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Upon ending the presentation rather than give out advice on pre-start of courses reading, I asked them to get a Myspace account, fill out all the categories and be sure to post comments to at least two from others. My plans are that the Social networking aspects of Myspace will not only form the first point for an ongoing trend of collaboration but be the foundation in forming an online presence and identity The HND course officially started today with an induction.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace Over the past few weeks Ive conducted about 17 interviews with current college students and recent graduates. A couple of people also had MySpace accounts. MySpace is seen as being too "creepy". Im not sure how this relates to danah boyds recent blog article on Viewing American class divisions through FaceBook and MySpace. I think [link] is way better than myspace 2:14 PM Cathy Moore said.

Cyworld: Myspace, Flickr, Blogger, AIM, and SecondLife in ONE

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

To an American eye, the Cyworld service looks like a mixture of some of the hottest US properties: it's MySpace meets Flickr and Blogger and AIM and Second Life. Cyworld has penetration rates that would make Rupert Murdoch, CEO of MySpace parent News Corp. It looks like the future of Social networking is going to come from Korea in the form of a tool called Cyworld. O'Reilly has a long post referencing the Business2.0 article on the topic covering many angles.

Viva la difference

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Yesterday I blogged that there was little or no difference between FaceBook and MySpace, principally because I thought there was no difference between the social class profiles of users. Tags: MySpace social network FaceBook BBC News Bebo

Networked noughties 2003-2005

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Myspace was to become the trend setter - within 3 years it had signed up an astounding 100 million users. The history of both Myspace and Facebook are very well documented on their respective Wikipedia entries.

Virtual clans

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Another example is the social networking tribe which boasts many clans, such as the MySpace clan, the Bebo clan, the YouTube clan and so on. Tags: MySpace mobile phones YouTube virtual clan FaceBook Bebo cyberculture

Zip it, Block it, Flag it

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The campaign is being supported by all the major players, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Myspace. Tags: MySpace zip it block it flag it CEOP Internet safety cyberbullying Google FaceBook Microsoft e-safety

In theory.

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Some students lose all their inhibitions when they post content onto Facebook or Myspace. Tags: MySpace connectivism e-learning residents wiki e-pedagogy digital natives FaceBook

One degree of connection

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Technology, and in particular, popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Orkut have made connections between people much easier, more immediate, and certainly a lot richer in terms of experience.

Engaging the digital generation

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Facebook, Myspace) and video/photo sharing sites (e.g. Tags: MySpace YouTube digital tribes virtual clan social web Flickr cultural capital FaceBook digital identity I'm a keynote speaker for a conference being held at the University of Middlesex on June 29th.

A moving experience

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How many FaceBook , Bebo , MySpace , Flickr or (perish the thought) SagaZone (for the over 50s) accounts should I have? Tags: MySpace SagaZone social network FaceBook Bebo My life is in boxes. Just like a Likert scale questionnaire.

City of the dead

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They use FaceBook , MySpace , YouTube , Flickr , Bebo , MSN and a host of other free utilities to connect and share with their peer group outside of the university structure. Tags: MySpace MLE YouTube Flickr Vesuvius MSN FaceBook Bebo Pompeii City of the dead.

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MyFace or SpaceBook. or MyFaceBo?

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Which is the best, MySpace or FaceBook? NightMonkey (who is apparently a cat sat at a desktop) closed down their FaceBook account immediately, but maintains a MySpace account to keep in touch with their students. Well, I shamelessly admit that I keep Bebo , MySpace and FaceBook accounts for similar reasons. Tags: MySpace MyFaceBo spam FaceBook online identity Still the debate goes on. And where is Bebo in all this?

Noughties. but nice

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Social networking sites: Facebook (2006), Myspace (2003), Bebo (2005), LinkedIn (2003) and other sites together have changed the face of social networking for ever. Tags: Nintendo DS MySpace YouTube iPod Touch PLE Nintendo Wii Twitter Ringtones podcast Google FaceBook Bebo

MyFace or SpaceBook?

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A recent US research project (by a PhD student mind you) has reported that users of FaceBook are generally toffs from wealthier homes and are more likely to study in further/higher education than that great unwashed working class lot who like using MySpace. I used to have a MySpace , but abandoned it because FaceBook was easier to use. I subsequently found out that more of my friends were using it than MySpace, so it made social networking easier. So it's official.

Buzz words for 2007

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iPod) e-Thugs: Online cyber bullies Lifecasting: Webcasting all your life's activities 24/7 iSlavery: Apple's attempts to lock iPhone users into one network provider Macolyte: Someone who worships at the altar of all things Apple Network promiscuity: Tendency by social networkers to spread their membership across FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, etc. Tags: MySpace Apple Mac Nintendo Wii iPOD FaceBook 2007 Edubloggers Bebo

Bored to tiers

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A lot of the rhetoric surrounding the more popular social networking sites such as FaceBook , MySpace and Bebo seems to be related to the more negative factors such as identity theft, threats to children, breahes in privacy of personal data and copyright theft. Tags: MySpace social networking FaceBook Bebo

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Saving face

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Anyway - it's similar to other social networking spaces such as Bebo (which has a much younger user base) and MySpace (where age doesn't seem to matter - they take anyone). Tags: MySpace social network FaceBook communication Bebo A few days ago I set up my own FaceBook account. I already have 6 friends, all people I know in some way or another. 2 others have also tried to hook up with me, but I don't know them from Adam (who is also not one of my friends) so I declined the offer.

Social Network = Social Class?

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Anna Owens says "MySpace has one population, Facebook has another." Almost 23 percent of Facebook users earn more than $100,000 a year, compared to slightly more than 16 percent of MySpace users. Is your socio-economic status reflected in your favorite social networking software?

Internet Time Blog » Harnessing social apps

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Daily Bookmarks 06/25/2008

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Brief summary of research on the educational benefits of sites like MySpace and Facebook for high schoolers. Social networks ‘teaching tech skills’ - Students self-report learning 21st century skills, although the study doesn’t attempt to actually measure any of that learning. tags: socialnetworking , education , 21stcenturyskills , research , k-12. When asked what they learn by using social networking sites, the students.

The Rise of the Digitals

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Sites like Fickr and MySpace are also crowded with Digitals. We are living in an age of technology where electronic devices have become an integral part of anyone’s life.

Virtual presence

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After some thought on the subject of on-line presence for participating staff, I have decided to use Myspace as the medium, its popular, easy to use and most will have heard of it already. A productive weekend with regard to Moodle and the bid.

Clever Tool - IM Aggregator

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It will show any new messages from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Feeling overwhelmed by the five email accounts you have? Addicted to Facebook but you use LinkedIn for business? Use AIM and Yahoo Messenger with different friends?

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Tonight.I will be Appearing On Local News Station

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Are online social networking websites like Myspace actually harmful to hormone-crazed teens? For those of you in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, tonight at 7:00 pm, I will be appearing on CBS Television affiliate station WYOU. The show is called WYOU Interactive and tonight we are discussing the topic of Technology & Morals. We will explore the following types of questions: Is technology corrupting our morals? Are realistic and violent video games desensitizing our youth?

TCC08: What can Educators Learn from Online Religious Communities?

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Used MySpace & a wiki. Chose MySpace b/c lots of existing religious tools available (e.g., Also explored specifically Christian sites, but secular sites like MySpace may offer better options. She had not used a chat room, IM, Facebook, or MySpace before joining a site called This is another liveblogged post from the TCC 2008 conference. Presented by Scot Headley, Amy Dee, Sue Phillips, Tricia Meyer, Jeanette Eggert.

How to Download YouTube Videos

Tony Karrer

I've not tried it, but it appears to work for Google Video, MySpace video and more. I needed to figure out how to download YouTube videos for an upcoming conference presentation where I wasn't confident that I would be able to have a good enough connection to play the video.

Google Goes Gaming?

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Here are some recent highlights; Google purchased a company called Slide , an app developer that works with popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to create community-driven entertainment applications. There have been a number of interesting development in term of Google and social game purchases and game related initiatives.

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MOOC Major Players


It’s still too early to tell which one of these will fall the way of MySpace, but as Facebook has pointed out, there is often very little room at the top. The MOOC landscape is taking shape , and just like social networking sites before it, the major players are starting to emerge.

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Tell and post

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Postings could include links, particularly if they had Myspace, some did. I started three new level 3 groups today and as a first exercise decided they should begin to make use of Moodle by posting lifestyle styles and ambitions to a forum.

Coalescing virtually

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It occurs to me, that the usual start of course ice breakers of ‘who I am, where I’ve been, going, gone wish I hadn’t and wish I had’ , type soon forgotten presentations, are evolved out by a dynamic, sustained and even organic online presence through myspace accounts, accessed from the vle. I have been working on plans to encourage students to adopt the idea of virtual learning communities for the coming academic year. But to be realistic there has to be some sense of virtual value!

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Using Content Distribution to Market E-Learning


Let’s say the website goes the way of MySpace. Will content distribution platforms help you amplify your program, or distract from your own site? Have you ever considered writing an article about your e-learning course to a content distribution platform like Medium? If so, you’re not alone. As a vehicle for connecting influencers to audiences, Medium has an attractive sales pitch. But like many marketing ideas that seem too easy, it has its downsides.

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Second Life Take Over Rumors.

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found after their acquisition of MySpace. Here is an interesting rumor and a potentially large game-changer in the virtual world space. It is rumored at the web site metaverselyspeaking web site that News Corp might be taking over Second Life. Here is a quote from the article. Rumours are rife inside the Lab at the moment of the prospect of a takeover which will see News Corp. adding Second Life to their already wide-spanning media portfolio.

All This Talk About Reading

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These were the days before the interwebs, before twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. All this talk about reading got me to thinking… It’s been a good month. We’ve been running our book giveaway extravaganza all through January.

How the Fastest Growing Companies are Using Social Media

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In 2009, several new tools were added including the popular microblogging service Twitter and other popular social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, and MySpace.

TCC08: Creating and Teaching a College-Level Undergraduate Course in Social Networking

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Right now, this is “Tier 1″ Proprietary with some customization (like Facebook & MySpace). Myspace. This is another liveblogged post from the TCC 2008 conference, presented by Robert Fulkerth, Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA. Developed a course on social networking for business. Will teach with blogs and a wiki. Using the tools to teach the content–mostly avoiding the LMS.

Our eLearners desire something human. The best designs let something human look back at them.

Coffee and Design

Consider: CompuServe, AOL, MySpace, Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. I have enjoyed this month’s issue of Wired, especially an article from senior writer, Mat Honan. I couldn’t find his article on the web, otherwise I would have just linked to it.

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