How to create an Explainer Video for Training


Just a few years ago, the only way you could create a quality explainer video was to hire a motion graphics expert. Now, there are a handful of low-cost tools that make is so anyone can create an explainer video. There are a ton of different ways and styles to create an explainer video. But the purpose of this article to create something quickly. But most of what you see is marketing videos for products or services. 1: Brainstorm your content.

Practical Storyboarding – Not Just for Developers

Integrated Learnings

Researching and piecing together content tailored for the audience is quite a task by itself. Ensuring that content points and specifications are cared for within the lesson’s design can be challenging, but it need not be daunting. Many designers use storyboarding to communicate content and interaction to developers for eLearning lessons. A good storyboard provides: A simple visual layout you can easily use to check against the content points and specifications.

How To Add A Live Event To Your Mostly Online Education Business Mix With Mike Morrison From The Membership Guys


Mike runs a weekly podcast called The Membership Guys Podcast that covers practical advice and strategy tips for creating and growing a membership website. It also creates a place where they can come into contact with the tools they need. Again, it’s not content.