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Micro-Worlds, Micro-life Learning: The Big Phenomenon, (But Small) Social Networking

Vignettes Learning

(See" 3-Minutee-Learning "2006) I am beginning to see correlations and movements of events that lead me to conclude and see even clearer what Chris Anderson talks about in "The Long Tail" and applied in the learning world.

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"Abundantly abundant abundance" data does not mean learning

Vignettes Learning

I relate to what Nick Carr was saying about " Abundantly abundant abundance " Carr was referring to the overload of video, graphics, photos, and pages in MySpace, Facebook and many other personal Social Networking tools. This is exactly what Chris Anderson talks about in the Long Tail.


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I finally succumbed to Facebook

Clive on Learning

I'd like Facebook to keep me in contact with people I don't see that often, and to introduce me to others whose interests reside in the extreme of the long tail, i.e. the handful of others who support Brighton and Hove Albion and still like the Incredible String Band (yes, really). I am obviously not alone in my aspirations.

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Do You Trust Me?

The Learning Circuits

Chris Anderson (Editor of Wired Magazine and author of the new book The Long Tail ) and John Hagel(author of The Only Sustainable Edge ) were lively and provocative. " Communication has always been about viewing and understanding other peoples' stories and finding shared experiences according to Halliday.

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