The Mobile Learning Approach: What is it and What are the Benefits?


In recent years, the world has become dependent on mobiles. The rise of smartphones and handheld devices has ushered in a lot of useful and revolutionary applications and features, and one trend that has sprung from the rise of handheld tech has been mobile learning.

Effective Microlearning in Action


In fact, it’s been around for over 10 years—developed right alongside concepts like mobile learning, gamification and elearning. Microlearning isn’t new. But recently, microlearning seems to be making waves as the dominant topic of conversation.


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Your mobile learning questions, answered


The use of mobile devices on the frontlines has been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to a recent announcement by Walmart. Mobile Learning

What is mobile learning? (M-learning)


Now, we’re sold things by social media influencers instead of billboard ads, learn by listening to podcasts instead of sitting in classrooms, and read the news on our phones during our morning commute rather than flipping through a physical newspaper. The definition of mobile learning.

Mobile 219

New to Mobile Learning Development: 3 Big Problems and 7 Solutions

7 Essentials Of A Successful Mobile Learning Strategy

eLearning Industry

Broadly defined, mobile learning can happen anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. To deploy mobile learning successfully, you’ll need to make that broad definition very specific to your organization and users. Here are 7 essentials to create a successful mobile learning strategy. Mobile Learning eLearning Content Development eLearning Design Tips Mobile Learning Benefits Mobile Learning Design

4 Mobile Learning Challenges For L&D Managers To Consider

eLearning Industry

Mobile learning is an exciting addition to the L&D toolbox. Keep these potential issues in mind before launching your mobile learning initiative. Mobile Learning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Challenges Mobile Learning BenefitsBut there are challenges associated with its use. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

What Is Mobile Learning (mLearning)?

eLearning Industry

Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Benefits Mobile Learning DesignThe post-2019 era is evolving as an era of rapid changes to business landscapes. mLearning is imperative for rapid upskilling/reskilling at speed.

It’s Time – Incorporate Mobile Learning into Corporate Training Today!

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With mobile phones being the modern genie, it is high time to leverage them for the training and learning processes. Follow this blog to know the benefits of mobile learning and why it should be incorporated into corporate training. eLearning Design Mobile Learning

8 Responsive Design Techniques To Optimize Mobile Learning

eLearning Industry

eLearning Design and Development eLearning Design Tips eLearning Development Best Practices Mobile Learning Design Responsive eLearning DesignDesigning for any and every possible device can be somewhat intimidating. Here are 8 tips to help you navigate the process for developing a responsive web application, tool, or course. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

LMS Comparison: What Learning Solution is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Explore this detailed guide to see how traditional Learning Management Systems compare to an advanced online learning platform, and find out which type of solution is best suited to meet your learning program needs.

How Mobile Learning Can Support Different Types of Corporate Training

CommLab India

Mobile learning has boomed recently due to the numerous advancements in the mobile technology and has a bright future ahead. eLearning Design Mobile Learning

The Limitations Of Mobile Learning

eLearning Industry

This article is part of a series on Mobile Learning. The focus of this article is on the limitations of mobile learning. Mobile Learning eLearning eBooks Mobile Application Mobile Learning Benefits Mobile Learning Design

Mobile Learning: Taking Learning Where They Are

JCA Solutions

Mobile Learning is Not Just the Latest Fad. In Training, Learning, and Development there are trends that come and trends that go. There is growing evidence that mobile learning is not any of those things. Mobile Learning is Not Just Another Name for eLearning. One of the best quick and easy descriptions I have heard is that mobile learning is “ learning on the go “ That’s pretty accurate as far as it goes.

Designing Mobile Learning Content: Getting Started

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After getting enough inspiration from the current trends and stats about mobile learning , the obvious next question that must be bothering you is – where and how to start? Just like with any new project, a mobile learning implementation program needs a thorough assessment of the current training situation and the tools being used to deliver training. This stage involves writing one-line objectives that will form separate m-learning modules.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organizations: • Value personal development among their teams • Create curated learning experiences • Use learning technologies to achieve their goals As leading analysts Fosway Group point out, learning technology deserves a much more strategic. across the learning experience1.

Leveraging Mobile Learning To Increase Engagement

eLearning Industry

Mobile platforms are where users spend their digital time. When you want to leverage engagement via mobile learning, it’s important to ask yourself: What problem can I solve for my employees using this platform? If you want user engagement, you have to meet them where they are.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Mobile Learning Functionality


Mobile learning isn’t just a way to make courses more accessible—it’s a way to deliver better learning content. After all, most of them are also creating content on their desktop, and it’s a space learners traditionally turn to when they search for new learning content.

How Mobile Learning Solutions are Revolutionizing Professional Training in Healthcare


The healthcare industry is notorious for being one of the most demanding industries in the world.

Advantages of Mobile Learning For On-boarding and Induction Training

Swift eLearning Services

The on-boarding training served with Mobile learning which is tailored to their needs as it should be engaging and motivating as well.

Mobile Learning : Ringtone Getting Louder

Origin Learning

Mobile devices are riding a new wave. With consumer adoption growing exponentially, learning managers are looking at newer ways to capture the favoritism that mobile devices enjoy to convert them into a medium of just-in-time learning.

What are mobile learning solutions? 

Creativ Technologies

Mobile learning solutions have become resourceful for businesses today because many employees have deskless jobs these days. But the companies have to check whether such learning solutions are up to the mark. Uses of mobile learning solutions.

5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Designing Your Mobile Learning Course

eLearning Industry

The emergence of mobile technology has brought about so many benefits to different industries, including L&D. No wonder instructors are making use of mobile learning to create interactive and engaging courses for their learners. Mobile Learning Accessible eLearning Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Design Mobile Learning Design

How Mobile Learning is Changing the Educational Landscape

Hurix Digital

Technology today is turning the old learning techniques on their head, unearthing several new dimensions of learning for students. Smart devices and mobile phones have completely taken over our lives, right from entertainment and communication, to the way we learn.

4 Insights about Mobile Learning

Origin Learning

Smartphones, phablets and tablets – essentially all mobile devices have given birth to a new generation of people: the mobile natives. Their previous counterparts – the digital natives too are rapidly making the shift to mobile devices for almost everything on the go. The thought behind this is – “Why go through the trouble of starting a bigger device when a mobile device can provide contextual support at the touch of a screen?”. Prepare for decentralized learning.

How Millennials Connect to Mobile Learning


Mobile learning provides a prime opportunity to connect with Millennial audiences. It’s been several years now since mobile online activity surpassed that of desktop usage. This means you should go through your courses carefully to be sure they function well on mobile.

The Basics And Benefits Of Mobile Learning

eLearning Industry

This article is part of a series on Mobile Learning. The focus of this article is on the basics of mobile learning and the benefits it can bring to your organization. Mobile Learning eLearning eBooks Mobile Application Mobile Learning Benefits Mobile Learning Design

5 Reasons Mobile Learning Rocks


Mobile learning use is quickly on the rise and with good reason: we use mobile devices more than traditional laptops. This essentially means that the elearning market needs to adapt and begin catering to the mobile learning experience. Some may even contend that elearning should be developed with a “mobile learning first” approach. But why is mobile learning quickly becoming the biggest thing in digital learning experiences?

The Differences Between Mobile Learning And eLearning

eLearning Industry

The main difference between mobile learning and eLearning is that eLearning has more advanced features and helps learners to learn more efficiently. Mobile Learning eLearning Benefits eLearning Best Practices Learning Experience Mobile Learning Benefits

3 Training Scenarios Where Mobile Learning Fits Best – With Examples

eLearning Industry

Mobile learning allows learners to access training on their preferred mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile learning can be implemented as an effective training solution in various training scenarios.

Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning

Upside Learning

On Feb 15, 2010, at Mobile World Congress 2010, Adobe announced Adobe AIR for mobile devices, a consistent runtime for standalone applications which is an outcome of Adobe initiated Open-Screen project. Mobile device platforms are diversified – from screen sizes to the operating-systems driving the devices. M obile developers won’t need to learn specialized code each time to port their solutions on different devices. -

Top List Spotlight: Top Content Providers For Mobile Learning

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Looking to enrich your training program with mobile learning? Then read our list of the best eLearning content providers for mobile learning. Mobile LearningThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Evolution of Mobile Learning


Even if your organization doesn’t provide mobile devices to your learners, most of your learners likely have at least one personal device, and that device is probably a phone. We use them for everything: work, play, communication, and of course, mobile learning.

How to Deliver Mobile Learning For Remote Employees During COVID-19


Also, some employees may see that logging onto the company learning management system (LMS) is easier to do from work where desktop computers abound. At home, they will likely have personal devices, such as a PC and smartphone, to learn on. Mobile Learning Remote Learning COVID-19

5 Benefits Offered by Mobile Learning to Level up Your Training

CommLab India

Reaching out to our mobile phones to search for information has been embedded in our muscle memory. Hence it is only imperative for organizations to make it a part of learning too. In this blog, I will state 5 reasons to say yes to mobile learning.

Apple iBooks Author for Interactive Textbooks and Mobile Learning [VIDEO]

mLearning Revolution

The whole process feels a lot like developing eLearning courses, but with a mobile learning twist to it. Mobile Learning , mLearning , Apple , iBooks. eLearning Mobile Learning Today Apple unveiled iBooks 2 for the iPad and iBooks Author for the Mac. The idea is to revolutionize Textbook as we know them (static) and make them interactive through video, audio, quizzes and other types of interactivity.

Apple 135

10 Mobile Learning Myths Debunked


10 Mobile Learning Myths Debunked. There are many examples of the benefits of mobile learning, but there can still be an element of misunderstanding about what mobile learning is, what it can and can’t do, and when it should be used.

Mobile Learning – A Quick Overview!

CommLab India

This is where mobile learning comes in. Mobile phones and tablets function just as well as desktops and they help us save time and overcome facility constraints. Utilizing mobile phones to learn is the most logical solution for today’s generation.

Are Mobile Learning Apps Changing Modern Education?

eLearning Industry

This article discusses the huge impact of mobile learning apps on modern education. Learning Apps Mobile Application Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Benefits Mobile Learning Trends

Corporate training with Mobile Learning, everything you need to know


Mobile Learning is born from […]. Creación de cursos online corporate training e-learning Mobile learning trainingSmartphones have become the leading device for communication, entertainment, and above all, for obtaining information.

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