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Blackboard buys Moodle partners: open source?

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I was surfing the web to prepare for that post, when I saw a BlackBoard press release and immediately switch subject: Blackboard acquires Moodlerooms, Netspot. Blackboard is one of the largest LMS vendors in the world and is considered state enemy #1 in the Moodle community.

Survey: Blackboard (Still) Rules Higher Ed


Blackboard still rules the day. Blackboard… Still? Despite all the new entrants into the learning management space, Blackboard still has a stranglehold on the LMS industry. Blackboard’s strategy is to buy out their competition. Industry Needs Blackboard.

Book review: Blackboard essentials for teachers

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PACKT Publishing asked me to write a review about the book ‘Blackboard essentials for teachers’ by William Rice. It is an instructional book on how to build courses in Blackboard. BlackBoard Blackboard essentials for teachers book review e-Learning Packt William Rice

Tip of the Week: Integrate Raptivity with Blackboard LMS


easy integration of Raptivity interactions Tip of the week

Blackboard Inc. To Be Acquired: Will Become Privately Held Company by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

(Press Release) Education software company Blackboard Inc. announced today that it will be acquired by an investor group led by affiliates of Providence Equity Partners. Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies Tools

Blackboard Releases Update for Popular Mobile Learning App by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Blackboard Inc. announces a major update to Blackboard Mobile Learn, its popular mobile learning app.

Blackboard CEO To Step Down

CLO Magazine

Chasen has announced that he will step down as president, CEO and director of Blackboard Inc. Chasen co-founded Blackboard in 1997 and oversaw the company's growth from just a handful of employees and a few clients to a workforce of more than 3,000. Source: Blackboard Inc Michael L. Chasen, the firm’s co-founder, announced he will step down as CEO at the end of the year. He will be replaced by Jay Bhatt, president and CEO of Progress Software. Washington — Oct.

Blackboards to Blackberries: Mobile Learning Buzzes Across Schools and Universities by Sesh Kumar

Learning Solutions Magazine

While educators struggle with new terms like “coursecasting” and “tweetup,” the mobile generation has begun to flex opposing digits in ways that will enable another dramatic leap forward for learning.

Learning Management System – Which One Is Right for You?


Business elearning Uncategorized Blackboard Edmodo learning management systems LMS MoodleThe post Learning Management System – Which One Is Right for You? appeared first on CollectMyThoughts.

Blackboard Unveils Update for Flagship LMS

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5 Blackboard Inc. has unveiled a new release for its flagship LMS Blackboard Learn, marking a milestone in the company’s effort to bring innovation to its core teaching and learning products. One of the biggest changes, “My Blackboard,” aims to offer users a simpler way to access information that’s most important to them with a centralized view of updates from all of the courses and organizations they participate in. Source: Blackboard Inc

Blackboard Releases Update for Popular Mobile Learning App by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Blackboard Inc. announces a major update to Blackboard Mobile Learn, its popular mobile learning app.

An Open LMS: CourseKit

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According to an article in Forbes called Will Coursekit Launch Up-End Blackboard? Wharton dropout Joseph Cohen just launched Coursekit — the ultimate disrupter of academic course software, Blackboard (Providence Equity Partners bought it last month for $1.64

Open 104



The answer was probably the most famous physics formula ever written in white chalk on a blackboard. If you get to Question Number Four you must be scientist. Einstein, who seemingly spoke to The Creator during what has become known as Einstein's miracle year, asked "Why do things have mass?" Learning Education

Making Whiteboard Animation Work for You

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Most educational institutes and corporate organizations rely on white or blackboards for imparting their training in classrooms. But a new wave of digital learning is sweeping the area and making the process more engaging. We’re talking about whiteboard animation.

Blackboard Expands Presence in Latin America

CLO Magazine

28 Blackboard Inc. With local offices in Santiago, Lima and Montevideo, Quanam will work with Blackboard to provide greater access to the company's online learning, mobile learning, Web collaboration, mass notification and learning analytics products throughout the region. Blackboard products are currently being used in hundreds of higher education and government organizations throughout Latin America for online learning, mobile learning and Web collaboration.

Adding E-Learning Presentations to Blackboard

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Tags: Adobe Presenter Upload to LMS elearning content Learning Management System authoring tools How to Blackboard LMS


Moodle 2.9 Pre-Release Announcement

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With more than 70 million users, Moodle is the clear market leader, with almost double the adoption of the two subsequent vendors, SumTotal and Blackboard, combined. Moodle 2.9 is officially on its way. Moodle is the world’s leading Learning Management System. Moodle is already far ahead of its competition, and 2.9 gives it even more edge. The update was heavily influenced by Moodle community feedback, so improvements will be found in major areas of concern. Moodle 2.9

Case Study: University-Wide E-Learning Made Easy with iSpring

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We have used iSpring in a major project to deliver interactive / narrated e-Learning courses, where iSpring was used embedded in Blackboard courses. Shared.

Blackboard + Elluminate + Wimba = Blackboard Collaborate (Breaking News) by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Blackboard Inc. Blackboard Collaborate, a standalone platform. announced late today that it is acquiring Elluminate and Wimba, leading providers of. synchronous and collaboration technology. The teams from the three companies will combine to form.

20 Most Popular Learning Management Systems [INFOGRAPHIC]


I remember the days when the only viable LMS was Blackboard – and the cost for implementation was somewhere to the tune of $25,000. In recent years, one thing has become abundantly clear: the learning management system market is growing by leaps and bounds.

Education Industry Experts build interactivity into eLearning - Their Experience


Sherry Vafa uses Raptivity because it can be easily integrated with course management system – Blackboard. “My learners prefer using PDF - adding Raptivity interactions to PDF makes it an interactive PDF!

Motivation is More Important Than Information

Association eLearning

I inherited a “blackboard” poster from a friend. I’ve considered writing something new on that “blackboard” several times. I can write on it with chalk, erase it, and use it again. But I don’t. It still says the same thing it did the day I received it: “Knowing What To Do. ≠. Doing It.

The Top 5 Free Learning Management Platforms

CommLab India

CourseSites by Blackboard. Blackboard is one of the most popular names in the learning management software market, and this is a free version of their commercial product, Blackboard Learn. Option to integrate with other Blackboard offerings.

ID and e-Learning Links (4/20/14)

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tags: lms e-learning moodle blackboard skillsoft infographic research. BranchTrack. Free tool for creating branching scenarios. Cathy Moore wrote and built a sample course in 8 hours with this tool even though it has more than 50 decision points/endings. tags: e-learning scenarios instructionaldesign. The Top 20 Most Popular LMS Software Solutions powered by Capterra. Capterra’s analysis of top LMSs by customers, users, and social media popularity.

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10 LMS Facts You Should Know


Edmodo and Blackboard each have around 20 million users each. Nearly every elearning program that exists today in almost every industry is powered by a learning management system (LMS). The LMS is what is responsible for successful delivery and recording of the course content.

Blackboard's Patent Win Shocks D2L!

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But from Blackboard's perspective, the verdict vindicates its argument that the methodology of its software--allowing individual users to access multiple courses through a single log-in procedure--constitutes a unique invention whose patent its smaller competitor improperly violated. This comes from eSchool News The implication from D2L is that the fight is not over by a long shot.

consolidation continues - BlackBoard + WebCT & more.

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Today BlackBoard announced plans to merge with WebCT; the two leading providers in the higher education eLearning space (BlackBoard alone forecasts US$150M+ for their fiscal year). BlackBoard $150M+ Saba $100M+ SumTotal $100M * strangely none of the investors like any of these deals as the stocks of the related companies have all dropped when they have announced their news. Wow, consolidation is running rampart in the eLearning space as everyone continues to merge or acquire.

300 Years of Distance Learning Evolution [INFOGRAPHIC]


Starting with radio and television, and naturally with the computer, when BlackBoard entered the market (1999) to help lead the charge into the new millennium. If you thought that distance learning was a product of today, then you would be mistaken.

Leadership, Blackboard, Networks, Instructional Technology, & Flock

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Lanny Arvan expresses his anger at the Blackboard patent case, not from the perspective of technology or prior art or any of that stuff, but collegiality. The Pepsi challenge - Fortune.

Water quality - Critical thinking in science - LEARN NC

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Announcements ALL USERS Blackboard Mobile Learn - is a free app for Tarleton State University using an iOS or Android device! Faculty View Tutorials for Blackboard

Elgg and the Blackboard LMS Patent

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Harold Jarche provides a concise yet powerful defense of the Elgg learning environment against the 44 provisions of the Blackboard LMS Patent in his post Elgg and the LMS Patent. technorati tags: blackboard_patent , Elgg , moodle , sakai , desire2learn Blogged with FlockHis analysis from a learning professional's viewpoint is critical.

ID and e-Learning Links (2/10/14)

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Workaround for a Blackboard problem I’m experiencing. tags: lms blackboard troubleshooting. Free Book Collections: Kindle Store. Free ebooks for Kindle. tags: free. Find Online Instructional Design Graduate Certificate Programs. Database of online instructional design graduate certificate programs. Compare cost, prerequisites, credits required, and more. tags: instructionaldesign newid certificate.

Learning spaces of the third kind

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Many of these, the blackboard, the projector and the screen, and eventually other new technologies such as television and video, were placed at the front of the room because this was where all the action was. The first kind of space was highly organised.

MOOC: Badges as New Currency for Credentials by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Industry leaders and educational experts with WCET, Mozilla, Blackboard, and Sage Road Solutions. explore the use of badges as powerful new tools to openly represent flexible portable learning and. skill. competency achievements. The free MOOC will run September 9 to October 14, 2013.