e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "The iPhone dominates the smartphone market in mobile media consumption" (ZDNet)

Mark Oehlert

Main | Web-based Replacements for MSFT Project » March 25, 2008 "The iPhone dominates the smartphone market in mobile media consumption" (ZDNet) ( ZDNet Story , Media Metrics Press Release w/ more readable numbers) Check out those numbers.

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Wikis for Improving Productivity

Experiencing eLearning

RMC Vanguard is a mortgage company–able to do major increases in their business even with the economy not good for mortgage companies right now. PBwiki does backups on 3 servers plus offsite backups, so businesses don’t need to do it. A: For business, $8/user/month. Someone in the audience commented that in their small business, they have banned email attachments since implementing a wiki. Q: Do you look at metrics for activity on the wiki?

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): CNET/Webwares Top 100 Web Apps

Mark Oehlert

June 26, 2007 in Learning/Web 2.0 | Permalink Technorati Tags : web2.0 We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

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We're #3! We're #3!

The Learning Circuits

track very specific metrics regarding performance and learner response. If they do these things well, they get repeat business. technorati tags: training , needs assessment , individualized learning , IT Help Desk , Customer Service Blogged with Flock