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Buy, Build, or Blend? Use Cases for Off-the-Shelf and Custom eLearning


In our article Comparing Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom eLearning Solutions: Which Is Best? , we took an honest look at the benefits and potential pitfalls of buying a ready-made eLearning solution versus building something from scratch with a custom eLearning solution provider. What is custom learning?

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How to create an elearning course that drives impact


Check out our guide and discover how to create an elearning course with impact. Why create an elearning course? And it’s no surprise, when you look at the benefits it can create. Elearning is also easier to deliver and maintain as busy L&D teams can automate training management tasks.

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7 Tips to Keep Your eLearning Project on Track


2) Create a project plan that lays all this out. Create accountability! 4) When feedback on design documents, storyboards, graphical user interfaces, graphical elements, built courses, etc. Make sure to have all stakeholders review and approve. 3) Make sure to agree on stylesheets and brand guidelines for the project.

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