Facilitation Tips Series, Part 1: Presence

InSync Training

In the recent rush to move so much training from face-to-face to the virtual setting, there’s a great deal of conversation about the technology: which platform, dealing with security settings, how to create backgrounds.

Training Tips from 11 Experts (Including Me)

Experiencing eLearning

TalentLMS asked 11 folks in the learning and development world for tips for improving workplace training. Now that nearly everyone is a remote worker, these tips can help train remote employees. Many of the tips could apply to any workplace training though, not just elearning for remote workers. It’s a solid group though, and the tips are good.). The post Training Tips from 11 Experts (Including Me) appeared first on Experiencing eLearning.

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Facilitation Tips Series, Part 2: Feedback

InSync Training

Offering meaningful practice opportunities and providing good feedback can also contribute to a sense of social presence, discussed in my last post, Facilitation Tips Series, Part 1: Presence.

Tips to Avoid Millennials Marketing Hype

Clark Quinn

I received, in my email, a solicitation for a webinar titled 5 Tips to Engage Gen Z and Millennial eLearners in 2020 and Beyond. My initial reaction is to provide, as a palliative, tips to avoid millennials marketing hype. So, your first tip is to look for phrases like ‘new’ as warnings, and look for “research-based” or “evidence-based” instead. Second tip: don’t be ageist. ” This is just a rehash of the tips above.

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3 Reasons to Invest in a Learning Culture: RECRUIT, RETAIN, ENGAGE

One of the least explored and most effective ways to drive recruiting, retention, and overall employee engagement is to establish a learning culture. If this is an area where you need help (or if you could just use a refresher) let Paycor walk you through actionable tips and insights on how you can develop the learning culture that works best for your business.

Connect Scenarios to Objectives Plus More Tips

Experiencing eLearning

Recently, Bryan Jones from eLearningArt invited me and 59 other eLearning people to share their single best tip for creating effective eLearning scenarios. The post is now live, and you can check it out here: 13 eLearning Scenario Tips that 60 Experts Agree On. He asked everyone this question: What’s your #1 tip for creating effective eLearning scenarios? One recurring theme in the tips from the other experts was about making the scenario relevant. Read all the tips.

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Reporting Strategies: Five Tips for Keeping LMS Reporting Simple

Lambda Solutions

LMS Analytics LMS Tips- 7 MIN READ -.

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Tips to Level-Up Your Virtual Learning Game

Learning Rebels

Let’s dig into a bag of virtual tricks and tips. Please share those tips in the comments. Virtual Learning Tips. Here are some tips about the chat feature. If not type, “SO LOST” Bonus tips! Here are some added tips to help make your next virtual session a success. start with these tips to ensure you have a successful and interactive virtual learning session. We also include facilitator notes and tips with a participant guidebook.

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5 Training Strategy Tips for Global Organizations

InfoPro Learning

In this article, we will share with you 5 training strategy tips that will help you boost engagement and productivity among your global teams. These 5 training tips will help your HR teams develop training programs that will engage employees all over the globe. The role of HR professionals is rapidly changing.

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Tips To Increase Student Engagement

eLearning Industry

eLearning Best Practices eLearning Design Tips Instructional Designers Learner Engagement Social Learning TipsInstructors can retain student engagement by being personable and open to student contributions, telling stories, and incorporating visual media.

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COVID & the Future of Work: Insights from Paycor’s C-Suite

In Paycor’s newest report, our Chief Executive and Group Leaders consider how your clients will recruit, manage their workforce, optimize benefits, and foster employee experience in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. For actionable insights and tips download and share our guide with your clients!

6 Tips for Writing Training Scenarios


The post 6 Tips for Writing Training Scenarios appeared first on LearnDash. Training scenarios improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.

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Root Cause Analysis Methods & Tips

Association eLearning

Root Cause Analysis Tips. Here are some tips for making decisions during the analysis and resulting decision making: Would addressing a specific cause resolve more than one symptom? The post Root Cause Analysis Methods & Tips appeared first on Knowledge Direct Learning Management System. You fell and hurt your arm. X-rays reveal that it’s broken, and you’re in a lot of pain.

Tips For Never Missing Deadlines

ej4 eLearning

The work can be much more enjoyable and much less stressful if you follow these tips for never missing deadlines. If you are responsible for managing projects, you understand the importance of timelines and deadlines. There are many productivity apps, tools, and programs you can use but ultimately it comes down to your own actions as the project manager. Soft Skills

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Practical Nonverbal Communication Tips

ej4 eLearning

Candy Cane Neck. That is the name I have given to a future medical condition of our youth. This is not the S-curve version of scoliosis I grew up hearing about in the 70’s and 80’s. This is a new version that will be caused by spending too many hours looking down at a tablet or phone.

3 Tips to Measure and Analyze the ROI of your Custom eLearning Solution

Providing engaging and relevant eLearning for your learners can be a sizable investment. How do you measure both the quantitative and qualitative results of your efforts? These 3 tips show you how to do a big picture analysis so you can give a full account on your next eLearning project.

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Online Courses


If you haven’t started yet, here are seven tips to help you succeed. The post 7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Online Courses appeared first on LearnDash. How to understand your platforms and audience for social media marketing.

Instructional Design Survival Tips

Association eLearning

A while back, my colleague Mary and I were asked to give some “real world” instructional design survival tips. Mary’s tips incorporate aspects of project management (which often goes hand-in-hand with instructional design), while mine are focused on the design and production side. Mary’s Tips. My Tips. The post Instructional Design Survival Tips appeared first on Knowledge Direct.

3 Tips For A Cost-Efficient Open Source LMS

Lambda Solutions

LMS Tips Measuring ROI Totara Learn Moodle-4 MIN READ -.

3 Production Tips for E-learning Developers

Rapid eLearning

Here are three production tips and shortcuts from previous posts to help save time (and sanity) when building e-learning courses and online training. Check out this blog post to get production tip on setting learning objectives for your e-learning courses.

9 Stages of the Custom eLearning Development Process

Whether new to custom eLearning or a seasoned pro, you will appreciate this solid overview of the development process, as well as the insider tips. Avoid costly mistakes on your next project, stay on track, and deliver relevant and engaging content that fits your learners and gets the job done.

3 Tips To Meet Modern Learners Expectations

B Online Learning

The post 3 Tips To Meet Modern Learners Expectations appeared first on B Online Learning. Did you know that people unlock their phones up to 9 times every hour? If you find this hard to believe, then think […].

6 Digital Learning Design Tips for Better User Experiences

Bottom-Line Performance

The post 6 Digital Learning Design Tips for Better User Experiences appeared first on Bottom-Line Performance. Learning Design

Tips for training top-notch telecommuters

Your Training Edge

Teaching newbies technical skills can be frustrating, don’t let it rattle you A major training tip is to practice patience. Foster good habits with tips that aid efficacy and efficiency for working from home. Use these tips to manage and maintain a strong telecommuting workforce.

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Virtual presentations tips that work: be a rockstar from afar

Poll Everywhere

The post Virtual presentations tips that work: be a rockstar from afar appeared first on Poll Everywhere Blog. Business TipsRemote meetings and presentations are here to stay – in 2018, 40% of global companies were hybrid and 16% were fully remote. With the entire world adjusting to full remote life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those numbers are expected.

How to Create Engaging eLearning Through Visual Design

Speaker: Tim Slade, Speaker, Author, Award-Winning Freelance eLearning Designer

The effectiveness of any eLearning course is only as good as its instructional design. But can instructional design alone make an eLearning course engaging and effective? The truth is, good eLearning design is more than just instructional design. An engaging eLearning course uses visual design, graphic design, and user interface design to help elevate the instructional design. In this session, you’ll learn more about how to use visual design to create engaging eLearning content.

Tips for Writing Smarter E-learning Quizzes


The post Tips for Writing Smarter E-learning Quizzes appeared first on LearnDash. Better E-Learning Quizzes Result in Better Knowledge Retention. E-learning, whether in a school environment or in the workplace, allows students and employees to take courses on their own time, at their own pace.

7 Tips for Writing for eLearning

B Online Learning

The post 7 Tips for Writing for eLearning appeared first on B Online Learning. At some time through your instructional design or eLearning developer career you will find yourself writing text for the content. Whether it’s for […]. Design Development

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Job Search and Career Planning Tips

ej4 eLearning

Whether you are searching for your first job or planning a midlife career change, it can be a stressful time. If the job search was forced on you via a furlough or layoff, it’s even more trying and difficult. No one really teaches you how to look for a job. Soft Skills

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Tip of the Week: Positioning Image/Text


Tip of the week

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Digital Learning Tips and Tricks from Neuroscience

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer, Learningtogo

Join "Brain Lady" Margie Meacham for a quick-paced review of the latest tips and tricks as revealed by neuroscience. Learn how the brain works - and, in doing so, discover how to make your training stand out amidst the daily clutter of the online experience.

5 Tips for Assigning Essays to Your Online Learners


Here are a few tips to help your learners get the most out of writing essays. Our final tip is more of an administrative one. ” You can also email study and research tips to help guide them through the assignment.

6 Training Tips for Your Remote Workforce


We’ve gathered a few tips for training your remote workforce that can work for a variety of businesses. The post 6 Training Tips for Your Remote Workforce appeared first on LearnDash. As workspaces become more remote, businesses need to take extra measures to ensure their employees receive enough training support. The Covid-19 pandemic has marked a rapid change in how businesses conduct employee training.

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LearnFlex Tip: Configurable Messages

B Online Learning

LearnFlex Tips Learning Management System elearning learnflex tips learning management system technology If youve ever thought of setting up Welcome, Reminder or even Congratulatory messages for users who are beginning, in progress or have completed a Learn Track then youre in luck; LearnFlex has a configurable messaging system that you can setup to send to users based on specific Registration criteria that can be found under Admin>Messages>Message […].

Tips for eLearning Scriptwriting

B Online Learning

The post Tips for eLearning Scriptwriting appeared first on B Online Learning. One of the many skills that eLearning designers need is the ability to write clear and engaging audio scripts. Good narration should complement […]. Development

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6 Tips for Reducing the Complexity of Custom eLearning Development

Complicated eLearning projects can be daunting to develop and manage, with many pieces, varied needs and expectations, and limited resources. Learn from an experienced eLearning provider how to simplify the process by adhering to these 6 strategic tips. Make your next big project a walk in the park.

3 Tips for Designing Blended Learning

Tim Slade

In this post, I’d like to share three practical tips you can use when designing blended learning. What tips can you share for designing blended learning? The post 3 Tips for Designing Blended Learning appeared first on Tim Slade | Award-Winning Freelance eLearning Designer. Any time I start work on a new learning project, someone always asks me how I think the learning content should be delivered. Should it be an eLearning course or instructor-led training?