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In our online classrooms we have them click something, drag something, or move something every few moments.   In computer training—training that teaches people how to use software, websites, apps, or online forms—we have known since the 1980s that hands-on training is essential.

ONLINE TRAINER CERTIFICATION: Become a Certified Online Training Professional

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Online training can be great training, but it all starts with an awesome trainer!    More and more companies are embracing live, online classes. If your company wants you to teach online, great. But teaching online isn't as easy as it sounds. Become a COTP!

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LIVE, ONLINE TRAINING TIP: Highlight Your Mouse Pointer

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  During a recent Certified Online Traning Professional certification course , I was showing my screen and telling class attendees about a cool technique I use when I want to ensure learners can see my mouse pointer. by Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTP.

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I started teaching online a dozen years ago and I owe it all to a case of the flu. Back in my day, the technology available to teach online was limited to short, boring webinars. However, the stress of the moment got me thinking about the main pros and cons of teaching online.

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

skills and provide opportunities to practice; we build exceptional self-paced online. The Secret to Getting eLearning Results Isn't What You Think 1 Navigating a. rapidly changing.

LIVE, ONLINE TRAINING: Brainstorming Techniques

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    Now transfer this concept to online teaching. Many online platforms have a built-in “whiteboard”—a shared screen that you can draw on or type on. You can improve your online teaching, and get a formal certification credential, at  ICCOTP.

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Successful Online Employee Onboarding Strategies


In this article, we share with you some innovative ways to use your company’s online portal to change the way employees are brought into a company. Create an in-house Online Support for New Employees. Create an Online Position Profile. Have all formalities completed online.

10 Helpful Resources for Online Course Designers


If you’ve never created an online course before, you may not be familiar with the term “instructional designer,” but that’s exactly what you’re about to become! Online Resources.

Teach Online to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint


Education & Technology eLearning Trends Online Education Teaching Online advantages of online learning E-learning e-learning benefits e-learning benefits to environment Online Learning online learning platforms teaching online

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The Business Case for Online Training

Association eLearning

If that doesn’t help make the business case for online training, then let’s delve deeper into the reasons why your organization needs to implement eLearning. Retention rates are higher online at around 25-60% compared to classroom training at 8-10% (The Research Institute of America).

The Fact and Fiction of Online Training

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You’ve probably heard some of the things people say about online courses: “The courses are a lot easier than ‘regular’ courses, so you don’t learn as much.”. Employers don’t count online courses as actual training.”. Fiction: “Online courses are easier than face-to-face courses.”.

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8 Tips To Increase Attendance Rates In Online Training

Lambda Solutions

You’re ready to roll out your new online training course, but can you say the same for your staff? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to get your employees ready and increase attendance rates in online training. Moodle online learning learner engagement eLearning trends

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Online Training: Best Practices for Attending a Live, Online Course

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Online classes are here to stay. Is there anything worse than logging into your online training two minutes before it starts only to find out that your corporate firewall won't let you in at all? Request to do a test of the online meeting space software with the course registrar at least a week prior to the class and then, if necessary, have your IT department look into getting you access. Online courses will also often come with digital materials. by AJ Walther.

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How to debut as an online teacher


Education & Technology Teaching Online Various Virtual Classroom instruct online Online instructor Online Teacher teach online teaching online job tutoring online virtual class for teacher

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Simplifying Online Course Promotion


Creating and selling online courses is an exciting entrepreneurial prospect. If you are just starting out in your online business journey then try not to over-complicate the process. sell elearning sell online courses

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The Fact and Fiction of Online Training

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You’ve probably heard some of the things people say about online courses: “The courses are a lot easier than ‘regular’ courses, so you don’t learn as much.”. Employers don’t count online courses as actual training.”. Fiction: “Online courses are easier than face-to-face courses.”.

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Break Free and Defeat Unemployment by Utilizing Online Training Courses

InSync Training

Fortunately, due to technological advances in education, online training has become a viable option for those who remain unemployed following the Great Recession. Online Training Online Education

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Getting Started with Online Member Education

Association eLearning

Maybe it’s time to get started with online member education. Are we large enough to support online learning? These will be some of the questions you’ll need to answer to convince your board that online learning is a smart choice for your association.

Online Learning Conference: eLearning Development

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We're deep into day 2 here in Chicago. This crew has been hard at work writing scripts and producing eLearning using every tool under the sun including Adobe Captivate, Adobe and Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyline, and Techsmith Camtasia Studio. Adobe Captivate

Online Training: Learn to teach live, online classes on just about any subject!

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Online Learning Methods You Can Use in your Virtual Classroom


Online learning is the reimagining of the educational process that maximizes available virtual classroom software. Learning is skills or knowledge acquired through study, experience or being taught.

Teaching programming languages online – challenges and how to address them


In today’s digital world, there is hardly a process that would not be accessible or executable online. From the automated production of advanced machinery to guiding doctors online for surgeries, This is a short summary of this post.

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9 Useful Strategies to Become an Online Teacher


Online learning has taken education beyond the confines of a classroom, crossing geographical barriers and transformed the modern education system.

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24 New Lectora Online Support Videos You Should Watch

eLearning Brothers

We just added 24 new videos with short, step-by-step instructions for editing and adding to your courses in Lectora Online. These videos use our Customizable Courseware lessons as examples, but they’re also a great way to get familiar with using Lectora Online for any eLearning project.

Online Course Idea: Language Hacking


One of the first (and still most popular) online course subjects is language learning. sell elearning sell online coursesYou can find a digital course for a large variety of languages. English as a second langauge being one of the more popular.

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Guide to Good Online Learning


Good online learning is deceptively simple but very engaging with a depth of knowledge that is delivered almost without the learner realising they are absorbing it. Boring content makes boring online learning Look critically at what you want to deliver before you start creating online content.

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Saving Lives with Online Learning


In 2015, UMBC Training Centers collaborated with CourseArc to help one of their partners, the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) , transition face-to-face workshops to the online environment.

ONLINE TRAINING & ELEARNING: Are You Helping to Save the World?

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If you're using eLearning or attending your classes online, you just might be helping to save the world.  Let's compare a 17-person onsite class with a 17-person online class. Consider teaching your classes online! by AJ Walther, COTP.

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Sell Your Courses Online with a Seamless LMS eCommerce Integration


One of the many concerns we get from the people these days is that they are interested to sell their courses online, but they don’t know the medium how to do that. So, here we have a good news for all of them that they can sell their courses online easily to LMS E-commerce Integration.

Online Versus Traditional Education


It isn’t uncommon to see school learning management systems, flipped classrooms , online testing, mandatory online forum participation, badges & gamification, online assignments, and other digital components. elearning online learning

How to Measure Online Course Effectiveness


Instructional Design Online Learning assessment eLearning evaluation feedback instructional design Kirkpatrick's Levels of Evaluation learning objectives mandatory compliance training Organizational Development Pedagogy project management quality control roi training user experience

Advantages of Online Customer Onboarding


Online customer onboarding is a need of the hour. Onboarding Online Training Training and Development Training and Education Technology Various customer onboarding onboarding onboarding advantages onboarding benefits onboarding process onboarding software

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Three Myths of Online Learning


We can find it in different formats and it is used for different purposes – online learning is no longer an exotic option of getting new knowledge or skills and is not opposing mainstream teaching at schools and universities. Online learning is easier or less demanding than onsite learning;

How to Market Your Online Course on a Budget


How to build a market for your online course from an audience of 0. The biggest challenge in launching your first online course lies in finding your audience. But many online educators start from nothing, and while that may make their job difficult, it doesn’t make it impossible. However, before you get too far ahead of yourself with marketing your online course, you should have a couple things in place, primarily: 1) A website. sell elearning sell online courses

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How Can Online Education Accommodate Older Audiences?


Older generations are increasingly interested in online courses. There’s an obvious distinction in online education between adult learners and K-12 learners. That said, the older your audience is, the less likely they are to be completely comfortable in an online environment.

Facilitating Online Courses

B Online Learning

I’ve found that facilitating in the online environment is quite different from classroom facilitation and as such has a number of unique characteristics and limitations.

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