How to Find the Right Custom eLearning Outsourcing Vendor? [SlideShare]

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Explore this SlideShare to find what exactly you need to find answers to for a perfect custom eLearning vendor! How about finding the right custom eLearning outsourcing vendor by asking just 5 questions?

5 Myths About Rapid eLearning Implementation Busted [SlideShare]

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This slideshare busts 5 such myths! Rapid eLearning can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re short of time, budget, and need to rollout important training. But there are myths associated with rapid eLearning implementation. eLearning Design Rapid eLearning


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Types of Scenario-based Learning in Online Training [SlideShare]

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Explore types of scenario-based learning for online training in the SlideShare below! How well do you know scenario-based learning? Well, I bet you didn’t know its types! eLearning Design Instructional Design

4 Ways to Support Your eLearning Outsourcing Vendor [SlideShare]

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This SlideShare shows you how. Your part in implementing eLearning in your organization does not end with selecting the right eLearning outsourcing vendor. You can do so much more to support your eLearning outsourcing vendor. eLearning Design eLearning Outsourcing

Planning to Implement eLearning? Have You Identified the Impostors? [Slideshare]

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Take a gander at this informative SlideShare. There are impostors amongst eLearning courses, disguised as eLearning – glorified repurposed classroom PPTs. Don’t get fooled. Be smart. eLearning Design

Zipcast from Slideshare

Jane Hart

Slideshare has just released Zipcast for 1-click meetings (public or private) on the Web – and it’s very simple! Click Zipcast on any presentation Select Public or Private Start Zipcast & enable live video Invite friends on Facebook & Twitter Your Zipcast is ON Find out more at [link]. Tools

4 Popular Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversions [SlideShare]

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Take a look at our SlideShare and select the authoring tool for Flash to HTML5 conversion that best meets your requirement. Still waiting for the right time for Flash to HTML5 conversion. Well…that time is right now!

Flash to HTML5 Conversion: Problems and Solutions [SlideShare]

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If you are one of those organizations that are yet to formulate a plan to get Flash-based courses converted to HTML5, this SlideShare is a must-watch! Missing source files or outdated content, whatever the challenges you might face in Flash to HTML5 conversion, there are solutions!

6 Ways to Use Virtual Training for Employee Training [Slideshare]

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Well, here’s a SlideShare with 6 virtual training formats you can use in your corporate training. Do you think eLearning is the only virtual training method you can use in corporate training? eLearning Design Learning Analytics

LMS or LXP: Which One Should You Choose? [SlideShare]

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Check out this SlideShare and get all the relevant info about LMS and LXP in just 10 clicks. What differentiates an LXP from an LMS? eLearning Development Learning Management Systems

Let’s Estimate the Cost of eLearning Course Development [SlideShare]

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Here’s a SlideShare that will you an overview of the cost factors of eLearning development. If you’re planning to implement eLearning for your workforce training, you need to be aware of the factors that will impact the cost of eLearning development.

5 Things to Look for in Your Second LMS [SlideShare]

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And this SlideShare will help you with that. Selecting one Learning Management System for your organization can itself be a tough job, let alone a second. But if you need a second LMS for your training needs, you need to know what to look for. eLearning Design Learning Management Systems

Tell a Story to Make a Champion: Using Storytelling in eLearning [SlideShare]

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Check out this SlideShare to know more about storytelling in eLearning for corporate training. Question: Why incorporate storytelling in eLearning? The answer: Increased engagement and improved performance.

5 Reasons Mobile Learning is the Need of the Hour [SlideShare]

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This SlideShare tells you why mobile learning is the perfect 21st century training strategy. Why use mobile learning? Why not I ask you. Mobile learning for corporate training can have some worthy benefits.

Designing Online Training: 9 Challenges and Solutions [SlideShare]

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Look up this SlideShare for some challenges in online training and their solutions. Online training design isn’t easy, there are bound to be challenges. eLearning Design Corporate Training

7 Myths about Corporate Training You NEED to Dispel [SlideShare]

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Explore this SlideShare to dispel 7 popular myths about corporate training. Is your understanding of corporate training based on facts or fiction? What would be the fate of your corporate training if your knowledge is indeed based on myths?

The Learning Management System for Successful Customer Training [SlideShare]

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Struggling to make a mark for your products and services from your existing customer training program? Have you tried leveraging an LMS for customer training? Find out 5 reasons why you should! eLearning Development Learning Management Systems

Migrating from ILT to eLearning? 6 Instructional Design Strategies to WOW Your Learners! [SlideShare]

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Check this SlideShare for interesting instructional design strategies to use in ILT to eLearning conversion. Migrating from classroom training to eLearning can be challenging, but the right instructional strategy can help you transform the classroom session to engaging online training.

What Does iSpring Space Offer for Rapid eLearning Authoring? [Slideshare]

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Online authoring tools are making their mark in the world of rapid eLearning authoring. And the new iSpring Space from iSpring Suite Max is perfectly suited to solve all your eLearning authoring woes. Let’s see how iSpring Space does that. eLearning Development eLearning Authoring Tools

10 Best Practices to Make Corporate Online Training A Success! [SlideShare]

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Here is a SlideShare exploring best practices to make online training successful. Designing a successful online training requires a lot of careful planning. Want to get some tips that will nudge you in the right direction?

5 Elements that You Can Outsource for eLearning Design & Development [SlideShare]

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Here is a SlideShare to help you out. Are you looking to shift your organizational training from classroom to eLearning? Do you have in-house expertise and resources needed for this change? If not, you can outsource! eLearning Design eLearning Outsourcing

4 Tips to Reduce Costs with eLearning Outsourcing [SlideShare]

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E-learning outsourcing is a great way to develop quality courses with the help of expert instructional designers and developers. But what about the cost? Here are a few tips to reduce the cost of eLearning outsourcing. eLearning Design eLearning Outsourcing

3 Popular Collaborative Authoring Tools – Free Slideshare

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This slideshare gives you essential information on 3 popular collaborative authoring tools. Learning Technology Authoring Tools

Looking for Guidelines to Design Microlearning? 6 Wise Tips for Microlearning Design [SlideShare]

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Get it right the first time and every time with microlearning design tips from this SlideShare. Are you looking for practical tips to design effective microlearning? eLearning Design Microlearning

Reduce Learners’ Isolation through Translation – Check How [SlideShare]

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Wondering how to make your remote learners comfortable during online training? E-learning translation is the answer. But eLearning translation is not enough in itself. Check what part you can play in the game. eLearning Translations

The Evolution of Workplace Learning in a SlideShare Timeline

Jane Hart

Wherever possible I upload them to SlideShare, so that others can benefit from them too – although as I try to avoid lots of text on the slides themselves, this means it is sometimes difficult to understand them without the context. Jane talking about informal learning at the e-Learning Innovations Symposium held at George Mason University, Washington in June 2012.

Flash-less Corporate Training World: 4 Undeniable Benefits [SlideShare]

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It’s now an open secret – Adobe will stop supporting the Flash player by the end of 2020 and no matter how much we shy away from Flash eLearning to HTML5 conversion, it’s high time we take the plunge! But, what will corporate training look like post Flash? Find out here!

4 Ways to Motivate Learners in a Virtual Classroom [SlideShare]

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Wondering how to motivate learners during virtual classroom sessions? Here are 4 simple and effective ways that can help you motivate learners in VILT! eLearning Design Virtual Training

Captivate, Prezi, and SlideShare…Oh My!

TLC Media Design

Ah…the woes of an instructional designer can be many in this day and age. Not only do we need to keep up with the latest changes in our field (different ISD models, new trends in learning, etc.), a lot of us are also struggling to learn how to develop the eLearning courses, videos, presentations, and. eLearning Software Reviews Uncategorized

Buying an LMS? Here are 6 Things You Should Keep in Mind [Slideshare]

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Planning to buy an LMS for your training, but wondering how to go about selecting the right LMS for your organization? Here are six factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a new LMS. eLearning Development Learning Management Systems

Flash to HTML5 Conversion: 5 Benefits to Millennials [Slideshare]

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Converting your Flash eLearning to HTML5 can be beneficial for millennials in many ways. Not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of Flash to HTML5 conversion to be considered! eLearning Development Instructor-led Training to eLearning

Outsourcing your Flash to HTML5 Conversions? 5 Questions to Ask First! [SlideShare]

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If you have to convert a library full of Flash-based eLearning courses to HTML5 and have no in-house expertise to do it, it’s time to outsource! Here are 5 questions that’ll help with your outsourcing Flash to HTML5 conversion. eLearning Development Flash to HTML5

7 Quick Steps to Select the Right LMS – Free Slideshare

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Here is a slideshare that shares the steps to select the right LMS. Learning Technology LMS

6 Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Corporate Training [SlideShare]

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Corporate training is undoubtedly helpful, but on the organizational scale, how do you increase its efficacy? There are several best practices that can increase the value of your corporate training. Read on to know more. eLearning Design Corporate Training

Starting Out with eLearning for Corporate Training? Watch Out for These 5 Newbie Mistakes! [slideshare]

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eLearning in corporate training can fail to deliver the expected results if not done right. If you are new to implementing eLearning for corporate training, avoid these five ‘rookie’ mistakes. eLearning Design Corporate Training

Web feats 2: Slideshare

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tools: Slideshare. I first discovered Slideshare about 2 years ago when I was looking for somewhere to store all my content. I quickly discovered that once my slide shows were posted on Slideshare , people came in to view them, and sometimes even commented on them. The great thing about Slideshare is that if people are interested in your slideshow, they can show it in a number of useful ways. Tags: Wordpress slideshare social network Blogger Twitter FaceBook

[SlideShare] LearnUpon vs. Moodle: The Right LMS for Your Business


If you’re between two minds, our latest Slideshare “LearnUpon vs. Moodle” will help you discover if an open source LMS like Moodle or a cloud-based learning management system like LearnUpon is right for you. Slideshare LearnUpon VS. Moodle from LearnUpon. The post [SlideShare] LearnUpon vs. Moodle: The Right LMS for Your Business appeared first on LearnUpon. Picking the right LMS can be… well… a little tricky! Many businesses grab on to Moodle.

SlideShare: Why Gender Diversity Matters at Work


The higher you look in companies, the fewer women you see. Despite making up 47 percent of the workforce, women make up just 29 percent of positions by the time they reach the VP level, and a mere 19 percent by the time they enter the C-Suite. This representation can discourage women from seeking advancement or push them out of an organization altogether. Learn how greater gender diversity can improve your organization, and why mentoring is an ideal solution to enable women in the workplace.



The post COMPILATION OF 45 GAME-BASED LEARNING JOURNALS: PART 1 appeared first on Learnnovators.

16 eLearning Quotes to Inspire You [SlideShare]

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