Is harboring eLearning data safe again?


After a recent ruling declared the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles invalid, many LearnUpon customers asked: what now for EU-US personal data transfer? With Safe Harbor not so safe anymore, can I still transfer eLearning data from the EU to the US?

What You Need to Know About the New 508 Compliance Rules

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On January 18, 2017, the United States Access Board published a final rule that jointly updates requirements for information and communication technology (ICT) covered by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Section 255 of the Communication Act.

GDPR came and went: how it impacted our products

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We’ve participated in Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield certifications in the past, which guided our existing policies. We needed to provide ways to delete the information that this method creates. We also needed to provide ways to delete the information that this method creates. Since Dispatch has the potential to capture some learner’s personally identifiable information (PII) we have added a tool that can anonymize the PII learning data.

DevLearn Day 1

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You are not retaining information – it is the LMS. Also find out if they are certified with Safe Harbor. uh, Safe Harbor only applies if you are in Europe). Well back to another expo conference installment – this time it is DevLearn Day 1. First off, this is being written in the WordPress app so there will not be any colors and the text might appear strange in your browser. Themes.