What You Need to Know About Visuals, Video, and the 2019 Internet Trends Report

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Now its really become mainstream.” – Snagit Strategy Lead Daniel Foster. “ Meeker’s report shows more images being shared on social media. Whether being via email, instant message, Slack, Flowdock, and all of those real-time interaction platforms.

How Micro-Learning Boosts “At the Moment Performance” - Tip #114

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What is your instant reaction? [ ] Write an explanation and email it back. [ ] Find a link and send it to the person. [ ] Tell the person to use keywords and search online. It was faster for me to use Monosnap, a tool that allows me to instantly capture screens, annotate them and get a URL.

Meet the TechSmith Channel Team

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When you think of the ways people buy Snagit or Camtasia you probably think of our online store…but in fact nearly half of TechSmith sales come through a reseller or distributor. I stay connected to the Channel Team by instant message, phone and email.