Subject Matter Experts vs Learning Experts: What’s the Difference?

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Meet the Subject Matter Expert. Our clients are usually experts in their field or have easy access to others on their team who are considered expert. These individuals are subject matter experts. Meet the Learning and Performance Experts. What is a Learning Expert?

Expert Advice

CLO Magazine

Many people mistakenly think that learning group advisers need to be the extreme experts in their field. People are often inclined to look for the top expert to answer their questions, but this overlooks an entire middle area of advisers who might be a better fit.

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Top Experts Predict What Will Transform ELearning in 2017


ELearning is a rapidly evolving and constantly changing field that is never at a stop. A few years ago eLearning was perceived as an innovative way of studying. This very day eLearning is taken for granted, whereas the changes happening inside the eLearning field itself are accepted as innovations.

Education Industry Experts build interactivity into eLearning - Their Experience


Recently, four leading experts from education industry came together to share their experience of working with Raptivity for creating learning interactions. “My learners prefer using PDF - adding Raptivity interactions to PDF makes it an interactive PDF!

[Study] The Anatomy of a Training Course

The experts from Skilljar analyzed content creation trends within the training space. Want to create the perfect training course? Their findings can serve as a benchmark as you build out your own strategy. Click to download

How To Extract Knowledge From Experts Before It’s Lost

Social Learning

Business as usual… The post How To Extract Knowledge From Experts Before It’s Lost appeared first on Dashe & Thomson. Learning institutional knowledge subject matter experts If, on his last day of employment before retiring, a man tried to walk out the door with a favorite personal computer he used at work, what would happen? Even if the company appreciated his expertise and commitment, they likely wouldn’t let him leave with a computer.

A Learning and Development Journey: An Expert's Story & Perspective

InSync Training

Part of InSync Training's Expert Interview Series. During the Association for Talent Development's 2016 International Conference and Exposition, I had the privilege of interviewing our friend in the industry, Courtney Vital.

Experts: Learning Styles Aren’t Evidence-supported

CLO Magazine

In a recent open letter published in The Guardian, more than a dozen experts in neuroscience, psychology and education insisted that you stop it. Students will improve if they think about how they learn but not because material is matched to their supposed learning style,” the experts wrote.

Some Differences Between Experts and Novices

Kapp Notes

As learning professionals, it is important that we understand that novice learners and expert learners demand/require and need a different approach to instruction. In comparing the knowledge structure of experts with the knowledge structure of novices, differences have been observed in both the nature of their knowledge and their problem-solving strategies. For experts, the knowledge structure represents phenomena in the domain in relation to higher-order principles.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


I think a good place is by asking 49 of the world’s leading eLearning experts the top 3 trends they predict for 2017. Here are the two most interesting takeaways from surveying 49 eLearning experts: Trend of Trends: 9 trends were picked by 10% or more of the experts.

From novice to expert

Learning with e's

Lave sees the social context of this kind of situated learning as vitally important, because novice learners can be closely supported by experts, and their behaviour and knowledge can be scaffolded by more experienced members of their learning community.

When in Doubt, Ask the Expert!


Over-teaching experts and under-teaching novices

Clive on Learning

The outcome of this is typically that we over-teach the experts and under-teach the novices. Experts have the benefit of elaborate mental schemas, which have developed over time and enable them to see the important patterns and make sense of all the cause and effect relationships that relate to their areas of speciality. We may be an expert in molecular biology, photography, accounting, office politics, bringing up children or the tactics of football.

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How it Feels to Be an eLearning Expert

eLearning Brothers

Have you ever felt like such an expert at your job that coworkers think you can do anything? Maybe you don’t exactly feel this way but you know someone who says they are an expert. Being an eLearning expert sounds appealing but it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s How Subject Matter Experts Help Build Great Courses

Rapid eLearning

Subject matter experts play a key role in the success of our courses. This is part three of the series on how to work with subject matter experts based on tips shared by your peers. Help the subject matter expert understand the basics of instructional design.

10 presentation tips from expert Rick Altman


Most PowerPoint presentations suck. You’ve probably seen your share of bad ones. and you may have even delivered a bad one yourself- I know I have!). That’s why I interviewed presentation guru Rick Altman to share some of his best tips on giving better presentations.

How to Set Expectations with Your Subject Matter Experts

Rapid eLearning

At a recent workshop, we had participants share their tips on working with subject matter experts. Today we’ll look at how to manage the relationship with your subject matter experts. Establish Expectations with Your Subject Matter Experts.

20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips

eLearning Brothers

So I decided to consult the world’s experts and ask them for their advice. The post 20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Original Article published on Written by Mark Fidelman.

Q&A with Storyline Expert Tim Slade

ATD Learning Technologies

Learning Technology Community Manager Justin Brusino talks to Articulate Storyline expert Tim Slade about what separates Articulate Storyline from the other authoring tools on the market.

What do eLearning Experts have to say about Gamification?

Adobe Captivate

” Thijs de Vries , Leading Experience Designer and Gamification Expert (Netherlands). . I started learning seriously about gamification some time ago. When I decided to write this blog, I first thought about what I had to say on this concept.

An Expert’s View On The Transformation of Employee Training

WalkMe Training Station

The post An Expert’s View On The Transformation of Employee Training appeared first on Training Station. “This is my web home. If you were in my real home, I’d ask you to sit down, relax, and I’d offer you a cold drink. Until then, all I can offer you is this humble web space.”.

52 eLearning Experts Share their Best Tip for Creating Engaging eLearning


That’s why I decided to ask the leading eLearning industry experts to share their single best tip for creating engaging learning. Here are our amazing eLearning experts: Tom Kuhlmann | Karl Kapp | Ray Jimenez | Patti Shank | Bryan Jones.

Want to be successful at e-Learning? Don’t make the mistakes experts make!

Challenge to Learn

In this post I will show you the pitfalls that e-Learning experts are falling in, so you as a e-Learning rookie do not have to make them. In developing e-Learning a lot of e-Learning experts are using a methodology that is called ADDIE.

Want to be successful at e-Learning? Don’t make the mistakes experts make!

Challenge to Learn

In this post I will show you the pitfalls that e-Learning experts are falling in, so you as a e-Learning rookie do not have to make them. In developing e-Learning a lot of e-Learning experts are using a methodology that is called ADDIE.

How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Subject Matter Experts

Rapid eLearning

This is part two of the series on working with subject matter experts when building e-learning courses. I also shared a link to the free e-book, Essential Guide to Working with Subject Matter Experts. And the subject matter expert plays a critical role.

ELM Expert Series: 3 Fundamental Pillars to Sales Training Success


Traditionally, sales training teams have relied heavily on subject matter experts (SMEs) from marketing, as well as successful sales reps from the field, to develop and teach their programs. What’s Your Foundation?

Lectora Tips from eLearning Expert Joe Ganci


The post Lectora Tips from eLearning Expert Joe Ganci appeared first on Trivantis e-Learning. Joe Ganci—known in our industry as eLearning Joe—joined us at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference in Nashville this year.

Six Ways to Turn Subject Matter Experts into Leaders

CLO Magazine

Being a great subject matter expert doesn’t automatically translate into being a great leader. Subject matter experts singularly focus on their domain. By Deb Hordon.

Ask The Experts Series

Association eLearning

Our Ask the Experts series is your go-to source for association tips and input. Every month we will be presenting a short interview with an association professional hosted by Jack McGrath, President and Creative Director at Digitec Interactive.

Ask The Experts: Bree Sutherland

Association eLearning

Jack McGrath: Hi and welcome back to another in our series Ask the Experts. My name is Jack McGrath and today we’re going to be talking to Bree Sutherland of the Emergency Nurses Association. Welcome Bree. Bree Sutherland: Thank you Jack. McGrath: Couple of questions for you.

Medical Subject Matter Experts

Web Courseworks

Medical Subject Matter Experts: Medical Records Implementation and Training Challenges A growing number of hospitals and ambulatory clinics are consumed with the task of implementing medical records software. This national rollout of medical records software has increased the need to collaborate with medical experts. eLearning Jon Aleckson medical records MindMeld podcast software subject matter experts Web Courseworks

Even Experts Need to Strive for Improvement


By Chris Cummins We improve the performance of organizations by improving the performance of their people. At Skillsoft, this mantra guides the work we do with thousands of customers around the globe, every day.

7 Ways to Encourage Experts to Share Knowledge

Growth Engineering

A system that allows knowledge sharing takes some of the load off by letting learners with questions find the experts with the answers. The principle of connecting learners and experts is sound, but in practice, engaging experts with the L&D programme can be challenging.

What Makes a Great Virtual Classroom Producer? Advice from an Expert

InSync Training

InSync Training’s team includes a group of fantastic virtual classroom producers, or assistant facilitators, who provide professional event support to our clients, and our Certificate course and Workshop facilitators.

Insights from Our Webinar with Culture Transformation Expert Barb DeMaio


To help you make sense of this topic and explore how culture helps smart companies get the jump on their competition, we recently partnered with expert Barb DeMaio for an exclusive webinar! Thanks to Barb for sharing her expert advice with us throughout this discussion! The post Insights from Our Webinar with Culture Transformation Expert Barb DeMaio appeared first on Core Axis.

Expert Insights on Building a Learning Culture


Skillsoft surveyed members of the company’s Global Leader Forum to get their insight on building a strong learning culture. Learn their secrets. elearning