Data, People, or Something In Between: Clearing Your Path to Career Mobility


While each learning program mentioned above was driven centrally from organizational leadership, each contained an agile, data-driven approach that let leadership review processes and adjust programs as needed on an ongoing basis.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/15/2006

Big Dog, Little Dog

Do corporations see the dichotomy in having diversity programs that extol the richness of individuality and psychometrics that defines people by 16 behavioral classifications? The Name Game - folksonomies - CIO. From a collaboration and knowledge-sharing perspective, that's what's neat about folksonomies What's Noteworthy on Learners, Learning & Schooling - McRel.

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Janet Clarey

Back in 2005, Stephen Downes had some comments on formalizing informal learning based on a CLO article. And this, recently from Mike Prokopeak talking to Lance Dublin about a third domain: Formal learning typically refers to structured learning events and programs, while informal refers to unstructured learning that happens outside the bounds of traditional learning events, whether it’s over the water cooler, in the field or through a blog or discussion forum.