LearnTrends: Microlearning

Experiencing eLearning

Official description: Microlearning: Beyond Learning Objects and Just-in-time Performance Support. The need and pressure to learn continually, coupled with limited time available to learn, make new digital media viable for professional development. Let’s discuss how microlearning might address the realities of learning in a digital age. Basic goal: make learning more effective through new media. Learning objects are. for learning/instructional purpose.

Learning pathways

Learning with 'e's

The institutional learning platform - the VLE - is a classic case of decisions made about learning without consulting the learner. How can we reach a place in education where students find their own level and make their own pathways through learning? Rhizome theory is also a useful framework for understanding self-determined learning - the heutagogy described by Hase and Kenyon. Students can, and do, create their own personalised learning pathways.

VLE 52

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More rogue.

Janet Clarey

Lisa Gualtieri, Editor-in-Chief, eLearn Magazine wrote an article called Learn from Rogue Tweeters: 7 Steps to Promoting Your Organization in Twitter. He is concerned however, that policies may eventually constrain him…he believes the current informal process works because he is “conscientious and diligent.&#. THE CURRENT INFORMAL PROCESS WORKS. So why formalize social media (in my mind a highly informal way to learn)?

Learning theories for the digital age

Learning with 'e's

I blogged about some of the new theories that seem appropriate as explanatory frameworks for learning in a digital age. These included heutagogy , which describes a self-determined approach to learning, a new model of peer-peer learning known as paragogy , a post modernist '' rhizomatic '' learning explanation, distributed learning and connectivist theory , and also a short essay on the digital natives/immigrants discourse.

Many encounters

Learning with e's

Started the morning off having breakfast with Informal Learning guru Jay Cross in the lounge of the K-West hotel, in Kensington, West London. The one day Learning Skills Group conference this year attracted 450 delegates, mainly from the corporate training sector. tools (I demonstrated the wisdom of crowds, folksonomies and social tagging through a number of 'get out of your seat' activities which seemed to go down well) and problem based learning.

kowabunga dude!

The Learning Circuits

the collaborative learning environments sourcebook was one of the first resources i use when i began learning about communities of practice. but what struck me as worth blogging about was that i rediscovered this resource through practicing one of the first forms of informal learning that the internet spawned - web surfing. just to explore and learn. i just had the experience that i'm sure happens to many of us. i was reunited with a long lost favorite website.