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Brain Power: How to Engage Your e-Learners


It’s time to put on your thinking cap! This reinforces what you want learners to remember and embeds it into their long-term memory. Today, we’re going to take a look at 6 strategies for using brain power to engage your e-Learners: Switch it up! This type of contrast or break stimulates the neural activity in the brain.

Brain 80
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What’s the future of social learning?

Growth Engineering

We’ve put on our forward-thinking caps and considered a few of the things we might expect from the future of social learning. It might be many years still since we see some of these, but others might be closer than you think. Thankfully, as our technology improves, so too does our ability to interact with one another.


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Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

eLearning 24-7

Embed video – inc. Embed audio, images and Flash objects. Thinking Cap Studio - Vastly improved – offers features for the masses and the developers. Course Authoring Tools for the masses. Common features include. Ability to use PowerPoint. Offer linear and non-linear design, plus table of contents.

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Low Cost LMSs – Yes, u can find one for under 10K

eLearning 24-7

Thinking Cap – UI is average, but feature set includes customizing labels, masthead among others, nice social set including live chat, forums, streaming, web conferencing via WebEx, integrated e-mail. The site is in Swedish, but you can change the language by selecting country flags or by using Google Translate.