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Anatomy of a PLE

Learning with e's

Originally a counterpoint to the institutional Managed Learning Environment (iMLE or 'VLE'), PLEs are becoming a much talked about concept, and were the prime focus of the recently held PLE Conference in Cornella, Barcelona. Now it's time to change direction a little and challenge the unhelpful binary of PLE versus VLE.

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Physiology of a PLE

Learning with e's

Yesterday I posted my views on what I think are the essential components of a Personal Learning Environment - the Anatomy of the PLE. Today, I want to examine some of the functionality of PLEs - the physiology if you will - what is it that learners need from their PLEs? Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

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PLE bargaining

Learning with e's

The first conference on PLEs took place in the humid but tranquil Cornella area of Barcelona this week. Those attending the PLE Conference found themselves quickly immersed in discussion, dialogue and debate over the nature and ethos of the personal learning environment. The conclusion of this exercise? We couldn't agree.

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Learning with e's

Here's the abstract: The Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a concept that describes how learners create and sustain their study through individualised tools and resources. Each PLE by its nature is unique, with each individual choosing their own preferred approaches. Tags: VLE PLE Web 2.0 Reference Johnson, M. and Liber, O.

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LMS, PLE, VLE, ILS & SCORM – Navigate the Acronym Minefield

Adobe Captivate

eLearning #PLE #VLE #ILS #Virtual Worlds #SCORM #LMS. The inevitable explosion of web technologies has led to a mangled pile of nearly incomprehensible acronyms swimming around in many of today's trendiest headlines and articles. So what is all this stuff about, and why all the hype / excitement etc. around the latest wave of acronyms?

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PWLE Not PLE - Knowledge Work Not Separate from Learning

Tony Karrer

Mohamed Amine Chatti (a fellow Eddie eLearning nominee) last two posts The LaaN Perspective , and Requirements of a PLE Framework are both interesting posts and worth reading. His requirements for a PLE Framework include: Personalization Social features Social filtering I ncorporate various Web 2.0 But that's the exception.

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Strategies to Create an Effective Personal Learning Environment

eLearning Company

Introduction to Personal Learning Environments Developing an effective Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is fundamental to fostering independent learning and lifelong educational development. It’s a concept that all learners should understand and leverage to gain the most out of their educational experiences.