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Myspace induction

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Upon ending the presentation rather than give out advice on pre-start of courses reading, I asked them to get a Myspace account, fill out all the categories and be sure to post comments to at least two from others. My plans are that the Social networking aspects of Myspace will not only form the first point for an ongoing trend of collaboration but be the foundation in forming an online presence and identity The HND course officially started today with an induction. I had an hour to present myself and courses to them.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace

Learning Visions

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 The Real World, SecondLife and FaceBook/MySpace Over the past few weeks Ive conducted about 17 interviews with current college students and recent graduates. couple of people also had MySpace accounts. MySpace is seen as being too "creepy". Its not safe." Im not sure how this relates to danah boyds recent blog article on Viewing American class divisions through FaceBook and MySpace. Safety and creepy were the big buzzwords I heard. A few people commented that MySpace is too garish; the FaceBook look and feel is more classic. eLearnin.

Cyworld: Myspace, Flickr, Blogger, AIM, and SecondLife in ONE

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

To an American eye, the Cyworld service looks like a mixture of some of the hottest US properties: it's MySpace meets Flickr and Blogger and AIM and Second Life. Cyworld has penetration rates that would make Rupert Murdoch, CEO of MySpace parent News Corp. It looks like the future of Social networking is going to come from Korea in the form of a tool called Cyworld. O'Reilly has a long post referencing the Business2.0 article on the topic covering many angles. But as I glossed over the geopolitical discussion and focused on the technology I gathered these bits from the B2.0

What Millennials Want from Member Education

Association eLearning

At first, my computer only included educational games (my mom was a bit of a hippie and opposed the violent and competitive games my friends were playing).  I learned some basic html coding when I was just 11 years old because I constantly wanted to update the backgrounds on my NeoPets and MySpace profiles. assnchat. Association Chat (@assnchat) June 3, 2014. Visuals. Gamification.

Our eLearners desire something human. The best designs let something human look back at them.

Coffee and Design

Consider: CompuServe, AOL, MySpace, Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. I have enjoyed this month’s issue of Wired, especially an article from senior writer, Mat Honan. couldn’t find his article on the web, otherwise I would have just linked to it. Originally written by Mat Honan on Wired Magazine. May 2014. The history of the Internet is one of lonely people trying to find one another.

Infographic: How Google has changed what it means to do research


2003: Myspace launched. With almost 30 percent of the human population, or 2 billion people, using the internet; and 94 percent of US students equating research with using Google or other search engines, it comes as no surprise that 75 percent of students use Wikipedia and online encyclopedias for research. They also used Wikipedia (75 %) and YouTube or otehr social media sites (52 % ).

Yahoo 38

MOOC Major Players


The MOOC landscape is taking shape , and just like social networking sites before it, the major players are starting to emerge.  It’s still too early to tell which one of these will fall the way of MySpace, but as Facebook has pointed out, there is often very little room at the top. Given the shifting environment, it isn’t always clear what options are out there. MOOCs

The future of eLearning, part 2


Social networking is not some new category of computer use that Facebook (or Friendster/MySpace/Twitter/etc) invented. In this series of posts we stroke our elaborate moustaches, straighten up our turbans, and look into our crystal balls to determine the future of eLearning in 10 years time. Instructor-Led training. Physical classrooms, teachers and whiteboards rule the day. Social learning.

Blending social and mobile

Bottom-Line Performance

Its roots are NOT in mobile learning as social became a hit with the advent of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook – which emerged before mobile phones gave access to these sites. (We have created a 7-part comprehensive report containing a series of two-to-three page “briefs.” This is part 2: Blending social and mobile. Twitter), LinkedIn, etc. Anyone can become a teacher.

The future of eLearning, part 2


Social networking is not some new category of computer use that Facebook (or Friendster/MySpace/Twitter/etc) invented. In this series of posts we stroke our elaborate moustaches, straighten up our turbans, and look into our crystal balls to determine the future of eLearning in 10 years time. Instructor-Led training. Physical classrooms, teachers and whiteboards rule the day. Social learning.

Part 2: Using Facebook as a learning platform (videos)


Social networking sites have educational benefits: University of Minnesota researcher Christine Greenhow breaks down how her research has found that social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace can have an impact for learning and educational growth for high school students. This week I would like to share my favorite YouTube videos on the subject! 1. History Class. 2.

Viva la difference

Learning with e's

Yesterday I blogged that there was little or no difference between FaceBook and MySpace, principally because I thought there was no difference between the social class profiles of users. Tags: MySpace social network FaceBook BBC News Bebo Around half a million British users visited all three services in May'. Promiscuity? What does Mr Cellan-Jones mean by this??

Dangerous liaisons?

Learning with e's

Sites such as CEOP's Think You Know have become useful resources to raise children's awareness of the dangers of using social networking tools such as Bebo and Myspace. Tags: MySpace CEOP Mebo Internet safety cyberbullying learning Bebo e-safety Keeping children safe on the Internet is an increasing concern for parents and teachers alike.

New spaces, new pedagogies

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They can easily connect into and maintain contact with multiple communities of interest, gaining access to experts using social networking tools such as Myspace and Facebook. Tags: MySpace YouTube iPods blogs augmented reality Flickr FaceBook Web 2.0 They can organise their own resources through free and easy to use tagging and social filtering tools. Unported License.

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Are we more intelligent?

Learning with e's

2010) The Cult of the Amateur: How blogs, Myspace, YouTube and the rest of today's user generated media are killing our culture and economy. This is part 2 of the series on technological futures. When discussing the future, especially the future of technology, there are some writers who almost always seem to be quoted. Whether we shall see the Singularity is one question. Carr, N. Keen, A.

Networked noughties 2003-2005

Learning with e's

Myspace was to become the trend setter - within 3 years it had signed up an astounding 100 million users. The history of both Myspace and Facebook are very well documented on their respective Wikipedia entries. Tags: Nintendo DS MySpace iTunes iPOD FaceBook Xbox 360 Facemash Sony PSP Yesterday I mapped the significant technological events of the years 2000-2002.

Virtual clans

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Another example is the social networking tribe which boasts many clans, such as the MySpace clan, the Bebo clan, the YouTube clan and so on. Some virtual clanships are emerging through the choice of social networking service – Bebo users are distinctly different in many small ways to their counterpart clans who subscribe to FaceBook, who are again different to those who use MySpace.

Zip it, Block it, Flag it

Learning with e's

The campaign is being supported by all the major players, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Myspace. Tags: MySpace zip it block it flag it CEOP Internet safety cyberbullying Google FaceBook Microsoft e-safety Zip it - keep your personal stuff private and think about what you say and do online. They may be slightly uncomfortable partners.

In theory.

Learning with e's

Some students lose all their inhibitions when they post content onto Facebook or Myspace. Tags: MySpace connectivism e-learning residents wiki e-pedagogy digital natives FaceBook Intuitive teachers generally have a reasonable understanding of the processes of learning and how humans acquire knowledge and skills. Time has moved us on. could go on.


One degree of connection

Learning with e's

Technology, and in particular, popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Orkut have made connections between people much easier, more immediate, and certainly a lot richer in terms of experience. Tags: MySpace Mingler swineflu TPE Twitter FaceBook Thomas Ryberg Bebo President George W. Bush and UK Premier Tony Blair. But it was true. Reference: Ryberg, T.

Engaging the digital generation

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Facebook, Myspace) and video/photo sharing sites (e.g. Tags: MySpace YouTube digital tribes virtual clan social web Flickr cultural capital FaceBook digital identity I'm a keynote speaker for a conference being held at the University of Middlesex on June 29th. Other speakers include Tara Brabazon and William Wong. An analysis of students’ uses of social networking tools (e.g.

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How Virtual Reality Became 2015’s Comeback Kid


Still, one can imagine why Second Life went the way of Myspace and Friendster: It lacked a secure aspect. File this under “Topics Most Likely to Have Been a 1980s Sci-Fi Movie Plotline”: A 26-square mile real-life Sim City is currently under construction deep in the New Mexico desert, designed to test new technologies on a grand scale. Virtual Heyday. Simulate This! Design Featured

A moving experience

Learning with e's

How many FaceBook , Bebo , MySpace , Flickr or (perish the thought) SagaZone (for the over 50s) accounts should I have? Tags: MySpace SagaZone social network FaceBook Bebo My life is in boxes. Just like a Likert scale questionnaire. I am moving today from a communal office space into a basement office on another part of the campus. The move is good and also bad.

2010: The year we fake contact

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closed down my Bebo, Plurk and MySpace accounts in 2009 because I was being overloaded by so many friend requests and spurious linking to things I couldn't be asked to spend time on. Tags: MySpace 2010 Plurk friending FaceBook Bebo Warning - This one is a bit of a rant. Social networking tools create contacts. That's what they were designed to do. Just where do you draw the line?

City of the dead

Learning with e's

They use FaceBook , MySpace , YouTube , Flickr , Bebo , MSN and a host of other free utilities to connect and share with their peer group outside of the university structure. Tags: MySpace MLE YouTube Flickr Vesuvius MSN FaceBook Bebo Pompeii City of the dead. That was my impression of Pompeii. It was witnessed by Pliny the elder, who was then admiral of the Roman fleet.


MyFace or SpaceBook. or MyFaceBo?

Learning with e's

Which is the best, MySpace or FaceBook? NightMonkey (who is apparently a cat sat at a desktop) closed down their FaceBook account immediately, but maintains a MySpace account to keep in touch with their students. Well, I shamelessly admit that I keep Bebo , MySpace and FaceBook accounts for similar reasons. Tags: MySpace MyFaceBo spam FaceBook online identity Still the debate goes on. And where is Bebo in all this? know I have already been on my hind legs ranting about this, but I'm coming back to it, as it seems so many are interested in it. ergo it sends SPAM!!!"

Noughties. but nice

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Social networking sites: Facebook (2006), Myspace (2003), Bebo (2005), LinkedIn (2003) and other sites together have changed the face of social networking for ever. Tags: Nintendo DS MySpace YouTube iPod Touch PLE Nintendo Wii Twitter Ringtones podcast Google FaceBook Bebo The first decade of the 21st Century was highly significant for personal learning. Clever.

MyFace or SpaceBook?

Learning with e's

recent US research project (by a PhD student mind you) has reported that users of FaceBook are generally toffs from wealthier homes and are more likely to study in further/higher education than that great unwashed working class lot who like using MySpace. used to have a MySpace , but abandoned it because FaceBook was easier to use. subsequently found out that more of my friends were using it than MySpace, so it made social networking easier. Tags: MySpace social network research FaceBook So it's official. Well, fancy that. Anyway, I'm not so sure about this report.

Buzz words for 2007

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iPod) e-Thugs: Online cyber bullies Lifecasting: Webcasting all your life's activities 24/7 iSlavery: Apple's attempts to lock iPhone users into one network provider Macolyte: Someone who worships at the altar of all things Apple Network promiscuity: Tendency by social networkers to spread their membership across FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, etc. Tags: MySpace Apple Mac Nintendo Wii iPOD FaceBook 2007 Edubloggers Bebo Many of them are technology words already familar to Edubloggers and some are irritatingly unfamilar. shall we? Any of the above resonate with you?

Share trading

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The likes of Friendster, and later MySpace, Bebo and Faceboook (some would argue that the BBS users were the first), promoted the idea that you could connect with those you knew, and you could share your thoughts with them. We teach our children that sharing is good. And yet as adults, we are more reluctant to share with each other. You don''t get something for nothing. Until now.

Bored to tiers

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A lot of the rhetoric surrounding the more popular social networking sites such as FaceBook , MySpace and Bebo seems to be related to the more negative factors such as identity theft, threats to children, breahes in privacy of personal data and copyright theft. Tags: MySpace social networking FaceBook Bebo Now FaceBook and the others have a new threat to contend with. Apparently they are leaving in. well, droves. Makes you wonder where they are actually going to get their online kicks. So I guess now we all have to wait to see what the next killer social web application will be.

Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)


huge part of our social lives already happens online rather than in the “real world” And while individual social media networks might rise and fall (remember MySpace?), Social media have become an indispensable part of modern life. social networking itself is not going anywhere. But how about using social media as vehicles for eLearning? Twitter. YouTube. Instagram. Facebook.

Saving face

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Anyway - it's similar to other social networking spaces such as Bebo (which has a much younger user base) and MySpace (where age doesn't seem to matter - they take anyone). Tags: MySpace social network FaceBook communication Bebo A few days ago I set up my own FaceBook account. already have 6 friends, all people I know in some way or another. others have also tried to hook up with me, but I don't know them from Adam (who is also not one of my friends) so I declined the offer. You can't be too careful - they could be axe murderers or window salesmen or something worse.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


JustDeleteMe - Want to delete that old MySpace account but aren''t sure how? We are big fans of online tools here at OpenSesame. Websites and apps help us connect with others, keep up with current events, learn new skills, as well as can inspire us to think big. Online tools enable and empower us in ways never imagined, and thousands are being created every day. Learn Something New.

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