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Don’t Get Lost in the Sand Dune… Make Connections!

Innovative Learning Group

In my forthcoming mainstream novel Firefly , I start with one character, who later meets another, and then I follow the other character. This could be as simple as a couple of paragraphs of text, a photo of Jane, and possibly even some audio narration. Have him introduced by a familiar character,(sic) if you possibly can.

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Your Guide to an Affordable eLearning Content Service


Some of the AI Design tools that you can use are Adobe Fireflies , Dall-E , Midjourney , Runway ML , and These tools offer different features and functionalities to suit your design needs, such as generating realistic images from text, creating 3D models from sketches, applying artistic filters to photos, and more.


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Free learning & development webinars for August 2023

Limestone Learning

Explore cutting-edge tools, such as Adobe Firefly, Gling, ChatGPT and new generative AI features in Photoshop to unlock your creative potential and elevate your content. PT: Enhancing Learning Development Through Generative AI: Unveiling the Possibilities Discover the practical applications of generative AI.

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10 categories of generative AI tools


From a creative point of view, these applications offer a wide range of possibilities, from simply improving the quality of a photo without the need for knowledge of retouching software to creating artistic images on any subject and in any style, with sometimes impressive renderings.

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Advice for Executives: Get Some Sleep!

Marcia Conner

Now I chase after sleep like fireflies: enthusiastically but with little sparkle the next day. Photo credit: Patrick Bouquet, Sleeping lion ]. Habits included late night reading, early morning email, and thirty years without a nap. I believed I could achieve higher productivity by simply sleeping less. Go to bed early tonight.

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57 PowerPoint Christmas cards to download and share!


Put in a photo of your family to send to your friends, or vice versa!” Outside uses triggers to create a bit of an interactive environment for you to click through and make things happen, while clicking inside reveals a sequence of photos down a hallway that you can customise and add some holiday messages. Christmas Clock.