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Training Assessment: The Kirkpatrick Model

eLearning Industry

It's difficult to talk about training assessments without talking about the Kirkpatrick model, named after Donald Kirkpatrick, who set out his vision in particular in a 1994 work entitled “Evaluating Training Programs”. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Alternative to the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation


If you have been in the elearning (or training) industry for any amount of time, then you are most likely aware of the Kirkpatrick model of learning evaluation. One could write an entire book on the Kirkpatrick model and the different levels, but I am not going to get into too much detail. Kaufman’s 5 Levels of Evaluation.


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Kirkpatrick Revisited | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

I have included Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation in every proposal I have ever written, and I wanted to hear from Kirkpatrick himself regarding his take on the current state of evaluation and whether his four levels are still viable. Well, based on where Kirkpatrick and his son James are today, I was completely wrong.

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The Kirkpatrick Model: 4 Levels of Training Evaluation

Epilogue Systems

One such solution that has gained global recognition and influence in corporate training evaluation is the Kirkpatrick Model. In this article, we will delve into the Kirkpatrick Model’s four levels of training evaluation, exploring each level in detail and providing real-world examples to illustrate their practical applications.

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Using The Kirkpatrick Model To Supercharge Your Customer Academy

eLearning Industry

In this article, we'll explore the Kirkpatrick model in the context of SaaS customer education programs and explain how you can use it to optimize your training efforts. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Evaluate the Efficacy of Corporate Training Program Efficiently with Kirkpatrick Model

Tesseract Learning

This article will explore the Kirkpatrick Model for the efficacious evaluation of corporate training. The Kirkpatrick Model, which is globally recognized, can be used to assess the efficacy of the eLearning module. Kirkpatrick Model. The Kirkpatrick model helps evaluate the effectiveness of the training within an organization.

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Donald L. Kirkpatrick, 1924 - 2014

The Performance Improvement Blog

Kirkpatrick died. It seems like every training, HRD, and HPI manager knows the Kirkpatrick Model even if they don’t know the name of the model or who invented the four levels. However, this criticism doesn’t diminish my admiration for Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick'