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We actually got it up and running, and while it evaporated in 2001 (as did the organization we worked for), it’s legacy served me in several other projects. I’m not an academic (tho’ I have been and know the research and theories), but a consultant, who comes in early, applies the frameworks to come up with ideas that are both good and unique (I capitalize a lot on models I’ve collected over the years), and gets out quickly when I’m no longer adding value.

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Podcast 26: How to Extend Learning Content Availability – With Troy Gorostiza

Talented Learning

Troy is a “triple threat” learning innovator with deep expertise as a content development practitioner, solutions consultant and technology vendor. And I’ve remained focused on that space since 2001. Let’s say you offer an “LMS Consulting 101” course that exists in your LMS at TalentedLearning.com. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience.


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Do you need an Integrity Officer?

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The Enron scandal took place in 2001, and it led to the chiefs being convicted of fraud, conspiracy, bank fraud, and insider trading charges.). However, a company can’t just simply tack that title on to a random employee and expect there to be a real change according to an ethics and compliance consultant. Since finishing his jail sentence, he has started consulting about the need for ethics and integrity.

Podcast 31: Inside Open Source Learning Systems – With eThink CEO Brian Carlson

Talented Learning

Then, after I returned to the States, I worked as a technical consultant for six years at a company which, through multiple acquisitions, became part of Ellucian , the largest student information system company in the world. We’re highly consultative with our clients.

ID and eLearning Links 10/29/19

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In this post, I share links related to several topics: Converting Flash content to HTML5 Options for instructional design careers An interview on the purpose of Bloom’s taxonomy Why you only need 3 choices in multiple choice questions Change management for software training How being generous builds your credibility as a consultant. tags: consulting.

Podcast: Selecting Association Software – With Chad Stewart of SmartThoughts

Talented Learning

EPISODE 21 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: As an independent learning systems consultant, I’m obsessed with finding the ideal solution for each client’s unique needs. In fact, I originally offered implementation, training and support when I founded SmartThoughts in 2001. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience. WELCOME TO EPISODE 21 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW!

Tasked with eLearning?


If an experienced elearning instructional designer is not available from your corporate staff, hire a consultant. . She founded Design2Train in 2001 and is based in The Woodlands, TX. Are you a NON-training professional tasked with delivering an eLearning project? It’s a trend we are observing all too often these days. With so many corporate “right-sizing” and mergers, unfortunately the training department staff are often the first to go and last to be re-hired.

What Virtual Assistants Can Do For Course Creators with Expert VA Trainer Kathy Goughenour


So around 2001 she quit her job and started working as a virtual assistant for real estate agents. I didn’t even know, this was back in 2001 when nobody knew [crosstalk]. And here we are, at this recording, it’s 2019, and I still know course creators to this day who still validate with videos in a Dropbox folder.

Open Source LMSs Facts and Insight

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If you use their LMS consulting, it is not free. Four requests for fixes in 2019. ATutor’s first release by the way, was in 2001.

PODCAST 139: The Science of Becoming a Better Sales Leader with Luke Rogers

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At 15, he began going to school part-time in Northern England in Manchester, so that he could run a technology consulting business that he had started. Luke Rogers: So the company only came out of stealth just over a year ago, October 2019, just after it did its series B.