Sexual Harassment Training: A Guide To California AB 1825 Compliance


In 2004, California mandated that all persons in a management position supervising more than 50 employees be required to take a sexual harassment course (AB-1825) to provide training in proper workplace behavior. Some of the key features include: Right Sexual Harassment Training

Guide 60

Compliance Training: Doing Something About the Least Popular Training on Earth

Allison Rossett

Compliance training satisfies few who experience it. Not only do we often fritter away this opportunity, I have come to believe that compliance training promotes cynicism about all of workplace learning. Complaining about compliance is not good enough.

How To Get The Most From Your Employees

Your Training Edge

Production is at the center of all business. Knowing exactly how much you’re getting from your managerial staff and the employees working under is imperative. But sometimes it’s not about the size of the employees. Proper Training With Workplace Compliance.

E-Learning Sucks (Or So They Say)


Negative connotations around e-learning are becoming a constant hurdle for us practitioners today, and overcoming this hurdle begins with a fundamental change how e-learning is leveraged across an organization. Which begs the question: is this the best that we are capable of?

Educational Gamification Getting a Big Boost — Is Corporate Training Next?


Imagine an Angry Birds for teaching sales training. The Sims for sexual harassment compliance training. (OK, OK, maybe not the last one.). Will GameDesk decide to eventually “gamify” leadership training?

Instant and Rapid One-Minute Learning for mLearning and eLearning

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis: In a rapid, constantly-changing, technology-enabled work environment, which one works best – linear or random learning? How do we rethink or reformulate to make the linear content friendly to random learning? How does this benefit instant learning for busy learners?

Admit it: You Care (Only) About What You Measure


This HBR Blog Network post about measuring performance reminded me of countless conversations I have had with managers about the stated importance of quality and the actual importance of productivity. It is a classic organizational screw up to say, “Quality is our number 1 priority,” but then scream bloody murder the very second productivity falls below expectations. In an instant, there goes the focus on quality, right out the window.

Taming Online Training at the San Diego Zoo

CLO Magazine

Learning at the San Diego Zoo — and in the animal care industry at large — was ripe for change. Online learning and collaborative partnerships are helping to ensure both animals and staff get the care and development they need. The demands on animal care staff in zoos and aquariums have increased dramatically in the past two decades. The classroom sessions had been the standard since the 1980s, but Priest said he knew change was necessary.

There's Still Time for Learning in 2013!


Want to squeeze in some learning for your team before the end of the year, but worried you’re out of time? There’s still time for learning in 2013. Use up the rest of 2013’s learning budget to ensure your 2014 budget is secure. No need to fall victim to a “use it or lose it” policy this year; no matter how much you have left to spend, you can find quality training on OpenSesame’s elearning marketplace. The U.S. Start learning today!

Meet Content Specialist Max!


I am part of the content team at OpenSesame, actively building and maintaining our seller community on the marketplace. I joined OpenSesame two years ago in 2012, and I am continuously amazed by the amount of engagement and growth in the elearning space. Prior to joining the company, I received a bachelors in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I will appear in The Rocky Horror Picture Show later this year in Portland, OR.