How to Select the Perfect Microlearning Strategy for Your Employees

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As per Pike’s 90/20/8 rule of instructional design, content can be taught for 90 minutes continuously. However, the content should be chunked into 20-minute sections with interaction for every eight minutes. Most organizations make the mistake of choosing microlearning simply because the content development timeline is short, and the cost is cheap. The focus must be on covering full concepts in each piece of content. Point-of-Need Learning.

Rapid (Collaborative) Authoring Tools for developers/SMEs in multiple locations

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My methodology: Rapid = Tool designed for SME with no page design, authoring, or programming experience (this doesn’t exclude tools with additional functionality for advanced users). Collaborative across locations = Server-based authoring environment that one or more content developers access simultaneously using their browser for collaborative authoring. Content Authoring Software (Mediapro Education Technology Pvt. Content Point (Atlantic Link Limited).

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Why Use ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Based eLearning Development?

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With the help of its inbuilt programming language ActionScript developers can code interactions, communicate with servers, program animations etc. as one of its programming language. content has been written from scratch to provide better performance resulting in AS 3.0 This means the content runs much smoother with AS 3.0. One issue you may face while developing the content in AS 3.0

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

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I look forward to doing this each month as I always find that I missed some REALLY great content. The approach to strategy development depends on several factors such as your organizational structure, existing learning programs, organizational learning culture, and the value executives place on informal learning. October 11, 2010 We’re always looking for ways to improve our eLearning content. Here are his main points and my comments on how to improve bad eLearning: 1.