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How PollEvians use Poll Everywhere – Music Mashup

Poll Everywhere

The post How PollEvians use Poll Everywhere – Music Mashup appeared first on Poll Everywhere Blog. Since the start of shelter-in-place, we’ve held weekly Friday virtual happy hours for our team members to stay connected and celebrate a week’s worth of work with a.

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Awesome and Fun Avenger/Muppet Mash Up

Kapp Notes

If you are a fan of superheros and of the muppets and Sesame Street then this video is for you. (if if not, move along, nothing to see). Also, it is a good video on the value of staying focused!

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POINT-of-WORK: Ground Zero for Workforce Transformation

Living in Learning

Given there are many roles and a multitude of tasks that comprise diverse Points-of-Work there is no single-pass discovery effort holistic enough to identify performance restrainers in this mash-up of potential challenges and the measurable outcomes we seek, so I ask again – Where do we begin?

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Learning with 'e's: Mashing it up

Learning with e's

Earlier today I was invited by my good friend Maged Kamel Boulos to write a paper on educational mashups for inclusion in a special issue of Future Internet - an online open access journal, which he is guest editing. Wiki Blog Space Mashups: Combining Web 2.0 tools are mashed up within the same space. References Kop, R.

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2007 - Year of Enterprise Mashups?

Tony Karrer

I just saw an article/post by Dion Hinchcliffe - Enterprise mashups get ready for prime-time. In it, he talks about various tools that are coming forward as a means to be able to pull applications together using mash-ups. I saw IBM's tool when I was moderating a Web 2.0 event in Los Angeles.

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Learning space mashups

Learning with e's

Apparently it was blind reviewed by up to 5 reviewers, so it would seem that the review process is more rigorous than many other journals I have published with. open content mashups or combinations are explored. tools are mashed up within the same space. Keywords: mashup; wiki; blog; Web 2.0; Future Internet.

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Will Blogs, Wikis, RSS, Mashups be Used in Corporate eLearning?

Tony Karrer

In this post, Dave unfortunately lumps together blogs, wikis, mashups, rss feed together (probably because eLearning 2.0 However, I think the answer about adoption rates is going to be quite different for these things with Wikis and Mashups being adopted at a very high rate. Mashups we basically already use but in a different form.

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