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RFP Process for eLearning Solutions and Services


How to Write a Winning RFP to Hire the Best E-learning Vendor? Many businesses that seek to implement RFP process for eLearning as a training strategy within the company for which they allocate the funds end up in trouble. What is RFP from eLearning Perspective? Request A Demo.

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Boost Your ROI with a Better eLearning RFP

dVinci Interactive

Establishing a new eLearning vendor relationship is a complicated process. How will eLearning help your organization succeed? A carefully thought out Request for Proposal (RFP) addresses each question specifically, and provides the information your learning partner needs to deliver the results you want.

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How to Write a Winning RFP to Hire the Best E-learning Vendor

CommLab India

Before you begin formulating the e-learning vendor selection criteria for your organization, work on the all-important step of writing a request for proposal (RFP). An RFP helps you list your requirements clearly so that you elicit responses from the right e-learning solution providers who match your needs, expectations, and budget.