Top 5 Benefits of Mobile eLearning

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The past decade has seen an explosion in mobile technology. We’re rapidly seeing the technological landscape grow and evolve, and the trend is moving further and further into the realm of mobility. Mobile eLearning templates represent the pinnacle of user control.

Harnessing the Power of Mobile eLearning: A White Paper from the eLearning Guild

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The good people at the eLearning Guild have been hard at work on a 27-page report regarding the state of mobile eLearning and where it’s headed. Accelerating growth of technology. The radio was invented in 1895, but took 35 years before reaching widespread adoption.

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Making Mobile Learning Work – LearnX 2013 Panel Discussion Summary


I will be stating the obvious when I say that there is huge amount of interest in mobile learning across the globe. Technological shifts like movement away from Flash to HTML, and rapid adoption of tablet devices are shaking up how learning content is designed, and how learners access them.

Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


With emerging technologies, mobile learning development is also becoming streamlined and budget-friendly. Are my learners ready to adopt mLearning? So the mobile platform itself poses no barriers for adoption of mLearning. How long does it take to go mobile?

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Mobile eLearning Virtual Worlds, Environments, and Serious Games

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One comment that was tweeted mentioned a need for VWs to begin making their way onto mobile devises. What DOES matter is seeing that it is possible to have a virtual environment on a mobile device.

More flexible eLearning expanding technology's reach


More flexible eLearning expanding technology's reach. One of the most exciting areas of eLearning development is the creation of mobile capabilities and other types of increased flexibility. There are savings and ROI benefits to be had from mobile strategies.".

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

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However, there still are a few aspects that need to be focused on to make it a universally adoptable and financially viable across geographies. While we speak of how there has been a paradigm shift in learning, let’s look at the changes 2017 has brought in the world of corporate eLearning.

What is Elearning?


Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning. Elearning is described as the delivery of training or education through digital or electronic methods. The History of Elearning. The Benefits of Elearning. Elearning can benefit both businesses and individuals.

4 Top eLearning Training and Development Trends for 2016

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Technology-based eLearning programs are incredibly efficient. The benefits of eLearning are obvious. That’s why 77% of American companies rely on online eLearning programs. Going mobile makes eLearning convenient and effective for users.

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How to MOOC: Bite-Sized Content

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Bite-sized learning (or as elearning expert Susan Smith Nash calls it, “snack” learning) involves dividing course material into very small chunks, interspersed with activities such as short quizzes, mini-research projects, or questions for reflection and discussion. One of the major advantages of MOOCs is that they allow learners to be mobile. On her Elearning Queen blog , Susan Smith Nash offers some excellent suggestions for engaging workplace learners in bite-sized learning.

Why mobile learning will determine the future elearning


With wireless networks and large data plans enabling mobility, this allows both trainers and learners to go beyond the traditional classroom and expand the wingspan of their knowledge. We’ve rounded up the top reasons why mobile learning will determine the future of elearning. . The increasing affordability and accessibility of smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, more learners will be able to have access to learning while working remotely or out in the field.

Real Mobile Learning: Are Smartphone Printers Worth the Investment?


When learners are already acquainted with the technology they’ll use to access information, it reduces prep time so everyone can jump straight into learning. But while most of your learners will have access to their own smartphones and tablets, mobile printers might be a different story.

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Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

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Early this month we ran two webinars on “Designing eLearning for Pads (tablet)” A big thank you to all of you who were able to join us! Finally, here’s everything you wanted to know about eLearning on iPads… and asked! Can mobile learning be applied for agents.

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Mobile Learning is On the Rise – Is Your Organization Ready?


Mobile learning – and the rise of mobile dominance, in general – is a topic that most learning and development (L&D) professionals have heard of. In fact, mobile learning is now so critical to online corporate training success that it has become an eLearning best practice. However, the majority of organizations do not support mobile learning. Mobile Adoption: No Signs of Slowing Down. Increase learner adoption and engagement. .

Improve the quality of your training programs with an LMS for Banking


The banking industry is constantly adopting changes in its regulations and the standards by which the industry is governed change frequently. LMS for banking is also available for mobile devices. Corporate eLearning Platform bank banking best lms education lms LMS LMS training money


Free learning & development webinars for July 2017

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New research provides powerful insight to finally solve the field adoption problem. Listen fast and you'll learn plenty of useful tips during this brief preview, focusing on the Designing High-Impact eLearning track. Join in to explore many fun, learner-centred eLearning projects!