consolidation continues - BlackBoard + WebCT & more.

The Learning Circuits

Wow, consolidation is running rampart in the eLearning space as everyone continues to merge or acquire. Today BlackBoard announced plans to merge with WebCT; the two leading providers in the higher education eLearning space (BlackBoard alone forecasts US$150M+ for their fiscal year). It also doesn't bode well for WebCT's willingness to play with open source (sorry Harold!)

Webct 40

Survey: Blackboard (Still) Rules Higher Ed


It is now becoming common practice for higher education institutions to utilize elearning in some capacity. But then there is WebCT rounding out third… funny thing is, since this survey was originally conducted (2012), WebCT has been bought out by Blackboard.

Online Learning in Education

eLearning 24-7

It still has a way to go, but it is happening – and happening faster than its corporate counterpart. Popular ones included Lotus Notes, Blackboard and WebCT. 75% of prospective online students expect the cost for an online program to be lower than the cost of a classroom based program of similar length and content (Aslanian eLearners Poll, 2011). In the corporate setting it is all about buy-in and for most companies, buy-in has to come from the top.