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Tips for designing serious games in learning

Origin Learning

There is a reason why people give up on learning more quickly than they would on a good game. This is because, simply put, games are fun. This is why games are used as an important study aid in learning. Otherwise known as Gamification , it is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications.

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LMS Buying Tips (Infographic)

Upside Learning

Upside Learning Buying Learning Management System LMS Buying LMS Buying Tips Tips for Buying an LMS Tips for LMS BuyingWith more and more organisations using technology-enabled learning for their L&D initiatives, the Learning Management System is no longer a good-to-have tool, but rather a ‘must-have’ for providing training, information and performance support to learners.

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Instructional Design Survival Tips

Association eLearning

A while back, my colleague Mary and I were asked to give some “real world” instructional design survival tips. Mary’s tips incorporate aspects of project management (which often goes hand-in-hand with instructional design), while mine are focused on the design and production side.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. Think with Google (2016), ‘Latest mobile trends show how people use their devices’ 8 Tips and Tricks to Make.

Tip of the Week: Same Interaction in Different Languages


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Tips! Get your elearning tips!

Learning Visions

I love tips. The eLearning Guild has just published a new ebook available to Guild Members: 68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity. And if 68 tips isn''t enough for you, be sure to check out the Kineo website for another 79+ elearning tips

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4 Graphic Design Tips for eLearning Newbies

eLearning Brothers

I would like to explain four tips that any designer, newbie or pro, can—and should—be using in every design project. These tips cover contrast , repetition , margins , and alignment. Want more graphic design tips? Check out all the articles on our blog: Graphic Design Tips.

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Tip of the Week: Animate Character Dialog


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Tips for eLearning Scriptwriting

B Online Learning

The post Tips for eLearning Scriptwriting appeared first on B Online Learning. One of the many skills that eLearning designers need is the ability to write clear and engaging audio scripts. Good narration should complement […].

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Multiply Your L&D Capacity With Employee-Generated Learning

Speaker: Kasper Spiro, CEO, Easygenerator

Easygenerator’s CEO, Kasper Spiro, made a big impact during DevLearn with his "Multiply Your L&D Capacity" talk. During his talk, he showed how a new approach called "Employee-Generated Learning" is resolving well-known L&D pain points at companies such as Nielsen, Kellogg's and Electrolux.

Tip of the Week: Duplicate Objects and Customize Faster


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Practical Nonverbal Communication Tips

ej4 eLearning

Candy Cane Neck. That is the name I have given to a future medical condition of our youth. This is not the S-curve version of scoliosis I grew up hearing about in the 70’s and 80’s. This is a new version that will be caused by spending too many hours looking down at a tablet or phone.

Tips for Faster, Easier, Better eLearning Design

Allen Interactions

eLearning Design TipsBy Michael Allen , Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions. Instructional design determines the effectiveness of training.

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Tip of the Week: Create explorative quizzes to reinforce learning


elearning quiz Raptivity Interactions Tip of the week

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Webinar: 5 Lectora Tips You’ll Love

eLearning Brothers

Our developer Andrew Vass was joined by a bunch of you awesome eLearning rockstars for his Lectora tips webinar. Andrew walked through 5 of his top tips for Lectora development, including: Working with Notes. Watch the video to see his tips in action.

Tip of the Week: Minimize Customization Efforts


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4 Tips For Designing Games

Origin Learning

Here are a few tips for designing relevant, engaging and motivating games: Be Inclusive. Gamification can be a powerful element of any elearning strategy. Games that are designed to improve the productivity and skills of learners are a good investment of organizational resources.

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Top 7 tips for Innovative eLearning Development

Your Training Edge

Here are 7 hints and tips to flavor up your eLearning courses whenever your imagination needs a shock: The Power of Templates. Think about utilizing this asset to share tips, experiences or even use it as a standard method. eLearning development is a matter that is concerned to us.

Tip of the Week: Display Interactions on Multiple Devices


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6 Quick Voice-Over Tips

eLearning Brothers

If you have any other voice over tips for eLearning , please share in the comments section below! The post 6 Quick Voice-Over Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning Featured tips tips and tricks voice over voiceover

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Now What? 6 After Conference Tips

Learning Rebels

Therefore, here are 6 Rebel tips for after conference follow-up: (Be sure to list your success tips in the comment section below). Share your tips in the comment section below. 6 After Conference Tips appeared first on Learning Rebels.

Tip of the Week: Corporate Look and Feel


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Tip of the Week: Harness the power of storytelling in your courses


Raptivity Interactions storytelling Tip of the week

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Tips for Creating Good E-learning Content

Origin Learning

eLearning has now become the most preferred option for all kinds of learners mainly for its quick and easy learning methods, user-friendly interface, flexibility etc. among many others.

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5 Tips for Elevating Your eLearning Career

Tim Slade

Here are five simple tips for elevating your eLearning career. What other tips can you share to help others elevate their eLearning career? The post 5 Tips for Elevating Your eLearning Career appeared first on Tim Slade.

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Tip of the Week: Find interaction models with feedback


Raptivity Interactions Tip of the week

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, we are counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program! Tip #10 – Preparation. Tip #9 – Consistency. Tip #8 – Outsource.

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5 Design Tips for Impactful Learning

Origin Learning

The post 5 Design Tips for Impactful Learning appeared first on Origin Learning Blog - E learning solutions | LMS | Mobile Learning. General

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E-Learning Tips for Motivating New Hires

Origin Learning

Here are some tips on how e-learning can complement the formal training for new hires –. E-Learning E-Learning Tips for Motivating New Hires Embed videos from key executives Familiarize them with the LMS importance of training Motivating New Hires New Hires Tips for Motivating New Hires

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Tip of the Week: Add media assets to your interactions using the Media Toolbox


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Tip of the Week: Learning Interaction Guide


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Tip of the Week: Present text-heavy content in easy ways


Raptivity Interactions Tip of the week using interactive content

Implementing Gamification? Consider These Tips

Kapp Notes

Here are some tips for implementing gamification. Align. Align game and gamification tools, methods and content with curriculum content objectives. Don’t just gamify or add game elements randomly, make sure the tools and methods match learning and curriculum outcomes.

10 hot tips for moocers

E-Learning Provocateur

If you trust me, you may find the following tips useful as you embark on your own mooc voyage… Before doing anything, ask yourself three fundamental questions. Now that I have participated in a mooc, I am naturally qualified to dispense expert advice about them.

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