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Wishing for a Google Writer!


Everyday when I check blog feeds on my Google Reader, I wonder when Google Reader will not just be a 'reader' but become Google Reader cum Writer! Especially, when I have more than 50 blog feeds to read and reflect, the last thing I want to do is go to 50 individual blogs just to share my comments with them. The idea of Google Reader is great. It is painful to go to individual blogs to comment on them and keep coming back to the Reader. Google Reader Tags: blog feed Web 2.0 You have all on one page.

My Top 10 Learning Tools and Techniques

Learn and Lead

Here are my top 10 tools for learning in Aug 2008. Search engines – though Google is still my most used generic search engine, I have discovered and used few other more specific search engines. Bloggingblogging continues to help me reflect on my thoughts and crystallize my learning. still use Blogger for my personal blog and have moved to hosted Wordpress for my team blog. Blog Feeds – I read blogs via RSS feeds. Have been on Google Reader so far and recently discovered Feedly.

Performance Support

Clark Quinn

That’s how we use Google and corporate wikis and instant messenger. He later asks: Overall, what are corporate blogs, feeds, aggregators, wikis, mash-ups, locator systems, collaboration environments, and widgets, if not performance support? Great post by Jay Cross that uses the history of performance support to set up the need for what Jay calls Learnscapes. I've been a long-time believer in EPSS and ePerformance. Jay tells us: Performance support is blossoming in organizations today under the label of Web 2.0. This is an interesting take.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace

Learning Visions

Not ONE person has a blog. A few people have "read" a few blogs -- written by friends with photos of children. One woman told me that she used to blog in LiveJournal, but there was just way too much personal information that was getting shared with the universe, so she deleted her account. Its not safe." Im not sure how this relates to danah boyds recent blog article on Viewing American class divisions through FaceBook and MySpace. For example, I just Googled "second life women." because many blogs, news, TV news, etc.only talks about SL and Sex.