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How to Create Animated.GIFs for Free

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And here’s an easy way to create them for free. Create Animated.GIFs for Free with Screen2Gif. Screen2Gif is a free open source application available here for download. When you click the.exe file it opens the application. And now you can do it for free.

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How to Choose the Best Images for Your e-Learning


We’ve all seen e-Learning that features endless stock photos of people in business environments, sitting at desks but not actually doing anything related to the job your learners are training for. For free stock photo resources and more, read this Friday Finds blog.

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Here Are Some Free Animated Gifs

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Header graphics are mostly decorative so the trick is to get decent enough quality while keeping the file size down (which is a major challenge with animated.gifs). Examples of Free Animated Gif Headers. Free E-Learning Resources.

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Why is My Video Blurry? – TechSmith Tips

TechSmith Camtasia

In other words, raster art cannot be enlarged without losing quality and vector art does not use pixels and therefore is resolution-independent. If you are a Camtasia or Snagit user, you may have noticed that some callouts are in vector form, they can be scaled without loosing quality.

How to Make Animated Gifs from Video

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Some people asked how I created the animated.gifs similar to the ones I gave away for free in this recent blog post. Screen2Gif is free and you don’t need to install it. Just run the.EXE file. Animated.gifs can become very large files. Free E-Learning Resources.

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6 tips for using images in your e-learning material


The internet is not an stock image library. If you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer or illustrator to create original artwork for your content, then the second best option is to buy stock art and pictures from a image stock service such as