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6 Pro Tips to Create Great Custom eLearning Paths

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When it comes to eLearning communities in an organizational setup, the concept of personal eLearning paths is gaining rapid popularity. The idea here is to give more importance to custom eLearning objectives instead of generalized courses and subjects. What is an eLearning path? Set Clear Learning Goals.

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Personalization: The Secret Ingredient of eLearning Success


In regard to the eLearning space, ‘personalizaion’ focuses on – The environment (how the content appears in front of the learner – font sizes, colors, backgrounds, themes etc). The content (audio, video, textual, graphical etc). This name should be used throughout the course (e.g.


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Multimedia in eLearning: Why it Matters


That’s why multimedia learning examples are so important. When you use mixed media to create a dynamic, interactive learning experience for your students, you are engaging their senses and creating an environment that encourages optimal learning. So let’s dive in and explore the power of multimedia in eLearning!

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How to Put Together an Amazing Custom eLearning Experience

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Custom eLearning courses are all globally the rage right now for one simple reason. Learning and development professionals all over the world have understood that they need to build eLearning around the learner, rather than building eLearning first and then expecting the learner to acclimatize to it.

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eLearning Strategies to watch out for in 2023


10 Highly Effective Strategies For e-Learning Professionals in 2023 The struggle in eLearning strategies in 2023 and development has always been to increase engagement. Confucius once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn,” and you know he was correct. And it endures.

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Video-Based Learning: A Guide to Implementing an Effective Video eLearning Strategy


It doesn’t rely on modern, advanced eLearning technology and methods either. For instance, it doesn’t tailor the learning experience to the learner as adaptive learning does. Plus, video is a pillar of instructional design for many reasons, such as knowledge retention.

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E-learning For Healthcare Industry


Training via traditional methods can be time-consuming and expensive, eLearning allows healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments in diagnoses and treatments. E-learning courses include videos, images, audio, text, interaction, quizzes, case studies, scenario-based and animations.