Custom eLearning Development: 3 Modern Learning Trends That Will Drive Future Success

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Custom eLearning solutions have long been on the rise. Many custom eLearning solutions can help your organization engage employees this year. The learning solution that best fits your organization is highly dependent on your business’s needs and goals.

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Custom eLearning Solutions for 2021: Mobile Enabled Learning

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Most companies have already adjusted and have developed learning solutions to meet the immediate need. Suppose you are looking for a custom eLearning solution that will help your organization quickly deliver quality learning experiences to your changing workforce.

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Trends in Learning Solutions Procurement

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As a learning solutions provider, we see organizations take a variety of approaches to contracting. Once qualified, JPL and other qualified vendors would propose solutions for individual scopes of work (SOWs). For each SOW, the two companies propose solutions and the client selects its preferred solution. Other situations have a more open process with individual briefings, an ongoing dialog and an in-person presentation of the proposed solution.

eLearning Solutions, an endowment for the Retail Industry!


Hence, the Retail Industry has cleverly planned to incorporate eLearning solutions. eLearning Solutions saves cost, an employee need not go all the way to the training centers, he will get training wherever he is, resulting in no travel cost and no classroom space cost. CHRP-INDIA provides eLearning Solutions, which is a vital investment for Retail Companies who wants to explore, gain good knowledge and high-quality content in a short span of time with less expense.

Build or Buy an LMS? How to Pick the Right Solution for Your Budget

BUDGET. When it comes to picking your next LMS that six-letter word is probably the most important part of the decision-making process. So, what are your options to get the best possible eLearning solution without breaking the bank? Build it or buy it. This guide from Lambda’s eLearning experts details absolutely everything you need to consider so you can pick the perfect eLearning solution for your organization and budget.

Solutions To Common Custom Training Development Mistakes

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Developing your own customized training offers many benefits, but it comes with its share of risks. Identify these common mistakes and learn how to avoid them. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Pick And Mix Approach: Top Ways Custom Training Solutions Solve L&D Challenges

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Custom training solutions personalize your L&D approach and improve employee engagement. Learning And Development Corporate eLearning Solutions Custom eLearning Custom eLearning Development eLearning Challenges eLearning eBooks

9 Top Corporate eLearning Solutions For SMBs On A Tight Budget

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So, which corporate eLearning solutions should you entrust to custom eLearning content providers to get the best value for money? eLearning Design and Development Corporate eLearning Solutions Custom eLearning Development eLearning eBooks eLearning Outsourcing Training Needs Analysis

xAPI Best Practices from Learning Solutions

Adult Learning with Technology

Scrolling through LinkedIn today showed an awesome article written by Jason Haag on Learning Solutions that is well worth a read and needed to be shared. The post xAPI Best Practices from Learning Solutions first appeared on Digital Learning Solutions.

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What Makes Microlearning a Great Corporate Training Solution?

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As opportunities for career development continue to become a high priority for today’s top talent and as organizations work towards closing skills gaps microlearning is quickly becoming a popular learning solution. The post What Makes Microlearning a Great Corporate Training Solution?

How to Select the Right Training Software for Your Company

Creating a training program for your organization can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are many platforms that offer lots of solutions. How do you decide which one is right for you? Learn about the features to look for and questions to ask before making an important investment in your company’s future.

7 Types of LMS Solutions

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There are still hundreds of LMS solutions in the world. The post 7 Types of LMS Solutions appeared first on Talented Learning. Although many try to leave the “LMS” moniker behind, buyers and the industry won’t let them.

eLearning too Expensive? A Solution for Every Budget

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We develop full-scale curriculums , conduct Needs Analysis , and develop a wide range of games and mobile solutions. If your organization needs large review teams and many review cycles for sound business reasons, then it makes sense to invest a little more in a learning solution. No matter what your project is, or how big your organization is, you probably want to keep your learning solution as affordable as possible.

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Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


Wistia provides an interesting cross between the above two solutions, being both a more premium service, but one that offers an edge in terms of the marketing tools it offers. Choose the video hosting solution that best suits your need. You’re creating a video series for your course.

Paradiso Solutions presents its Top 10 eLearning development companies for 2020


For that reason, as Paradiso Solutions, we did a deep research about the eLearning development companies in the market that offer content based on the client’s needs. Here are Paradiso Solutions top 10 eLearning development companies working with eLearning Content: 1.

Deliver Effective Online Education and Events Your Members Will Love

This guide identifies the biggest challenges for associations moving their training online and provides practical solutions so that you can hit the ground running. Download now to keep your members engaged and growing even in times of COVID-19.

5 Common Virtual Learning Issues and Solutions

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Consider advanced flexibility, productivity savings, and the ability to make your virtual learning programs part of a blended solution. Solution: Turning your instructor-led programs into virtual learning means taking extra time to include dynamic, fun and interactive engagements.

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Multi-device Testing: Challenges, Considerations and Solutions – Webinar

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The ever expanding range of devices used by people today has redefined the way eLearning is developed. eLearning now needs to be accessible on almost every device to give learners the flexibility to learn. At any time. From any place. What this entails is a thorough testing of the learning resource on all target devices. […]. Responsive Learning Design Upside Learning Multi-device Testing

Business-aligned strategies for Performance Transformation: An Interview with Anu Galhotra, VP, Learning Solutions, Infopro Learning

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To understand how learning journeys unlock human potential and delivers business value, we talked to Infopro Learning VP, Learning Solutions, Anu Galhotra. The benefits or outcome that the journey seeks to achieve must be charted out while the solutions is being created.

Shaping an eLearning Solution

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Effective engagement is important and of course goes without say for any learning solution, however we find that many people confuse the words engagement and interaction. In my opinion it would be right to consider that engagement is created by the embedded learning science in the solution, which influences the desire to learn. This statement is very important when creating elearning solutions.

5 Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.

Using eLearning As A Cost Effective Training Solution


Employee eLearning has great potential to offer a cost effective solution for many businesses. It can increase employee confidence and their feeling of security. It gives companies the ability to improve employee knowledge of the organisation, and create loyalty and internal buy-in.

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How To Accelerate A Rapid Custom eLearning Solution For Superb Training Results

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In this article, we will examine how you can accelerate rapid custom eLearning solutions to reach your goals. You always wish your training is one-of-a-kind, engaging, and effective. You want it to have excellent results. That's fair!

The Upside Learning Solutions Showcase

Upside Learning

eLearning Custom eLearning Showcase Custom Learning Showcase Custom Learning Solutions Showcase Learning Solutions Showcase Upside Learning ShowcaseEven with the best of intentions, it’s a pretty tough job to implement innovation. You may spot it floating somewhere out there: an idea that could really help your team learn better or teach better, do better or share their knowledge better. Many clients started their conversations with us by asking for help to put […].

Performance Consulting: The L&D Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Today’s organizations are unique, and one size fits all solutions rarely work the way they are intended to. The post Performance Consulting: The L&D Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed first appeared on Infopro Learning.

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

Most digital learning trends focus too much on the "digital" and not enough on the "learning". It is not enough that content builders master available tools. We need a return to core learning fundamentals. Get Inno-Versity's eBook for 6 of the most important trends coming to digital learning.

Selecting the Right Authoring Tools to Create Your Custom eLearning Solution

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Today many organizations are looking to update their employee development programs with new modern training solutions that better fit the changing needs of their employees. The post Selecting the Right Authoring Tools to Create Your Custom eLearning Solution first appeared on Infopro Learning.

Book Review: Visual Design Solutions

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Connie Malamed’s new book Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals is written specifically for learning professionals. Visual Design Solutions is divided into four major parts, each with multiple chapters: The Big Ideas (thinking and working like a designer). Overall, I found Visual Design Solutions very helpful, and I will be coming back to it and rereading it again in the future.

10 Mobile Learning Solutions

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Mobile learning solutions offer: . We’ve gathered 10 mobile learning solutions that you can use as a starting point: Mobile Learning Solution #1 – EdApp. EdApp is a mobile learning solution that specializes in microlearning. Mobile Learning Solution #7 – Udemy.

Microlearning at Vector Solutions

Convergence Training

Not that long ago, our parent company Vector Solutions undertook a large project to convert some existing courses into microlearning courses that their RedVector customers could use. The post Microlearning at Vector Solutions appeared first on Convergence Training Blog.

3 Tips to Measure and Analyze the ROI of your Custom eLearning Solution

Providing engaging and relevant eLearning for your learners can be a sizable investment. How do you measure both the quantitative and qualitative results of your efforts? These 3 tips show you how to do a big picture analysis so you can give a full account on your next eLearning project.

Advantages of Custom e-learning Solutions for an Organization


If you’re looking for customizable, scalable, specific training content, the better alternative is custom e-learning solutions. Custom e-learning solutions can present targeted evaluations that are helpful to both the employee and the organization. They help the organization by giving essential data that can pinpoint where employees are struggling and what problems may need more in-depth solutions. We’d be happy to discuss solutions and strategies catered to your needs.

Three eLearning Design Challenges and Solutions

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The post Three eLearning Design Challenges and Solutions appeared first on B Online Learning. There is no doubt that eLearning designers need strong problem-solving skills. In the early stages of any design project, we need to wear […]. Articulate Design Development

How to Make Sense of your Training Technology Solutions


Here are a few key features in training technology solutions. The post How to Make Sense of your Training Technology Solutions appeared first on AllenComm. Corporate Training training technology solutionsThe more technical aspects of eLearning are often misunderstood.

Building Responsive Performance-Oriented Solutions


Today adult learners are looking for quick-fix solutions. Instant learning solutions that address immediate needs to improve job performance. ? The solution is developing performance-oriented solutions to deliver tacit knowledge. Here are some key points to consider when developing performance-oriented solutions: ? That’s just how performance-oriented solutions should be designed. Accessibility: This probably is the most critical feature of any solution.

Go Beyond with the Gamification of Workplace Learning

Speaker: Amit Garg, CEO and Founder at Upside Learning Solutions & Jonathan Peters, PhD, Chief Motivation Officer at Sententia Gamification

In this webinar, Amit Garg, Founder & CEO of Upside Learning, and Jonathan Peters PhD, Chief Motivation Officer at Sententia Gamification, discuss the "What? Why? & How?" of gamification in workplace learning. Amit and Jonathan will chat about their views and experiences with gamification in workplace learning including some real examples from their work, along with lots of opportunities for interaction with the audience.

How To Choose A Virtual Training Solution

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Choosing a virtual training solution can be very challenging. Virtual Training Corporate eLearning Best Practices eLearning eBooks eLearning Solutions Modern LearnersHere is what you should keep in mind when making your choice. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.