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[UPDATED] Migrating to Moodle™ the Easy Way

Lambda Solutions

How do colleges, universities and companies migrate from learning management systems like Blackboard Vista or WebCT to Moodle ? For many organizations looking to do away with licensing costs and other issues associated with commercial LMS products, this can be a technically challenging and potentially expensive process.

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TCC08: Transitioning from WebCT to Sakai

Experiencing eLearning

I Need Somebody: Faculty Perspectives on Transitioning from WebCT to a Sakai-based Learning Management System,&# by Ariana Eichelberger, Educational Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Comfortable with WebCT and hesitant to switch. They are currently in transition, but WebCT will be going away soon. Faculty responses.

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How to Convert Your Test Bank to Different LMS Formats

Hurix Digital

Here is an example of how you can export a test bank for WebCT-. Click on File from the menu bar, go over Export and select WebCT CE 6/ Vista 4. WebCT typically uses the category name to perform operations In various groups of questions (e.g., Blackboard. Moodle XML. D2L Brightspace. Click OK to export your test bank.

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Survey: Blackboard (Still) Rules Higher Ed


But then there is WebCT rounding out third… funny thing is, since this survey was originally conducted (2012), WebCT has been bought out by Blackboard. I suspect that it will continue to evolve (it needs to) now that there are new APIs available and higher expectations from a user interface standpoint.

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Learning Management Systems: The wrong place to start learning


LMS' like WebCT, Blackboard, and Desire2Learn offer their greatest value to the organization by providing a means to sequence content and create a manageable structure for instructors/administration staff. WebCT and Blackboard have recently formed partnerships with synchronous tools to allow for easy integration across platforms.

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My History of Live Blogged Notes

Experiencing eLearning

Transitioning from WebCT to Sakai. Sakai 3 Development Process. Wikis for Improving Productivity. Building Better Moodle Rooms. Choosing and Implementing the Right LMS. Podcasting with Section 508. Instructional Uses of Google Apps. Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why? Social Bookmarking to Support Professional Practice. Learning Communities.

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consolidation continues - BlackBoard + WebCT & more.

The Learning Circuits

Today BlackBoard announced plans to merge with WebCT; the two leading providers in the higher education eLearning space (BlackBoard alone forecasts US$150M+ for their fiscal year). It also doesn't bode well for WebCT's willingness to play with open source (sorry Harold!)

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