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Copyright Law: Using music or other audio in training and presentations

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Copyright expert Linda Wolff Rohrbaugh states, "That myth arose from an education working group that tried to create safe harbor standards for face-to-face education. It turns out that that was bad information.

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Is harboring eLearning data safe again?


After a recent ruling declared the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles invalid, many LearnUpon customers asked: what now for EU-US personal data transfer? With Safe Harbor not so safe anymore, can I still transfer eLearning data from the EU to the US? Safe Harbor provided that assurance. And it was.


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What You Need to Know About the New 508 Compliance Rules

eLearning Brothers

There’s a “safe harbor” clause for legacy content. This means videos need closed captions, making sure images have alt text, and so on. If you’re freaking out about having to update all your previously compliant content, it’s okay!

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JQuery Lightbox Generator. Mobile-ready, Responsive

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Notice: We are a community based organization dedicated to the implementation of fair and consistent guidelines in all California counties as a safe harbor from

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Safeguarding Your Virtual Education Sphere


It stands for the Safe Harbor Online Compliance Statement for Social Networks and is developed by the US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). One excellent way to do this is by implementing SOC2 compliance requirements into your education platform.

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DevLearn Day 1

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Also find out if they are certified with Safe Harbor. uh, Safe Harbor only applies if you are in Europe). One source told me, that they try to sidestep if the question comes up, but so far no one has asked me. Now, is the time you should – not only to standalone LRSs but also within a LMS. Let them eat cake.

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GDPR came and went: how it impacted our products

Rustici Software

We’ve participated in Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield certifications in the past, which guided our existing policies. We were proud that we already valued our customers’ data as their own, never shared it out with a third-party for commercial gain and took every reasonable step to keep data secure.