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Virtual Reality in Learning – Has the Time Come ? – Online Discussion

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He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, May 12th, 2016 12 to 1 PM Sydney. Overview. When it comes to emerging technologies, numerous tech companies including Facebook, HTC, Sony, Microsoft and Samsung are eyeing virtual reality (VR) as the next big thing. We discuss. Panel.

The Employee Engagement Crisis. Can L&D Provide Solutions? – Online Forum

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Employees have less motivation to contribute to the success of the organisation beyond what is mandatory or what is incentivised. L&D are in the fortunate position of providing a service that employees care about i.e. their own development. Designing Learning that are seen as development opportunities by employees provides L&D to contribute one the pressing HR issues. Panel.

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Measuring Learning Effectiveness: Beyond Training Happy Sheets & Memory Recall

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He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, April 14th 2016, 12 to 1 pm Sydney time . Overview. ‘E’ is the most ignored in ADDIE. L&D must become more capable at Evaluation of Learning. Allocate 10 – 20 % of the project budget to Evaluation and agree the criteria upfront.To

Content Curation – New L&D Mindset & Skill Set

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He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, March 17, 2016 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Sydney. One of the biggest challenges of our times is the explosion in the quantity and immediacy of the information available through the internet. This We discuss. Why Content Curation is on the increase?

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

but might be a little vague in providing concrete actions, so you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Providing OTS courseware in these situations has several advantages. OTS curriculum, it’s fairly easy to provide training to individuals or groups whenever you. While the mainstream social media platforms can provide opportunities for. Seven Simple Secrets to. capital. You’re.

Managing Capability – New Avatar of L&D/HR ? Are we doing it right?

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He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, June 2, 2016 12 to 1 PM Sydney. Overview. search on Seek.com.au on the term “capability” turned up over 8000 jobs in Australia including Learning and Capability Manager, Capability Development Lead, Capability and Culture Consultant and many more. Our research indicates that while “capability” is a popular term, it means different things and seem to encompass many different outcomes and job roles. We discuss. Panel.

LearningCafe Digital Manifesto for L&D

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We are pleased to release the “LearningCafe Digital Manifesto for L&D” which is the result of the discussion and debate at LearningCafe about how L&D should adapt to provide value in a fast changing and digitally disrupted world. This required L&D to curate learning and value add by providing context. Principles. Fill the gaps and package it for learners.

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Digital Disruption – Opportunity and Threat for L&D. LearningCafe Online Discussion

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He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, January 28, 2016 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Sydney. Our final online panel discussion for 2015 and it is not be missed. We speak to a  panel of experienced  learning  managers and consultants to review the year that was and the next one in the world of corporate learning. What were the significant trends last year and what can we expect for 2016 ? We discuss: Business drivers for Learning in 2015. How Learning design and delivery has changed.

HRCafe Employee Performance Management – To Be or Not to Be

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He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, 23rd June, 2016, 12 to 1 PM Sydney. Overview. recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, “ Reinventing Performance Management ”, featured the revamp of the Performance Management system at Deloitte, which mentioned about getting rid of the annual performance reviews tools such as cascading objectives, once-a-year reviews, and 360-degree-feedback in favor of simpler and more frequent performance discussions. We Discuss. Panel.

Participant Statistics – Learning To Teach Online Plus by LearningCafe

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LearningCafe is augmenting the Learning To Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC to provide a contextualised learning experience for organisational Learning and Capability professionals. Learners who are completing the MOOC in groups will be provided with structure and support. This model is called MOOCsPlus. Here are some participant statistics. On June 22. Number of organisations involved = 51.

The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

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These slides   provide  few 3D Learning archetypes and should be of interest to Instructional Designers). As practical as I am, it is my opinion that 3D Learning is important, simply because a unique feature that these environments (and to some extent Xbox and Wii genre multiplayer games) provide, cannot be replicated by other virtual tools, or even real life classrooms for that matter.

Designing Learning for Peak Performance

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Lachlan  provides career coaching support for the professional rugby union players at the NSW Waratahs in the following three areas: Career and Employment Advice, Educations Guidance and Lifestyle Support. Thu, March 5, 2015 12-1 PM Sydney , Register. Overview. In sports, athletes need to perform at their best to win medals etc. Sales – Making a bid presentation for a big sales deal.

Evaluating Training - Capturing the Benefits Aspects of ROI

event are important and the happy sheets do serve a purpose, but will they really provide enough hard. Whether making the decision to invest in people, or to simply maintain or decrease training budgets, training programs that provide immediate impact and maximum overall return on investment are an. Evaluating Training – Capturing the Benefits Aspect of ROI. But because. incurred.

Professional Development for L&D – Learning To Teach Online MOOC Augmented by LearningCafe

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LearningCafe is recognized as one of the top value adding professional development providers in Australia. Frequently Asked Questions. I am interested in joining the LearningCafe’s Augmented MOOC Study Group. What do I need to do ? Please register your interest here   or fill the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you with joining details. What are MOOCs ? Massively Online Open Courses (MOOCs), are run by leading universities (Stanford, Melbourne etc.) using a flipped classroom model. What is Learning To Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC  about? How much will it cost ?

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MOOCs for Employee Learning – The Mechanics – Online Forum

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He is currently a Senior Training Manager with JLT Group , one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and employee benefits related advice. Thursday, November 7, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM AEST (Sydney). www1.gotomeeting.com/register/419751728. Following on from our last online discussion on MOOCs for Employee Learning – Practitioners View in this discussion we cover the logistics of planning and deploying MOOCS for employee learning. We cover: How to Build a Business Case – Jeevan Joshi – Producer, Learning Cafe. Panel discussion moderated by Michelle Ockers.

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MOOCs for Employee Learning – Practitioners View

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This online webinar is a progress report on the work done so far and provides direction for Learning/HR who are considering including MOOCs as an employee development an includes: Tim Drinkall – General Manager Enterprise Training at NBN Co Limited – Tim has over 18 years leadership experience in Learning & OD for organisations such as Telstra, AGL and Origin. MOOCs are being dubbed a game changer in the academic world. However there is little discussion as yet on the potential for use of MOOCs for organisational or employee learning. Learning Cafe Webinar

Organisational Complexity and Implications for Leadership and Coaching

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Coaching provides an opportunity for them to abstract from their experience to better understand what is going on within them and without them. In some organisations coaching sometimes sits awkwardly in the Learning and Development function – being seen more as an “ad hoc” tool used by HR rather than a standard tool for training and development. This is because the “if….then”

Gartner’s top tech 2012 predictions: Impact on learning at 3 levels

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This decentralisation of control provides the learning function with opportunities to be a bit more responsive to e-learner needs which in the past may have been hampered by the rigid operational frameworks imposed by IT. The highly respected information technology research and advisory company Gartner has made the top 10 enterprise technology predictions for 2012. Impact on Learners.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

technology providers. other areas in which organizations give learning technology providers failing grades. 11 Research Summary About Brandon Hall Group Brandon Hall Group is a HCM research and advisory services firm that provides insights around key performance areas, including Learning and. Your membership provides you with personal connections to fellow professionals.

70:20:10 Learning Framework – Where did those numbers come from ?

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So based on my experience this model seems to work well: 1  Provide a knowledge baseline e.g. through face to face group training, 2  Allow opportunity for skills practice on the job in the ‘real world’, 3  Ensure feedback is provided and a 2-way conversation to enrich understanding. Is it different this time ?”, Here is what some our panellist have to say.

Learning through Games – From Warcraft to Workcraft?

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recently had the pleasure of attending an eLearning Innovation Seminar organised by digital learning company Intelligo and PIXELearning – a world-leading provider of immersive learning simulations and ‘serious games’. Learning Cuppa from the UK. Game play was simple, but addictive…. Image by Moochy. Image by Irrezolut. But that will end. And they will make some big changes.

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Learning Café Call – L&D should include MOOCs in employee learning strategies.

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But for the right learning topic, right type of learner and right learning conditions, MOOCs provide a strong case to be used as a learning resource for employee development. free, commercial, private providers, university run courses) and quality (i.e. Revisit your budgets and evaluate how MOOCs can offer cost savings by providing an alternative to current learning offerings. Well-designed MOOCs provide learners with a rich and effective learning experience by incorporating quality content, flexible delivery and collaborative learning. million user accounts (with 2.3%

Outsourcing of Learning – Good, Bad, Challenges & Opportunities

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Outsourcing is not without its challenges and there have been many cases where it has failed due to rising costs, mistrust with service providers and drop in service levels. Despite is challenges outsourcing and off-shoring is increasing with Offshore service providers are delivering 30-40% year-over-year revenue growth every quarter. Panel.

Microlearning Whitepaper: Small Bites, Big Impact

been providing lukewarm results for years. techniques and solutions that provide more impactful methods for improving employee. But microlearning offers far more than that: • It adapts to the pace of today’s business and meets the needs of your modern learners, providing learning in short bites that are fast and easy to absorb. Aside from providing access over the.

L&D Capability in Australia – Conversations from UnConference

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Drawing on a presentation provided to the AITD , Peter described one particular framework for thinking about the skill set required for L&D professionals: Know the business: what are the financial drivers for your business? Improving L&D capability lies at the heart of the Learning Café. ” (Sloman, 2010, p8). ” (Sloman, 2010,p 1). Skill set for the Future: Peter Hall.

Training to Learning & Performance – It’s evolution baby!

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Learning and development are of course important words to any business but open to interpretation in terms of what the outcomes are going to be, and subsequently can be much harder to measure and provide hard evidence for.  Learning Cuppa from the UK. Hi everyone this is my first post and I’m really pleased to be part of Learning Café. hope to bring you a view of things that are happening in the UK L&D world. If you’re on Twitter, I’m @mikecollins007 – it would be great to connect and share. So what’s a hot topic in the UK? So what’s prompted the change?

Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

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It provides an opportunity for the learning function to explore ways to reduce costs of delivery and improve ROI, as the mindset, as the organisation and stakeholders are more amenable to taking risks and accept changes. The world of learning has been buffeted by the GFC and its after effects. Almost all forms of learning have been impacted. So what is the open source approach ?

Usability and e-Learning – The Critical Connection

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But as it happens, it is not the needs of the user that comes first but other factors – this could be because of the lack of resources like time or budget on the project or the lack of awareness how the user actually uses the product – at times it is a puzzle for developers to discover they have provided all the functionality and yet the users “don’t get” how to work the product. The interface that ends up easy to use but still provides complex functionality is the hardest to design. learning is education via different technologies.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

would love to provide, we need a change. We must go beyond providing great content. to instead take responsibility for providing. Totara, an open source LMS), provides structure. Our platform provides. well beyond providing content to include. provide the manager with talking points. We provide practice guides to help Sue. We now. Right?

Land of Plenty Broadband – Threat Or Opportunity for the Learning Function ?

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NBN will provide internet speeds that open up a whole world of opportunities for how content will be accessed by users. It provides an opportunity for the learning function to deliver significant business benefits by assisting organisations morph and build capability to exploit new opportunities or contain the threat to existing business models due the availability of increased broadband.

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Learning Professionals – Do you need to tweak your pipes?

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also like the LPI mission and in particular the new statement around what they provide: “ WE PROVIDE. Do we need to look under the floor boards to make sure the team is providing the best it can and is adding the most value? Learning Cuppa from the UK. In my last post I talked about the Institute of IT Training (IITT) becoming the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI). The big announcement came at Learning Live last week; you can find a great round up of the event by @martincouzins on trainingzone. The experience I’m referring to is fitting my new bathroom.

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The Blame Game

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The standout feedback from the change programme related to the guidance provided  around some self-directed learning. It’s an easy target, one that can quite easily deflect from the root cause and it conveniently provides a scapegoat for under performers or line managers that aren’t managing performance as effectively as they could. Unfortunately the ‘blame game’ isn’t something linked to my last post about gamification. It relates to a catchphrase that was a running joke in a previous role. It is time to shift thinking and focus in training departments themselves?

Sydney UnConference 2014 Feedback

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Please provide healthier options for morning & afternoon tea (at least a bowl of fruit). 90 experienced learning and development professions descended on the Australian Technology Park for the 3rd Learning Cafe UnConference to discuss and share thoughts on some of the big issues and trends in the L&D profession. content and delivery styles. All aspects scored over 3.8 out of 5.

5 Unknown Ways You're Wasting Your Training Budget

Knowledge Retention Time Since Training 1 Hour 100% 30% 50% 10% 24 Hours 1 Week 10 Solution: Provide shorter training material with continual. WHITE PAPER 5 Unknown Ways. You’re Wasting Your. individual employees according to Bersin by Deloitte. When it comes to training budgets, leaders. struggle to pinpoint what impact (if any) their training programs are having. So what’s the result?

Do you have a Personal Development Plan?

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Now I’m not going to start providing detailed reasons why you should use Twitter as there are already some fantastic blogs already out there that do a much better job than I ever could, one of my favourites is 5 months in the Twitterverse…was it worth it? Sat in a meeting room somewhere in Manchester my quarterly review was drawing to a close. Sounds great doesn’t it? Images.

MOOCs for Organisational Learning – Conversation with Kevin Werbach – Wharton School

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So there’s one question about the business model for a stand-alone MOOC provider like Coursera or Udacity. There are down sides to MOOCs and there is no guarantee that the all existing MOOC providers will succeed. I recently participated in a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) on Gamification along with 66,000 fellow learners run by Kevin Werbach. Associate Professor, The Wharton School. thoroughly enjoyed the MOOC and learnt a lot from it. We decided to speak to Kevin about his views about MOOCs. He blogs at [link] and tweets at @kwerb. It turned out to be more. Kevin:   Oh!

When Social means Business …

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For example, Bloomberg, global providers of equity trading data for trading customers now use social media to track the flow of conversations to provide early insights into market directions. Social networking provided the means to connect in peer support groups where they shared ideas, sales tactics and work life balance strategies. But my belief is that we as learning professionals cannot ignore the real impact social media will have on the organisations we work within and on learning we provide in the future. billion. And something is. Businesses are going social.

The disillusionment of training

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The Freedictionary provides the following description of disillusionment; “having lost one’s ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted” I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about the role of training in an organisation and my own journey in to the learning profession. I don’t profess to be an expert, not even close, I didn’t go to university to study psychology or anything related to training & development, HR, business studies or consultancy. SMART objectives. Different learner types. Delivery techniques.

How the right tech tools for your team can power your sales enablement strategy

providing an opportunity to practice the skills required. here is to ensure your training program provides individual attention and im- mediate feedback for trainees. INSTANT ACCESS TO CONTENT IN THE FIELD Provide learning content in both push and pull modalities to accommodate a. Always look for a LMS that provides an off-the-shelf integration with your CRM. ENABLEMENT?

Sights, Sounds, Thoughts and Criticisms – Sydney Learning Cafe UnConference 2012

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Helen Zwicker talked about the learning being provided by the Kiama Community College. Register here for the Melbourne Learning Cafe UnConference to be held later this year. To receive a copy of the position paper “Near Future of Learning in Australia” register for the Learning Cafe Blog weekly newsletter on our home page (right had top corner). After welcoming he participants.,each

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4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work

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The success of social learning depends on the ability of the community and its contribution to provide value add. Initially communities may need a dedicated community manager or a moderator (part time or full time) who provides the necessary energy and structure in the forming stage. Yes, I know that Facebook has 23 million users. Yes, I see people on Facebook everywhere I look – on the trains, at traffic lights and when at work. Personally I spend more time than I should on LinkedIn and Facebook, much to chagrin of my family. Who  wouldn’t be ? March 2011).

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Building Communities – The Slope of Enlightenment

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The trigger points could be anything that is going to change something and that provides the opportunity to do something differently, for the purpose of this blog let’s focus on social technologies and the opportunities they provide for collaboration and learning. It wasn’t an overnight thing and it’s still very much work in progress and I’m learning each day. Then it happened….

Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 2

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From a learning point of view, providing  our people with “just in time” learning whether it’s coaching, experiences, or learning programs, to ensure we are developing the latest business knowledge and skills is key. Liz: There is always a need to increase utilisation of consultants while providing them enough time to learn and grow. We’ve just launched an application, that’s for ipods, iphones and other devices that provide to the user Ernst & Young thought leadership  produced all around the world and is applicable in a range of different markets.

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the information and tools you need to. Provide a step-by-step work-plan to show you how to integrate gamification into. Game-based learning is often used as a one- time event to provide insights and instruction in a formal learning setting, either online or. Most games provide. Introduction.3 What is Gamification? system.

Learning Café Call – L&D/HR should include MOOCs in employee learning strategies.

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But for the right learning topic, right type of learner and right learning conditions, MOOCs provide a strong case to be used as a learning resource for employee development. free, commercial, private providers, university run courses) and quality (i.e. Revisit your budgets and evaluate how MOOCs can offer cost savings by providing an alternative to current learning offerings.

True Pioneer: William C Norris

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Part of this was the ability of the PLATO system’s communication features which provided an ability for remotely located teachers and students to communicate and discuss issues by direct wired networks!  have the capacity to reach every individual in the world and provide better access to knowledge that will both enrich their personal lives and give them more control over their destinies.  William C Norris was the founder and Chairman of Control Data Corporation.  He passed away 21 August 2006 at a nursing home  in Bloomington, Minn. Yes, this was in 1973!  PLATO

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