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How do I find great training content for my frontline workers?


Great content points your employees in the right direction. It’s time consuming. It’s resource intensive. It’s expensive. And it’s an essential part of every company training strategy. It provides foundational knowledge as they get started. It helps them build new skills as the business evolves.

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Rapid Authoring Tools For Creating mLearning

Upside Learning

However, one should be careful while selecting compatible multimedia content (audio, video, images) for the targeted mobile platforms. Recently they have also released free template sets for the iPad which one can use for iPad content authoring. Other tools, like Articulate and Content Point also claims to publish for mobile.


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More Marketing Malarkey

Clark Quinn

One of the posts cited a colleague’s more nuanced presentation about small content, pointing out four different ways to use microlearning (though interestingly, five were cited in the referenced presentation). The thing that concerns me is that all these things are different, and take different design approaches.

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Practical Storyboarding – Not Just for Developers

Integrated Learnings

Ensuring that content points and specifications are cared for within the lesson’s design can be challenging, but it need not be daunting. Many designers use storyboarding to communicate content and interaction to developers for eLearning lessons. Create placeholder pages for known content. --2--

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How to create an Explainer Video for Training


Content point 1. Content point 2. Content point 3. As you write your script, keep these 2 points in mind: Length: Goal is 1 minute , 2 minutes absolute max. I just removed the goal (the hook is what the user cares about) and I reiterate the call to action again at the end. Call to action.

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Kaplan IT Learning to demo Version 2.0 of Atlantic Link collaborative rapid e-Learning authoring software at DevLearn 2010 by Learning Solutions Staff


At DevLearn 2010 in San Francisco, November 3-4, Kaplan will demonstrate a new version of Atlantic Link Content Point, Capture Point, and Knowledge Point products. These include a range of new features and functionalities that deliver powerful media-suite editing capabilities.

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Nufarm launched new LMS to cultivate a stronger partner training practice without making it a big IT project


Our resellers and other partners can now self-signup to access a powerful training platform with webinars, videos, presentations, and other learning content. Points and gamification motivate learners, certificates are automatically issued, and through the easy reporting we can see who has completed which training and when.