Front-End Analysis: Backward Analysis and the Performance Gap

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What’s the ROI on Disengaged Employees?

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From Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation, to Michael Scriven to Jack Phillips [.] Training evaluation appears to be the Holy Grail of the L&D world. It’s one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere and at conferences (see Barbara Camm’s highly trafficked posts on evaluation), and yet it remains extremely elusive. The post What’s the ROI on Disengaged Employees? appeared first on Social Learning Blog. social learning evaluation millenials ROI social media social technology

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Looking ahead to Learning Solutions 2013.

Unicorn Training

Next month Unicorn Chief Operating Officer, Jackie Kennedy, and CEO, Peter Phillips will be Florida-bound for the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2013. In just over two weeks I will be packing my case and heading to the Sunshine State of Florida to check out the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2013, run by the eLearning Guild. With that in the back of my mind, what are my hopes and expectations for Learning Solutions 2013?

Staying Connected from Learning Solutions 2013

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Unicorn Chief Operating Officer, Jackie Kennedy, and CEO, Peter Phillips are off to Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2013 in Orlando tomorrow. I’m getting excited now, all packed and ready to go, it's less than 24 hours before I head of on my travels to the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2013. Trying not to gloat about the weather Jackie's looking forward to getting to grips with sharing her experiences with those of us who won't need suncream.

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Top 5 Talking Points from 2013 #LSCon

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In the second of a two-part blog reflecting on Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2013 Unicorn CEO, Peter Phillips, looks at the five hottest conference issues - mobile, Tin Can, authoring tools, what's next for the LMS and could websites be the new LMSs? What does the future hold for learning?

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Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation


Since Kirkpatrick stated his original model, other theorists like Jack Phillips, have referred to a fifth level, namely, Return On Investment (ROI). It was while writing his thesis in 1952 that Donald Kirkpatrick became interested in evaluating training programs.



Since Kirkpatrick stated his original model, other theorists like Jack Phillips, have referred to a fifth level, namely, Return On Investment (ROI). It was while writing his thesis in 1952 that Donald Kirkpatrick became interested in evaluating training programs. In a series of articles published in 1959, he prescribed a four-stage model for evaluating training programs, but it was not until 1994, that he published “ Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels “.

Learning by Creating: Turning Bloom’s on Its Head

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Guest post by Library Media Specialist, David Phillips. In 2013, when most high schoolers carry in their pockets the “sum of all human knowledge,” and employers are seeking, not drones, but innovative creators who can collaborate with people thousands of miles away digitally, learn new skills for projects that never existed before, and acquire and apply knowledge that exists in millions of sources. Guest post by Library Media Specialist, David Phillips.

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VIDEO BLOG - Look Into My Eyes.

Unicorn Training

In the final part our week-long series of video blogs to mark our 25th anniversary, Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, take a glimpse into the future of eLearning and Unicorn. youtube [link

VIDEO BLOG - Coming Back For More

Unicorn Training

In the third of this week-long series of video blogs to celebrate our 25th anniversary, Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, discuss what makes Unicorn special and why our clients keep coming back. youtube [link

Do You Know Whether Your eLearning is Effective?


According to Jack Phillips, there are five ways to determine whether training is effective : Level 1: Were learners satisfied with what they learned? Two questions any eLearning designer should ask when designing a course are, “How will I know if this eLearning course is effective and how will I define effective?”

VIDEO BLOG - The Birth of Style with Substance

Unicorn Training

In the second of a five-part video blog series this week to mark our 25th anniversary, Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, discuss why and how Unicorn makes sure the eLearning not only looks great but does its most important job, educating.

VIDEO BLOG - Times They Are A'Changing. Or Are They?

Unicorn Training

This year Unicorn Training celebrates its 25th anniversary and to mark this momentous occasion, this week, we are running a series of video blogs featuring Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, reflecting on Unicorn's quarter century in eLearning.

The Great Duck Race is back!

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The Great Duck Race is back for 2013! After the success of the first ever race at the 2012 eLearning Awards last November, Unicorn are delighted to have once again signed up as Game Sponsors for this year's awards, which are taking place in London on Thursday 7 November 2013.

BLOG: Who Remembers When.

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[caption id="attachment_2147" align="alignleft" width="300"] Peter Phillips celebrates promotion as AFC Bournemouth chairman in 2003. In this time Bill Clinton and his happenings happened, Nelson Mandela was released from prison and changed the world and our founder Peter Phillips even had a stint as a football club chairman, and enjoyed a memorable day out at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff as his beloved Cherries were promoted!

Raspberry Thursday As Unicorn Mark's 25th Year With Rebrand

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[caption id="attachment_2373" align="alignleft" width="225"] CEO, Peter Phillips, celebrates Unicorn's new look[/caption] We've come a long way since the days of floppy disks and giant pixels – leading international eLearning company, Unicorn Training, ushered in our 25th Birthday year with a funky new facelift and party at our Bournemouth HQ today (Thursday 10 January).

Unicorn wins outstanding learning company of the year!

Unicorn Training

Unicorn Training has been named Outstanding Learning Organisation at the 2013 e-Learning Awards in its 25th anniversary year. Peter Phillips, co-founder and CEO, said: “I’m delighted Unicorn has been honoured by our peers with this award. Find out more about Unicorn Training at while for more information about the 2013 eLearning Awards visit

NEWS - Reflections Of A Glorious Age? Putting 25 Years of eLearning Under The Microscope.

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The publication includes insightful, interactive features on the changing economics of the industry, technological advances and the evolution of the eLearning community, from contributors Peter Phillips (Unicorn CEO), Helen Watts (Unicorn Director) and Bob Little (eLearning chronicler), alongside a fun 25 year timeline and our predictions, some serious some not so, as to what the next 25 years could hold.

ROI: It’s All About Proximity

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I’m not saying training does not contribute to a learner’s on-the-job performance, but in the sense of measuring a Kirkpatrick or Phillips level 4/5 impact, we all know “contributing” is not a strong word. To measure levels three and four of Kirkpatrick and Phillips level five, we need to use learning and support tools that exist in that environment. Embrace a more robust approach to measuring learning outcomes.

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Did you know? Unicorn Tea Break Fun Facts!

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Unicorn currently works with 840 individual UK Financial Services organisationsUnicorn CEO Peter Phillips was formerly chairman of AFC Bournemouth football club71 people currently work at UnicornWe hope that made your afternoon cuppa a bit more fun. Lynne Francis from Willis proved to be teacher's pet ( ;-)) as she triumphed in the Unicorn Client Forum quiz last Thursday. But what were the things she knew?

Weighing the Options: Different Schools of Thought

CLO Magazine

Jack Phillips, chairman of ROI Institute Inc., Phillips, who started the ROI Institute in 1993 and has written a number of books on the subject, adds a fifth level, return on investment, to the taxonomy. To measure level 4, or impact, Phillips said learning leaders take the predetermined outcome measure. In the following example, Phillips uses new accounts, with the aim of isolating those connected to training.

BLOG: Shelf Life - Inside the World of OTS

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As the world gets increasingly mobile, Peter Phillips asks how can Off the Shelf (OTS) suppliers keep pace with industry innovation and demand as part of our special 25th anniversary digital publication. Here is a taste of what Peter has to say - to read the full article check out our 25 years digital publication here.

BLOG: ‘The Business of Bespoke’

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Today marks the launch of our new 25th anniversary special digital publication, produced in conjunction with eLearning Age, Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, examines ‘The Business of Bespoke.’ The growth of commercial eLearning from a small fragmented cottage industry into today’s much larger fragmented cottage industry has evolved around two models – Bespoke and Off The Shelf.

BLOG: Forget Just 2014, Here's 6 Things We Foresee For Next 25 Years!

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Not sure they will take replace the human race as our CEO, Peter Phillips, predicted though. Looking into a crystal ball is a favourite at this time of year. What will 2014 bring? What fads and trends can we expect over the next 12 months that will revolutionise our lives? What will we have fallen by the wayside by this time next year?

BLOG - Has The UK eLearning Sector Got Complacent?

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Fresh from picking up the Outstanding Learning Organisation Award at the 2013 eLearning Awards, Unicorn CEO, Peter Phillips, asks has the UK eLearning sector got complacent? Renowned eLearning guru, Craig Weiss, seems to have put a few cats amongst the pigeons with his assertion that the UK e-learning industry suffers from a ‘holding steady’ mentality.

BLOG: 15-love to Unicorn 'Rock' Jackie

Unicorn Training

[caption id="attachment_2143" align="alignleft" width="300"] Jackie attends DevLearn in Las Vegas in 2011[/caption] As Unicorn marks our 25th birthday in lots of fun ways, one of our 'stalwarts' also celebrates an anniversary within an anniversary as 2013 is Chief Operating Officer, Jackie Kennedy's 15th year with us.

VIDEO BLOG - Can You Make One Cap Fit All When It Comes To Learning?

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As Unicorn marks its 25th anniversary year, in this month's edition of e.learning age, Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, takes a close look at how technologies have changed the way we deliver learning, with a few amusing examples of what our learning has looked like in that time. It is impossible to take a ‘one-cap fits all’ attitude to learning. Who hasn’t sat there looking at something feeling completely uninspired when the person next to us is completely engrossed?

Mobile learning - where's it really at? The debate!

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caption id="attachment_2459" align="alignleft" width="300"] (l-r) Mark Jones, Peter Phillips, Richard Hyde, Adrian Jones[/caption] Chaired by Unicorn Director Mark Jones, on the panel were Peter Phillips (Unicorn CEO), Richard Hyde (Director, Mind Click) and Adrian Jones (Elearnity Principal Analyst). Everyone’s talking about mobile. But just how much of a priority is it for L&D departments in financial services? We had a room of those very people on Thursday. So we asked them.

Putting Thought to Work: Evaluation in Practice

CLO Magazine

Then she said the tool automates levels 1 through 5 — including the Phillips ROI model — to help learning leaders report and analyze the data. Organizations that have reached higher measurement levels use a blended approach for the various frameworks and find ways to customize evaluation. Most rely on quantitative as well as qualitative measures, ensuring some human intuition and analysis is included. This is the case at Qualcomm Inc.,

The History of Distance Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]


In the United States, the earliest recorded distance learning program was in 1728 when Caleb Phillips advertised a private correspondence courses in the Boston Gazette newspaper! Most people probably do not know this, but distance learning has actually been around for quite some time. Fast forward to today, and we have one of the highest degrees of distance learning technology in use. In fact, in Australia, almost one in four students (approximately 298,000 people) study off-campus.

300 Years of Distance Learning Evolution [INFOGRAPHIC]


In fact, the first distance learning program on record took place in 1728, when a local teacher by the name of Caleb Phillips advertised shorthand correspondence lessons offered by mail! If you thought that distance learning was a product of today, then you would be mistaken. By 1800, the growth of the U.S. Postal Service brought about an increase in the number of distance learning correspondence courses in the country.

Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3 - reflections on 2013 Learning Solutions

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Learning Solutions Conference and Expo 2013 took place in Florida last week. In the first of a two-part blog reflecting on the event in Orlando, Unicorn CEO Peter Phillips, says the learning industry has every reason to be very excited about the future. After 25 years of building Unicorn it is not always easy to retain the enthusiasm and drive of the early pioneering years.

Three Challenges Faced by Today’s L&D Leaders

Your Training Edge

Rob Brinkerhoff, a professor at Western Michigan University and thought leader in the field, puts that number 80 to 85% (Phillips, 2016)! In a 2008-2009 study, Jack and Patti Phillips surveyed the CEOs of Fortune 500 and large, private-sector employers. Jack & Patti Phillips, Measuring What Matters: How CEOs View Learning Success 2009). 2013) It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Training Is. Phillips, Jack & Phillips, Patti. Phillips, Ken.

How do you measure how training creates value? – The 7 learning principles

Learning Wire

The Kirkpatrick/Phillips model shows us how and why to assess training outcomes. Instead of a set of data, it involves a chain of measurable proofs of benefit, as shown in the Kirkpatrick/Phillips pyramid. The Kirkpatrick/Phillips pyramid identifies five dimensions that form a sequence: What is the value created for my company? According to Phillips (2012), intangibles are benefits that cannot be given a monetary value. Phillips, 2006).

How do we measure value creation from training?

Learning Wire

Pottiez, 2013). Even though certain things are hard to measure reliably, Phillips (2015) suggests a way of getting round this when evaluating the impacts of a training course. Phillips J, Pulliam Phillips P. 2013). In a previous article we looked at the five levels of impact in any exhaustive training evaluation process that reflect the key challenges involved in high-quality evaluation.

UNICORN IN PRINT: The growing world of games and gamification

Unicorn Training

In the article, Peter Phillips, Unicorn Training CEO, looks at the gamification of compliance training. million in 2013 to $5.502 billion in 2018 – a compound annual growth rate of 67.1% ! Unicorn were pleased to feature in January's T-C News Magazine discussing the growing world of games and gamification.

Tablet progress: A huge decade


PCWorld's Jon Phillips recently gave a fun example of how powerful today's tablets are, as well as offering insight into the design process that led to modern offerings. While the basic idea behind using a tablet has changed little over that time period, Phillips marveled at a few of the physical details that made the decade-old device less than ideal. Tablet progress: A huge decade.