Talent Development Capability Model to Unlock Employee Potential

Dan Keckan

This post was first published on eLearning Industry. In 2018, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) conducted research to define the concept of talent development. Learn how their findings can help you shape your L&D strategy.

Apple iPad Disappoints eLearning Industry

Upside Learning

The eLearning industry thrives on Flash and without it how do I even present the great stuff we create to prospects. I would love to hear comments from peers in eLearning industry on the iPad and what it could have been for the industry. Tags: Future Technology Innovation Learning Technology Mobile Learning apple ipad augmented reality eLearning elearning industry ipad

Apple 186

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Automotive Industry Update: Learning Management Systems Should Be Industry Focused


To understand the learning needs at an automotive dealership, we looked at the variables that make our auto industry clients’ dealerships unique. Our study suggests that for automotive dealerships the choice of LMS needs to be industry specific in order to overcome these issues. In an industry that is in a constant state of flux, being able to empower and enable all the personnel at a dealership to put their best foot forward is essential.

eLearning Solutions, an endowment for the Retail Industry!


The Retail Industry is considered the leading industry globally, with various departments within every organization. The Retail Industry mainly deals with the customers; hence several companies are conducting training programs for their employees on dissimilar topics and aspects of their jobs that are unique and productive. Hence, the Retail Industry has cleverly planned to incorporate eLearning solutions.

Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place! Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today.

How to Become an Industry Pro

B Online Learning

In this video, Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Articulate Community talks about how to become an industry pro. The presentation was the closing keynote at iDESIGNX in Sydney 2014. With the internet it seems anyone’s a pro. Why not you? How to build your online portfolio through community Tips & tricks on establishing your expertise.

Covid19 impact on eLearning Industry

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It is needless to say Coronavirus (or COVID19) has taken the world by storm. Leaving no country untouched, it has fast spread from China to Europe & US and the rest of the world. As of today, almost the entire world is in a lockdown. International borders are closed. Retail businesses are closed.

5 Industries Where LMS Are In Demand


LMS is in demand in these 5 industries and can help you grow your business and scale it in the best manner possible to help you and your employees make the most of e-learning by LMS provided by Gyrus Learn how you can use an LMS to your advantage in the best manner possible.

State of the Training Industry

dVinci Interactive

State of the Training Industry with Ken Taylor A Conversation with Ken Taylor, President, Training Industry. Tweet

Strategies for Reopening Safely: Effective Ways the Travel, Leisure and Transportation Industries Are Utilizing eLearning

Clarity Consultants

Both the leisure and transportation industries are fairly unique. The post Strategies for Reopening Safely: Effective Ways the Travel, Leisure and Transportation Industries Are Utilizing eLearning appeared first on Clarity Consultants - Training Development.

[On-Demand Webinar] The State of Customer Education: Trends and Benchmarks Report

Speaker: Sandi Lin & Linda Schwaber-Cohen

In this webinar, Skilljar CEO Sandi Lin shared learnings from Skilljar's recent study and her insights on the state of Customer Education. She dug into key findings so you can benchmark against industry trends and understand how your strategy and metrics compare.

The Relevancy Of Technology In The Learning And Development Industry

Dan Keckan

Technology in the Learning and Development industry is an ever-changing factor, one that forms the entire framework in which all organizations operate. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

eLearning Industry Sponsored Webinar

Learning Pool

The post eLearning Industry Sponsored Webinar appeared first on Learning Pool. Webinars content rapids Stream LXP webinar xapi

Training Industry Top 20 LMS 2020


For the third year in row, Wisetail has been selected as a Top 20 Company in the LMS/Learning Portals category by Training Industry. The post Training Industry Top 20 LMS 2020 appeared first on Wisetail LMS.

What Benefits Can eLearning Offer The Retail Industry?

Dan Keckan

The retail industry isn’t very different from your usual corporate organization. In this article we’ll discuss those benefits, in addition to the problems facing the industry and how eLearning can solve them. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning can offer massive benefits to the retail sector in terms of employee training. eLearning Best Practices Corporate eLearning Solutions Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Benefits Employee Training

Just launched! 2020 Customer Education Benchmarks and Trends Report

Based on a survey of more than 250+ external education teams, Skilljar has compiled this report on current trends including budgets, integrations, team structure, and more. In this report, see how companies across a variety of industries are building, optimizing, and measuring their training programs.

The Top 15 eLearning Industry Resources You Need to Bookmark

Growth Engineering

The eLearning industry can be a confusing place and there are a multitude of resources to sift through. This article details some of the best eLearning industry resources available, ranging from informative blog pages to insightful podcasts!

LMS Industry Snapshot


A robust learning management system is needed in almost every industry. And these are just the main industries. Mobile learning is one of the fastest growing sectors of the elearning industry. Learning management systems have been around for quite some time now, constantly morphing to fit the current demands and trends of today. At one time it was just a “tracking engine” (more or less) and now the market demands that the LMS has to be sleek and feature packed.

Brexit & The Training Industry: What To Expect


What impact will Brexit have on the training industry? Below, we've addressed some key topics that each have the potential to impact the training industry, following our withdrawal. Training Industry BrexitWe’re here to try and answer that very question.

Survey: What will the training industry look like post-COVID?

Arlo Training & Events Software

It’s been a tumultuous year for the training industry due to the restrictions of COVID-19. The post Survey: What will the training industry look like post-COVID? In March, we surveyed training providers to get an understanding of how COVID affected their business and how they were adapting. Six months on we surveyed our training providers again to see what’s changed, and how they’re building out their long-term strategies for delivering training in a post-COVID world.

Beyond Face-to-Face: Solving the Digital Practice Problem

Speaker: Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement, Lessonly

Just like training and practice is the cornerstone of any top athlete or artist, the same is true in the workplace. But in the world of sales, practice is often restricted to conference room role-playing and in-person scenarios. Join Bryan Naas, Sales Enablement Director at Lessonly, to learn the tactics you can use to make digital practice a part of the fabric of your teams’ daily schedules.

Training Vision 2: Industry Strategies and Trends

Your Training Edge

Summary: As you plan your vision and strategy for 2018, it’s important to take a look at your industry in general. As training professionals, we have to remember that our industry covers not only the industry of our firm but also the industry related to training and development. On the industry and organizational level, you may wonder why it’s necessary to look at trends when your organization’s executives may make decisions based on those trends.

Specializing in the ELearning Industry


I may be bias (okay I am definitely bias) but I strongly believe that this industry has something to offer for anyone. Jumping into this industry is easy but it also means that it is easy to get “lost” in the crowd. It’s perfectly okay to be a generalist as you get your feet wet trying to figure out which area of the industry you like best, but once you have established your interests you need to dedicate yourself to that niche. industry).

7 Tips for Survival in a Competitive Training Industry


That's certainly the view of 24% of those we surveyed in our Training Industry Benchmark Report , who claimed that one of the biggest challenges to running a successful training business was increased competition.

4 Major Advances in the eLearning Industry in 2018


The eLearning industry is booming. eLearning LMS LMS Trends LMS IndustryOnline learning content and tools are becoming increasingly effective and sophisticated, and companies are adopting eLearning in droves. Soon, almost every organization will be using online learning in some capacity.¹.

The Recipe for Increasing Learner Engagement

Speaker: Deadra Welcome

Why does learner engagement matter? Simply put, when learners are disengaged, learning programs do not achieve desired results. join us and Deadra Welcome on March 5th for a webinar walking through her practical, four-step blended learning approach, and the benefits of implementing it.

How Gamified Learning Trains Professionals In The Cosmetics Industry


Some of the leading companies in the beauty and cosmetics industry impart interactive gamified learning solutions to cater to pertinent training and development needs. Why is E-Learning Important for Professionals in the Cosmetics Industry? With changing compliances of this industry, apart from employees, training the industry professionals is also important. How Can Games Improve the Learning Experience for Cosmetics Industry? Gamification Cosmetics Industry

Report: State of Training in Manufacturing & Industry

Convergence Training

If you’re involved in training in the manufacturing and industrial spaces, we think you’ll find the report below interesting and helpful. State of Industrial & Manufacturing Training (2021).

Top 10 eLearning Industry Trends For 2013

Upside Learning

eLearning elearning industry eLearning trends As per the market predictions by GSV advisors, the global eLearning market is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23% over 2012-2017. In dollars, this translates into $90 bn to $166.5 bn in 2012 and $255 bn in 2017. That’s a very healthy growth rate. As the eLearning market continues [.].

Top Courses by Industry: Government


The post Top Courses by Industry: Government appeared first on GO1 Learning. Proven Methods for Improving Your Training If the second half of 2018 is anything like the first, the number of people who take advantage of online training courses will reach new heights. When it comes to eLearning, top educational experts agree that the remainder of 2018 will see significant growth. When comparing 2017 to […].

Agile Microlearning Explained

disruptive to the blacksmithing industry, and self-driving cars will. COGNITIVE SCIENCE BEHIND OTTOLEARN v1.1

The Future of the Training Industry Is the Ecosystem

Training Industry

The Future of the Training Industry Is the Ecosystem - Read more by Hope Williams on Training Industry. Uncategorized continuous learning learning ecosystem network enablement Training Outsourcing

2020 Learning System Awards (by Vertical/Industry)

eLearning 24-7

And now, it is time for the 2020 Learning System Awards by Verticals/Industries. I often will note it as “vertical”, so just be aware when the awards are announced by “vertical” it is the same as “industry” Not every vertical is included in my awards.

Why you should adopt Virtual Reality in Education Industry?


The VR /AR is providing an incredible learning and training environment and experiences in educational sectors and other industries. Learn More: Discovering Innovation for training – Industrial Companies! The post Why you should adopt Virtual Reality in Education Industry?

Behind the scenes of the industry’s “Best of” lists

Rustici Software

This is a fantastic list of learning systems, including traditional LMSs, LXPs/LEPs, and some systems specifically designed for particular industries. Of course, we love all of our customers equally , but we’re especially proud of the ones that make these industry lists each year.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

industry by leading HR analysts, Fosway Group, and named the number one. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool gomolearning.com @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. from a modern authoring tool? saturated market, we’ve designed.

Industry Quicklook: Restaurants


By monitoring the companies who have been frequent visitors to our website, downloading our content, and reaching out to our personnel, we determined which vertical markets are most interested in … The post Industry Quicklook: Restaurants appeared first on Float. Industry News Research Top 10 Industries Interested in Mobile Learning industries interested in mlearning industries interested in mobile learning mLearning mobile mobile learning mobile technology Top 10