be invited – and then approved by the manager) Reminder – anything posted on the Internet can potentially be viewed by anyone… Twitter Very real time oriented – the pulse of what people are talking about Use hashtags # on topics and @ signs for (..)