A Complete Training Portal for Multi-device Mobile Learners

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Early training portal technologies were training-centric where learners had to configure their systems according to the training format and therefore, it was difficult and expensive to deliver training in various formats. Your training portal should be accessible on all these browsers. All these factors need to be considered to ensure the training portal works on all of them. Your training portal should be able to deliver the same in both formats.

Mobile Learning in Education using Instancy Mobile App Platform


Within the native app you can provide the students with native experience through which they can connect with the server.


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SaaS LMS: Everything You Need to Know


You simply log into a web portal and have access to the features and courses. A self-hosted LMS is installed locally on your company’s servers. It also leaves you and your team handling applications, like servers, databases, resources, and budgeting.

Is finance elearning mandatory in a digitalized world? 

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And with such massive employee strength organizing even synchronous virtual training is an impossible task. There are different training portals for distinct kinds of employees with an LMS. Banking is an integral part of the economy in any country.

Your LMS synced with SAML protocol to make your training programs secure and reliable


The synchronization between your LMS and SAML protocol is responsible for the administration of essential security functions, such as authentication, to determine the veracity of the users’ identity and the authorization to manage their access to different tools or content within the platform. The use of HTTP / HTTPS protocols facilitates the network administration since these ports are used more frequently in the secure servers of the main server or the client.

How To Create An Online Language Learning Website Like Verbling


Before Verbling, most of the language training portals relied on ready-made instructional designs or text-based chat interactions at most. How Online Language Learning Portals Generate Revenue? It’s 100% customizable, Comes with open source-code, Can be self-hosted on a web-server, And you can get 100% ownership by paying a one-time cost; no recurring fee at all. With a CAGR of 18.7%, the online language learning market is expected to reach $21.2 billion by 2027.

Training on a small screen: How to use the TalentLMS mobile app


And when they’re back online, their progress will automagically get synchronized with the TalentLMS cloud servers. If you use Branches in your TalentLMS web portal, then you’ll be happy to know that the mobile app is fully compatible with those, as well.

What Is Learning Management System, Its Features, And Advantages Of Using LMS


If you are using a cloud-based LMS solution, all members of your team can access the information, thanks to the fact that it is stored on the remote server. These types of LMS solutions need not be installed in order to access it as it is hosted on the cloud server.

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5 Leading Enterprise File Sync and Share Providers


Here’s how Gartner defines EFSS: “EFSS refers to a range of on-premises or cloud-based capabilities that enable individuals to synchronize and share documents, photos, videos and files across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Top 29 Learning Management System Features You Should Consider


Learning Portals As your organization grows, you’ll inevitably have more learners and audiences to train, and more often than not, different departments will have separate learning goals and needs. And, by copying course content from one portal to another, this is easily achievable.

Top 29 Learning Management System Features You Should Consider


Learning Portals As your organization grows, you’ll inevitably have more learners and audiences to train, and more often than not, different departments will have separate learning goals and needs. And, by copying course content from one portal to another, this is easily achievable.

It’s raining features: TalentLMS 3.5 update lands on the Cloud


While it has always been a breeze to securely access your training portal through a TalentLMS subdomain (e.g. Behind the scenes, we leverage the excellent letsencrypt.com certificate service, to create, update and manage SSL certificates for your eLearning portals on the fly. Whether you call it Hybrid Learning, Instructor-Led Training, or Blended Learning, TalentLMS has always offered strong support for the merging of online and asynchronous with in-person synchronous training.

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SCORM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered by Experts


Well, if you are a small eLearning business utilizing a proprietary portal for teaching, you should just be fine if you are not using the SCORM standard. There is a lot of off-the-shelf content available when your portal supports SCORM. Here is everything you need to know about SCORMs.

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TalentLMS Goes Mobile (and offline) With Our New & Free, iOS App


and understand the huge flexibility and power that eLearning on the go can offer — which is why we designed and implemented the TalentLMS eLearning portal as a mobile-friendly, responsive website that is equally at home on your laptop or your smartphone. What’s best, your progress will automagically get synchronized with the server when you go back online.

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

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a month/per user for 1TB of storage, desktop synchronization, secured sharing and office integration, but the OnlinePlan 2 offers additional features such as advanced encryption, and eDiscovery. ZOHO Features: Offers a collection of productivity platforms such as writing, presentation, spreadsheet, and sync applications; In-app chat feature, SSL security, Dropbox integration, business reporting, server-recovery integration, website-builders and lots more.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


CDN is a global network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers to enable the high availability and high performance of content being viewed by the learner. Learning Portal. Learning portals are like ‘mini LMSs’ that enable you to manage and deliver training to your employees, partners, and customers in separate, unique environments. Each learning portal can be individually branded and customized to ensure it meets the specific needs of the learners who access it.

Top achievements and upcoming highlights: 2012 – 2013


To improve the performance of our quiz product we switched to AJAX and added more servers which makes for faster response and load time. Learners portal – To allow learners easy access to online courses, we introduced self-registration to online classrooms. Video + Audio synchronization with powerpoint. 2012 was an incredible year for all of us at ProProfs.

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K-12 and LMSs are Broken, Who’s to Blame?

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Uptime – Most systems today who are in the cloud use server farms such as Rackspace and Amazon S3 – thus that “uptime” is tied to those servers. Neo LMS allows true asynchronous based learning (self pace, non-linear) on top of the standard synchronous based seen throughout education. Student portal. Parent portal. Private server. Back in the 90’s I taught high school and loved it.

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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Eliminates the “storage&# content component of learning management systems that sadly continues to grow- to offset systems’ bandwidth and server costs. Feature set is rich – think of the possibilities, even with a learning management or learning portal system. Synchronous based learning which has limitations and sometimes passive learning, now becomes active learning.


Questioning the Questioner

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Formal on-the-job training and synchronous e-learning were tied at a distant second, with 18 percent. In business circles, an increasing amount of data and services are housed on distant servers and accessed on demand via web browser. Sure, Google has become our portal to a giant online repository of information, but we all know learning is much more than facts or figures.

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Top 75 eLearning Posts - May 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

and on the test server here at BU, and I want to like it … I really do! A Learning Portal is Not an LMS - Getting Down to Business , May 18, 2010 I have been in several discussions recently with clients, partners, and many in the training industry, and I have been hearing a common theme emerge: “I need a learning portal, not an LMS&#. I’ve included an outline of my lesson plan for the introductory synchronous session and would love your feedback.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

Along the way, OnPoint was asked by one of our wireless carrier customers to provide the first enterprise mobile authoring environment supporting completely separate staging/QA and production servers but allowing for content syncing to a single, secure mobile application instance on one device – a feat tantamount to hitting one over Fenway’s Green Monster but soon realized after some cleaver programming. A.K.A. How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out!

List of e-Learning Job Descriptions

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· Creates graphics, animations, videos, and Web interfaces for Web portals, e-learning, and marketing and communications products. · Conducts research and create prototypes of Web portals and e-learning products. Systems Administrator- Administers LMS server, user accounts, and network security. Sessions may include live classroom sessions, synchronous or asynchronous webinars and one-on-one, on-the-job training.